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Augmented Technology delivers effective solution with profuse technical expertise and superior IT security services to organizations

thesiliconreview-razak-jalil-ceo-augmented-technology-2017In the current climate of major data breach, cyber security poses as a major and broader risk to financial stability. Financial firms and organizations have to work within complex networks and mostly rely on electronic transactions, often on a rapid just-in-time basis. Issues like stifling compliance regulations, struggling to secure customer data and managing third-party risk are of utmost concern in financial business. The landscape has even become rockier for organizations that have mastered cyber security as they endeavor to keep up with the rising customer expectations, not to mention fluid and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminal tactics. This chasm in the financial industry has led in the establishment of a company named Augmented Technology in the year 2012.

Augmented Technology Sdn Bhd (AugTech) was founded to comprehend the crisis that befalls on organizations and government by providing them a secured and scalable service that shall enable risk-free integration to third-party applications as well as Document Security, Security enhancement and Mobile Security. The company was constituted with experienced ICT Security engineers and consultants that helped in designing and implementing integrated and proven high performance security system. The company’s credentials include Financial Institutions, Government, Institution of Higher Learning, private sector, public listed companies and outsourcing vendors.

Dawning of the company

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Augmented Technology was set up by its founders as they recognized broad potential in the field of digital security. The company is specialized in providing extensive security services that includes Application Programming Interface (API) development on Symmetric and Asymmetric key cryptographic for data encryption and file encryption-protection; and integration by any platform. Its vast experiences in security management and key management scalability and extendibility via single, centralized and unified platform that is based on high-performance industry grade Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Technology enables integration to the third-party applications and seamlessly integrates into existing IT eco-system as well as for future expansion. It renders augmentation of security on existing system such as mobile support portal security with SSO and SSL client authentication or AuthoGate, and helps in providing database security and regulatory or standard requirements such as PCI-DSS.

As an Information Security Systems Integrator, the company believes in bridging the gap between technology advancement with security needs, protecting data element of confidentiality, integrity, data availability and accessibility. AugTech is driven by the holistic approach of Public Key Interface (PKI) basic element of Cryptography with applications using PKI standards, standards relating to the implementation of PKI and management practices. AugTech has developed and managed Government PKI, Enterprise PKI and Managed PKI. Its extensive Security Services includes Application Programming Interface (API) development on Symmetric and Asymmetric key cryptographic for data encryption and file encryption/protection; and integration by any platform.

The company has also been investing its time and effort in Research and Development work and has collaborated with higher learning institutions. “We are currently promoting the Post Quantum (PQ) Safe algorithm to the world, which deemed to be the next generation of the security protection mechanism in the face of powerful computing such as quantum computer,” said Razak Jalil, CEO of AugTech.

Overview of The Products

The first product that was launched was Secure PDF for Financial Institution, and it was a PDF Signing Module that allowed document to be digitally signed to further provide integrity protection to the content by certifying the origin of the document. The main feature of the product was to convert confidential information, such as system generated user PIN or password into a password protected PDF, and delivering it to the end user. This way the user shall be able to open the sensitive information on any platform they choose and which has standard compliant PDF reader installed.

Some of its other products are:

High Performance Signing and Verification System (HPSVS) is custom developed software with features that includes verification of Digital Signature result for all items and batches, batches zipped with its corresponding MMYR, IMG and DSV files, file compression within verified folder and creation of an indicator file.

Managed PKI Client was formulated to provide standard in cross platform, cross browser cryptographic API for any technical runtime to be used by any project that requires integration with PKI USB token, roaming key, soft keystore and mobile based PKI. It also provides auto update and up-to-date security patches in a single solution which will ease integration of PKI into any application.

Around the corner

Creating a “home to office” environment that is conducive in office, AugTech has been motivating its employees in toiling hard to upscale company’s productivity and providing best customer support. It believes that because of practicality of its product, it has garnered so much of accolades (The 10 Most Valuable Enterprise Security by Insights Success Media Tech LLC), and acceptance from customers. With the same focus on delivering the best product to its customers, it has planned to expand its business beyond its current locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand in other countries too.

Roll out the Red carpet for the CEO

Razak Jalil, CEO of AugTech is an entrepreneur who is determined to succeed in taking AugTech to a greater height. He creates a vision of strong leadership within the organization, embark uniformity in corporate missions, empower management and recognizing employees as the enabler. 

He holds a dual MBA in Computer Information Systems as well as Artificial Intelligence and Expert System from Southern New Hampshire University and BA in Finance from Pennsylvania State University with over 30 years experience in the Information Technology, PKI, Key Management, and Information Security compliance. He successfully project managed large corporations, Financial Institutions and Government.

He has a modest personality nevertheless firm in decision making. His leadership style is based on unconventional to mainstream management methods, constantly seek improvement towards work culture transformation that contributes to growth in productivity, work efficiency and cost management.

“We deliver effective solution with a wealth of technical expertise and project management developing superior IT Security services to organizations.”