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Bestowing Electricity Solutions for You: Tuas Power Supply


Managing your electricity

Tuas Power Supply is the electricity retail arm of Tuas Power Generation. Incorporated in June 2000, Tuas Power Supply is a leading player in the liberalized Singapore electricity market. It serves customers from a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from retailers to manufacturers.

Supported by its parent company, Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd, a major power generation company (GenCo), Tuas Power Supply (TPS) offers competitive and flexible electricity packages customized to meet unique business needs.

TPS continuously refines and updates all its products and services in tandem with the dynamic business environment. For that reason, many of its customers repeatedly choose TPS as their electricity solutions provider as they trust it to remain relevant to their changing needs and grow with their businesses.

Being the first retailer to secure electricity contracts as the market liberalized, it continues to be an innovative electricity solutions provider by being the first to launch an energy efficiency program for its customers. Meeting customers demand, Tuas Power Supply is proud to be the first retailer to enter each market segment and is the forerunner in the complex and highly sophisticated landlord-tenant segment.

The Company’s Electricity Solutions

Taus Power knows that every step in managing operational facilities is as important in achieving long-term cost savings as the effort in reducing energy wastage and conserving the environment. Tuas Power Lighting Solutions uses advanced lighting solutions to help your business achieve such objectives. It seeks to provide solutions that can help its customers to achieve greater energy efficiency and protecting the environment at the same time.

The Green Programme is Singapore’s first retailer-led, value-added scheme to improve energy efficiency. Energy audits are conducted by its appointed energy service company (ESCO), which is accredited by the Energy Sustainability Unit. You will have access to real-time, half-hourly energy consumption data and reports on your mobile devices and computers.

TPS’s enhanced Security & Increased Efficiency

The AMR is Capable to transmit meter readings directly to the server. It is also able to identify faulty and tampered meters and inform headquarter to take appropriate action. You can now monitor every half-hourly energy consumption for better analysis and control.

The AMR is also able to optimize the accuracy of a bill (according to the user), through the provision of real-time energy consumption data. Further, it takes care of the energy needs of a building. The Solution aims to drive conscious energy monitoring and to identify areas to lower energy consumption and carbon footprint.

As a retail subsidiary of Tuas Power, Tuas Power Supply has expanded its multi-utilities offerings to include the sale of natural gas in its portfolio. Various industry segments such as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical as well as manufacturing do consume natural gas in their business operations. If your company is currently consuming natural gas or has the intention to consume natural gas for your business operations, Tuas Power Supply will be happy to explore business opportunities with you.

Future Expansion of the Company

Taus Power business comprises two core areas, power generation,and utilities. In Singapore, it has an installed generation capacity of 2,670MW. To grow its business, it has steadily built up its second core business of providing utilities to industrial customers in Tuas and Tembusu, Jurong Island.

With the increasing focus on environmental sustainability, I believe the business will shift from the mere provision of electricity and utilities to bundled services that include energy efficiency monitoring and enhancements. This can be seen in some of the work the company has embarked on with its customers – a highly efficient tri-generation plant to provide electricity, steam and chilled water for some specialized industry; energy efficient lighting solutions; and automated meter readers for commercial buildings.

In Singapore, the firm will continue to provide bundled services to its customers in the electricity market and develop its utility business in Jurong Island. In the next phase of growth, Taus Power will explore opportunities in the electricity and utility sector in the region, leveraging on its core experience and tapping on the vast expertise of the China Huaneng Group.

The Head of the Company

Lim Kong Puay, President,and CEO: Mr. Lim has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Tuas Power for the past nine years. He joined Tuas Power in 1996 and has taken on key positions such as General Manager (Operations) and Deputy CEO. He has successfully led the generation team through challenges brought about by the newly-liberalized electricity market in Singapore and integrated the core businesses of Tuas Power to realize synergies among its business units. Tuas Power serves about 20% of Singapore's electricity needs. Under his leadership, the company has expanded into new areas, providing utilities such as steam, cooling water,and oil tankage services to industrial customers.

“Tuas Power Supply, Your One-Stop Energy Solutions Provider for Your Energy Needs and With Us, You Can Better Manage Your Energy Needs and Lower Your Electricity Cost.”