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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2017

CBIG Consulting Driving enterprises forward with its data analytics practices & solutions

thesiliconreview-todd-nash-cbig-presidentWe are living in an era of ever-expanding data growth. The fast-growing organizations have amplified the data volumes which when analyzed can be crucial for business development. Organizations are increasingly depending upon big data to gain actionable insights for making key decisions. But this can be quite challenging as managing the massive amount of data is beyond the capabilities of traditional tools and data management systems. This is where CBIG Consulting stands out with its advanced Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting solutions, which help clients to effectively store, access and manage their data assets. “Our goal, first and foremost, is to help our clients be successful by taking the vast amounts of data they collect and transform that data into information and insight,” says Todd Nash, Founding Principal.

The CBIG Consulting firm was established in 2002 to develop forward-thinking Business Intelligence services and channel the growing power of Big Data. Although the firm was the early adopter of the prevailing technology at the time, the team realized that they had to break out of the confined space for their growth. The team of skilled experts has worked to give new life to data assets, developing data analytics processes that offer client enterprises a much better perspective of their business. They have developed their data analytics practices over the years by research and recruiting leading consultants and thought leaders in Business Intelligence and data analytics field. Thus, it offers measurable opportunities to their clients to change, grow, and succeed. By embracing these innovations in data science, CBIG continues to carve out a leading role in advancing more proactive strategies that solve specific challenges and drive client business forward.

Delivering business values and market understanding

The global marketplace today relies on a virtual data superhighway, and a company’s capability or lack of capability to obtain real-time, insightful information will impact its business. To deal with this issue, CBIG has developed an impressive fleet of fast, scalable, easy-to-deploy solutions with tool sets that 1) give enterprise business units the freedom to be self-sufficient in managing their own information needs at their own pace; and 2) allow IT departments the freedom to focus their expertise where it is most needed. Practically, the firm aims at providing the strategic blueprint that can help clients to achieve their long-term solutions, and then construct and sustain a full, life-cycle solution. This proprietary, best-practice approach helps our customers discover, develop, and then realize business goals. The company has its headquarters in Chicago and is expanding across the globe with offices in San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Austin, Raleigh, Irvine and Seattle in the U.S.; Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore serving the Asia-Pacific region; and London serving the clients in the EMEA region. And as the advancements in technology are made, CBIG innovates BI advancements to keep up, and leverage the power of Big Data analytics and Cloud technology.

Working with a unique approach

“It’s an all-hands-on-deck approach that lifts all boats – our clients, our professional staff members, and our business as a whole.” CBIG has 14 offices across U.S., Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region which provides a local proximity to most of its clients.  It continually seeks for new technological advancements that can be beneficial for its clients. With that in mind, the company actively enrolls and draws in talented professionals who can participate in developing innovative ideas and bringing up something new and exciting to the table. It has a formal, company-wide Knowledge Share program where it audits and evaluates the most recent advancements in both software and hardware technology.

CBIG ‘s “Different by Design” approach offers seamless control and project oversight throughout each project phase, in part because the work is managed by the same Project Principal. It practices due diligence in forensic hardware and software analysis since it is essential to comprehend one’s available resources before attempting to work on it. It integrates software solutions into available technological resources whenever possible which provides its clients with multiple options to have the ultimate control over their own resources and time commitments. CBIG maintains strong relationships with software solution partners, professional associations, and educators in the field. The practice leaders also share their expertise through speaking engagements at conferences and at industry professional events.“We continue to grow our collective knowledge and expertise gained over the years to help enterprises increase their value and competitive edge.”

Let’s meet the leader who made it happen, President Todd Nash:

Todd Nash is president and principle at CBIG Consulting, a professional services firm that helps clients leverage their data assets through Big Data Analytics to produce timely, effective business strategies and tactical decisions. Mr. Nash is highly experienced in the development, implementation, and execution of Business Intelligence methodologies, Master Data Management strategies and complex Data Warehousing solutions. His role involves integrating Big Data Analytics architectures with data warehousing solutions and Cloud services. Along with his 25 years of consulting experience driving customer value, he has run the operations for a Chicago Business Intelligence Practice with 55 direct reports and managed both global as well as domestic Business Intelligence practices. Todd Nash graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems.

"On a project management level, our Principal leaders stress involvement from start to finish, with an emphasis on creating clear, strategic roadmaps before developing the technology to get there. Our teams are built to provide expertise, accountability to clients, and mentorship/education opportunities to help staff learn and grow, where applicable.”