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Changing the face of capsule technology and combination therapies forever: ComboCap, Inc.


“Our mission is to implement ComboCap technology across the dietary supplement, pharma and biopharma industries, creating new, more effective and more desirable products for brands and consumers.” - Tobie Louw, CEO

ComboCap, Inc., now known as ComboCap Health, is a product technology company with global reach across the dietary supplement, nutraceutical and medicinal industries. We have developed, manufactured and patented the design, the technology and the specialized equipment used in producing the world’s first 2-in-1 capsule product with a movable membrane. We design, build and use our own enabling ComboCap® production lines and are the sole supplier of ComboCap products to businesses globally. For the first time, two substances such as oil and powder ingredients can be combined side-by-side within a single product.  ComboCap has been manufacturing in the USA since early 2017.

ComboCap Health: The combination therapies company

ComboCap Health is a business focused on market innovation and customer partnerships with wall-to-wall, in-house control of technology and supply. As the USA’s definitive “Combination Therapies Company” we’re proud to bring to market the new iconic ComboCap® Product category. We are confident that our innovations will enrich and enhance global nutritional and medicinal combination therapies. We will continue to build our services and capabilities for the benefit of consumer health, our customers’ businessess and our supply-side partners.

  • Presenting a breakthrough solution

ComboCap Health’s innovation platform enables new combinations of dietary supplements, non-prescription or over-the counter (OTC) remedies and prescription (Rx) pharmaceuticals to be delivered in a single dose via the ComboCap product. This never-before-possible technological breakthrough is the solution to key formulation challenges currently experienced with many combination therapies involving incompatible raw ingredients or molecules. ComboCap products may also allow for the reformulation of established medicines to improve therapeutic effects and levels of safety. ComboCap, Inc. currently holds a wide suite of patents across the globe with more to come.

  • We have strong industry networks

ComboCap Health has been establishing itself as a valuable and visionary partner throughout the supply chain in the dietary supplements industry for the last five years. In the last 18 months we have been perfecting our processes and have also made strides in establishing strong relationships with key pharmaceutical brands. We have recruited smart, dedicated people throughout our organization who bring their experience and their insights to our mission.
Our 50,000 sf facility is located in northern New Jersey, the heart of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing and a stone’s throw from New York City.

The Technology

ComboCap technology allows for separate ingredients to be housed in a single 2-in-1 product. Never before has ingestible product delivery been this convenient with the added potential of boosted bioavailability, greater stability and the promise of creating pioneering substance combinations. The ComboCap technology has been developed and successfully patented over a period of 7 years by internationally acclaimed scientists and researchers. It has been designed to provide a new and exciting way in which to deliver dietary supplements, medicines, or other health and wellness products to consumers.

ComboCap is a simple, robust, dual-compartment gelatin capsule product currently available in the “00” size. It is made of standard capsule-grade bovine, fish or vegetarian gelatin. The patented domed diaphragm of the same specification is fused into place using a patented, high-tech process. As the demand for the innovative ComboCap system continues to escalate, ComboCap, Inc. will help select companies experiment with new formulations. This could potentially extend to the ComboCap technology becoming a preferred delivery system for some combination therapies.

End to end services for creation, manufacturing and branding

We are strategically aligned with a globally recognized leader in the development, manufacture and commercialization of science-based dietary supplements. This partnership drives our ability to innovate and bring revolutionary products to market. Vertical integration and the collaborative work of three manufacturing facilities allows us to diversify our product offering.

We have considerable expertise in developing formulations that overcome challenges such as low bioavailability or solubility, or ones that require low dosage levels or low bulk density in the capsule. For the first time, we have combined powder filled capsules with liquid capsules; or semi-solid formulations, to make dual-dose medicines a possibility.

The ComboCap innovation platform can be easily integrated with existing client manufacturing processes and protocols. ComboCap, Inc. supplies complete product to clients including fully filled dual chamber capsules whether wet or dry. Either ComboCap, Inc. or the client will be responsible for sourcing ingredients, depending on client needs. The full production process will be carefully managed by trained and qualified ComboCap, Inc. team members – from capsule filling, to quality control to bottling or blister packing to labeling, boxing and bulk shipping. ComboCap is manufactured at a facility that is a registered cGMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

Pharmaceutical and dietary supplement companies are beginning to look beyond core markets in search of innovation and growth. ComboCap represents a new extension of your brand strategy – a powerful means by which to create more value and increase revenue potential. Our technology provides a frictionless, IP protected way to introduce additional brands or brand extensions that increasingly capitalize on, not cannabalize, your brand equity.

Meet the leader

Tobie Louw, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Louw is an experienced CEO, successfully leading companies with significant multinational business operations. He has led global technology development and roll-outs as well as had leadership responsibility for international brand development.

His industry experience includes over 12 years in the chemical and mining industry, as well as experience with food and beverage raw materials, pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing.

“We envision the ComboCap innovation platform enabling the launch of countless, previously inconceivable combination therapies in a single dose, for the collective good of humanity.”