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‘Delivering Customer Intelligence’: Tresata, a Charlotte-based Company,Solves Real-World Problems with Real-World Data


“We set out to enable risk practitioners across a multitude of industries to discover predictive insights at scale against all the data at their disposal.”

Risk has historically been the backwater of analytics and we think that is twisted. There is no better choice an organization can make than arming risk practitioners with predictive analytics capabilities that they can apply against the largest breadth of enterprise data assets. There is also probably no single business within an organization with a bigger carte blanche to go against all the data.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Tresata.

Tresata provides technology solutions. The company offers cloud-first automation software that solves data problems. It also provides identity, marketing, risk, and fraud intelligence solutions. Tresata serves customers in the States of North Carolina and New York.

The company was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tresata: Synopsis

Features that Stand Out Tresata among Competition

Tresata develops a software platform for real-time customer intelligence management. Its software enables businesses to monetize customer data by collecting, curating, computing, and converting it to customer intelligence across all existing and growing data assets and at a segment of one.

Tresata’s products include OPTIMUS, TREK, TREE, ORION, and PUMPD. It offers products for identity intelligence, marketing intelligence, risk intelligence, and fraud intelligence.

Moreover, Tresata is the world’s first end-to-end real-time CIM software platform that completely runs in Hadoop and delivers actionable insight at scale, with speed and unmatched fidelity.

Products: Overview

Data is the new asset, Tresata Optimus its operating system.

TREK: Data Inventory Engine

Moved messy data into Hadoop but can’t find the guts of its true value?

TREK rapidly profiles and inventories as-is data stored in Hadoop across all rows and columns to create an informed view of all valuable enterprise data feeds stored in HDFS. With TREK you’ll measure input data against a rigorous Data Quality Benchmark and build a robust Data Dictionary even without any existing data ontologies.

TREE: Entity Resolution Engine

Mass segmentation is dead. Clearly see your customers with the first software product ever to create a total view of the customer in Hadoop. In its 4th generation, TREE features an incredibly powerful entity resolution algorithm that creates the only true total view of the customer at a segment of one.

TREE features industry-leading data configuration, curation and resolution algorithms that when pre-loaded with Tresata’s proprietary DataIndex, automatically output incredibly accurate and resolved customer hierarchies across consumer, corporate, product and asset data classes.

TREE has become a pre-requisite must-have big data capability for any company that wishes to monetize their ever-expanding data assets, especially as they pour it all into Hadoop. TREE has been extensively tested on the consumer, corporate, real estate, and product records to process and curate all data in Hadoop across multiple internal and external sources and resolve entities to a segment of one. With TREE, enterprises align the entire data universe it runs on to correctly identified, matched and resolved segments of 1, the foundational enabler to monetize Big Data™.

ORION: Relationship Discovery Engine

Explore unseen connections, uncovering intelligence that might be the missing link to the bigger story behind your data. ORION is a relationship discovery, traversal and querying engine that has the ability to mine, represent and algorithmically process any network dynamic in real-time.

ORION provides the one intelligence discovery application every data scientist is currently dreaming about. And when fed with data that holds connections between unique entities, it comes into its own as a business.

There isn’t a data problem that can’t benefit from taking an ‘out-of-the-box’ (literally) perspective driven by relationships between people, places and things and their inherent but otherwise unseen interconnections. When done at scale, across the population and in real-time, it is revolutionary. That is ORION.

PUMPD: Intelligence Delivery Engine

In an ‘always on’ world, the end goal of monetizing customer intelligence is held hostage by unreliable ‘sometimes on’ back, middle and front-office systems. Tresata engineered the solution with a Hadoop-powered real-time read efficient data delivery system.

PUMPD serves as the perfect System of Record and delivers, feeds and automates the intelligence discovery and delivery process across all customer channels—social, mobile, cloud and earth. We also bundled it with powerful pre-packaged ‘storage schemes’ that can be driven by people, organizations, products or objects and both a JAVA and REST API for seamless integration.

Solutions: Overview

Identity Intelligence: Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves

Identity is central to customer analytics, insight discovery and intelligence delivery. Tresata’s Identity Intelligence solution offers the only true end-to-end total view of customer software that can seamlessly collect data from all internal and external sources, curate data fields from a variety of customer files, computationally align all relevant and recent variables to a unique segment of one and then feed the same to front-office and back-office systems. Fuse together customer data across product, household, transaction, loyalty, social and geospatial systems.

Marketing Intelligence: Segment-Of-One Product and Service Experiences for Every Customer

Deliver hyper-personalized, relevant and timely product, service and user experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Tresata’s Omnichannel Marketing Intelligence solution uses a combination of machine learning, context relevancy and business process automation to understand fine-grained customer behavior. This solution is API ready for easy integration with all existing customer channels, providing a competitive advantage driven by unprecedented customer insight with advanced Big Data analytics. Leverage that insight to drive customer engagements across all channels including online, in-store, social and mobile. Deliver engaging experiences throughout the entire buyer’s journey to build brand loyalty.

Risk Intelligence: Making Risk Proactive Not Reactive

Tresata’s Risk Intelligence Solution enables risk practitioners across a multitude of industries to discover predictive insights at scale against all the data at their disposal. Enabling a capability that is not just enterprise data ready, but also real-time with precise data inputs aligned by the specific business opportunity they are modeling for, on both ends of the propensity and probability spectrum.

Fraud Intelligence: Protecting the World, One Bad Transaction at a Time

We do not like a fraud – absolutely hate it actually. And we can assure you that except the bad guys perpetrating it, every organization, person and industry feels the same way about it. Yet even the best fraud solutions in the market have false positives that catch a few and let go a lot. When Tresata set out to build its Fraud Intelligence solution, it sought to build something so intelligent, adaptive and fast that it would transform how transactional fraud is managed across the ecosystem. This solution not only automates the fraud detection problem by using advanced energy-based modeling approaches that intelligently pre-identify fraud instances before they occur, but also dramatically improves the efficiency of human middle office and front office functions managing the exhaust of transactions that should have been classified as fraud by the software, but were not.

 “Tresata’s mission has always been centered around a belief that if all decisions ever made were in the best interest of the general population, the world would generally be a better place.”