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Delivering Policy Management Software for Healthcare Providers: PolicyMedical

“Based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, PolicyMedical’s mission is to advance the way policies and procedures are handled in the healthcare sector by providing the most innovative, user-friendly and powerful document management system for healthcare providers.”

PolicyMedical is a global leader in policy-management solutions for healthcare organizations. With advanced document-management software, PolicyMedical enables its clients to manage their policies and procedures, improve governance, risk and compliance, and reach their accreditation goals.

Currently, over 1500 healthcare organizations are using PolicyMedical’s web-based software solutions to manage their policies and procedures. The healthcare organizations that PolicyMedical serves are nationally recognized for their quality of care, and they include notable winners of the National Quality Healthcare Award, Leapfrog Patient-Centered Care Award, and HealthWatch’s Best Overall Quality of Care. PolicyMedical is proud to be a partner and contributor in helping these organizations reach their accreditation goals and improve their quality of care, patient safety and compliance.

The PolicyMedical Story
PolicyMedical was founded in 1999 by its current CEO, Saud Juman. Born from Saud’s insight that most processes in hospital document management can be automated, PolicyMedical emerged as company that is today: the developer of PolicyManager™, the leading healthcare policy management software.

PolicyMedical’s team believes that a policy management system should be simple, user-friendly, and specifically tailored to the needs of hospitals, and long term healthcare facilities so that it may allow healthcare workers to focus more time on patient care, and less time on administrative tasks. This is how PolicyMedical has grown over the years into the most recognized and respected name in healthcare policy management solutions.

Policy’s Core Values
At PolicyMedical, staff is committed to key priorities, and it is the driving force behind everything the company aims to achieve:

  • Serving the healthcare sector.
  • Treating clients as #1.
  • Providing technological innovation.
  • Acting as thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Solution Offerings

Policy Manager
The company’s flagship software, PolicyManager™, is the leading policy management solution for healthcare organizations, and has been supporting the policy and procedure management, risk and compliance, and accreditation efforts of healthcare providers for over a decade.
PolicyManager™ was designed to enable healthcare organizations to create, maintain, revise, approve and archive their policies to support accreditation compliance activities in a cost effective manner. This allows healthcare professionals tasked with these responsibilities to concentrate on the activities that bring greater value to the organization.

Contracts Manager
Contracts Manager helps ensure that an organization’s contracts significantly contribute to cost and risk reduction, improved control, and an increase in revenue. It provides the ability to quickly create or import contracts, manage them, and store them securely where they can be searched, analyzed and organized.

BA Manager
It helps manage the security and compliance risk of Business Associates and Vendors with the only comprehensive oversight and monitoring tool in the marketplace today.

Key Clientele
Having served over 1500 clients, PolicyMedical understands the specific needs and strategies that hospitals and long term care institutions have to operate efficiently with policies data information. Some of the company’s clients are Baylor Health System, Mountain States Health Alliance, Cox Health, Premise Health, North Country Hospital Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Baptist Health System, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, MarianHill, BetterLiving, etc.

Client Testimonials
“We were struggling with using SharePoint as a document retention tool. And when I say struggling, we were really struggling with that. And so we sought out other solutions and PolicyMedical’s Policy Manager is the one we opted for.” – Bradley Koehl, Manager Patient Safety and Risk Management, Premise Health

“Prior to PolicyManager™, we were using our SharePoint site. I think we needed a change to make things more user-friendly. Also, there was no report capability, so that was another issue we had.” – Nora Hodge & Carmen Dozal, Baptist Health System

Knowing the Executive Team

Saud Juman, President & CEO
Saud Juman founded PolicyMedical in 1999 with the initial goal of improving the health of others through the use of technology. With this idea in mind, Saud has made his top commitment ensuring that PolicyMedical’s clients are equipped with the most comprehensive policy management solution on the market. Outside of the office, Saud enjoys teaching Taekwondo, playing basketball, and spending time with his children.

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Sanjaya Kumar brings over 20 years of healthcare and clinical IT experience to his role of Chief Medical Officer at PolicyMedical. Sanjaya has been instrumental in transforming the company through the development of innovative web based healthcare IT solutions, while addressing the challenges of policy management and compliance to established protocols, in hospitals and healthcare providers across the globe. In his free time, Sanjaya mentors others in the healthcare field to achieve great work in their lifetime, and he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

“Our commitment to being technological innovators in this sector will enable us to improve patient and resident care, employee safety, and operational efficiencies of healthcare providers and the communities they serve.”