Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

Develops, Manufactures, and Markets Leading Industrial Digital Printing Technology: Kornit Digital Ltd.


Cleaner and more cost-effective than ever

Founded in 2002, Kornit Digital is a global company, headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. It supplies digital textile printing machines to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company mainly develops, manufactures and markets industrial digital printing technologies for the garment, apparel, and textile industries.

Kornit Digital is a leader in the digital textile printing industry. Through its revolutionary NeoPigment™ process, including an integrated pre-treatment solution, it caters the needs of both designers and manufacturers directly. All of this is done to address the changing needs of the entire textile printing value chain. Kornit Digital offers a complete line of direct-to-garment printing solutions that range from commercial to mass production level. Also, the firm has revolutionized the Direct-to-Fabric (roll-to-roll) textile printing industry. In other words, it provides digital printing with a single ink set onto multiple types of fabric with no additional finishing processes.

The Company’s Vision

Kornit Digital is focused on enabling the mass customization of printed textile products. Kornit believes that its unique technology and leading solutions for textile printing are fundamental to fulfilling the emerging global trends of personalization, online shopping, social media impact, as well as consumer awareness for sustainability and how garments and textiles are made. From the start, Kornit’s commitment has been to create digital textile printing solutions in an environmentally responsible way.

Kornit offers an atypical ability to produce high quality, high production capacity and micro runs that hit the market within days rather than months thus reducing the negative impact on the environment - cutting water waste, preventing toxic run-off, and conserving energy. Kornit printing is a 100% waterless process utilized in every single printing system eliminating pre-treatments, steaming or washing processes.

The firm serves over 1,000 customers worldwide, from small businesses to industrial high-production companies. Kornit Digital customers include custom decorators, fulfillment centers and vertically integrated companies. The company has a very strong hold in the online and the growing personalization industry. The firm is also considered to be the choice of global online and e-commerce leaders. It has a network of 45 qualified partners distributing its solutions and supporting all its customers. The partner network of Kornit Digital works closely with its regional offices and HQ.

The Products of the Company

Based on its proprietary ground-breaking technology and its in-house chemistry development, the company has introduced the Kornit line of high-speed DTG (direct-to-garment) printers, known to be the first and market-leading industrial digital printers offering direct-to-garment printing. With its immense experience in the direct-to-garment printing market, Kornit Digital is also revolutionizing the Direct-to-Fabric (roll-to-roll) fabric industry with its unique, single-step, Direct-to-Fabric printing solution suitable for the fashion and home textile industry.

The superior solutions form the company enables printing with one ink set on all types of fabric and with no additional finishing process. Kornit’s printing solutions are fully integrated and fully made by Kornit, ensuring superior quality, reliability and highest value to its customers. The firm basically provides a full solution that is; the printing systems, the inks, and consumables, software, pallets and accessories, technical and application support and services.

Kornit Digital has recently introduced revolutionary products such as Avalanche HD6 and Avalanche HDK that will give a competitive edge to garment decorators with drastically reduced cost per print, high-definition image quality, improved hand feel and new software for advanced file preparation capabilities.

The new systems are the result of Kornit Digital’s 15 years of direct-to-garment printing innovation and large installed base of systems experience. The new cost per print levels makes the new HD systems an attractive choice for screen printers for print runs between one and 500 copies. The new systems are running with 4l bulk ink containers of Kornit’s NeoPigment™ Rapid ink. This ink, which has been specifically developed for Kornit’s HD technology, offers an improved gamut for spot and brand color matching, increased opacity and saturation of the white ink, as well as improved hand feel – an important requirement by screen printers. The print quality is further enhanced by ColorGATE’s Professional RIP solution, adding advanced color management and screening capabilities, improved white base creation and pre-defined color libraries for ultimate color matching.

Kornit Digital has also expanded the new HD printing technology to its Storm series. Following the highly successful launch of the Avalanche HD6, Kornit implemented the HD technology in the Storm platform as well, and the Storm HD6 is now commercially available as of Oct 3 2018. It allows small to mid-size businesses to drastically reduce their cost per print, enjoy high-definition image quality and improved hand feel, with an enhanced color management experience. Kornit’s HD print engine, combined with the NeoPigment™ Rapid ink, leads to significant reductions in ink consumption and cost per print. The Storm HD6 will reduce both by approximately 30% compared to the Storm Hexa.

The New Leader but an Experienced Player

Ronen Samuel, CEO

Ronen has over 25 years of profound business management experience in various international and multicultural organizations. He joined the company recently on 1/8/2018. Prior to joining Kornit, Ronen held several leadership positions at HP over the past 18 years, starting in various strategic marketing roles for the HP Indigo division responsible for defining and managing the current and future platforms of HP Indigo. Ronen’s passion to customers leads him to relocate to Singapore to lead the Indigo & PageWide presses Divisions in the Asia Pacific and Japan, where he developed the business to become one of the fastest growing businesses within HP and in the region. He played an instrumental role in scaling up the business from a start-up to a mature and profitable one and was the Vice President and GM of the HP Indigo and WebWide presses business across EMEA and managed to rapidly grow the business.

Ronen has strong and proven experience in managing multiple P&Ls for different business units dealing with mature and emerging products and markets in complex organizations with direct sales force and indirect channels across different regions. One of his key strength is developing new business models and market opportunities. Ronen is a hands-on, passionate and a strong leader, a true team player, who drives consistent (over) achievement of plans and a strong execution.

He holds a BA Business Administration, LL.B. Law and an MBA from Northwestern University/Kellogg School of Management. Prior to his professional business career, Ronen served as a pilot in the Israel Air Force.

“Kornit’s innovative printing technology enables businesses to succeed in web-to-print, on-demand, and mass customization concepts.”