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Enabling Efficient Workflow Management: Agilean Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Leads Businesses on the Path to Success on All Fronts


As the industries and firms of all sizes witness a rapid increase in the need of automated project management tools in the market, business leaders and decision makers have been devoting a significant amount of their times to develop tools that could possibly be used to plan, monitor and control projects. Agilean Automated software tools can help with this.

At the core, automation is all about defining a new approach to tackle a problem by substituting manual work done by an individual to a machine. Basically, the aim of automation systems is to help in reducing the time utilized in performing repetitive and mundane works by shifting the load to automation tools. Such systems can also perform much more tasks than just automating workflows and processes; they can make use of the data to learn, adapt and even make decisions based on that, thus improving the efficiency of firms in the process.

In the light of the above mentioned, it is indeed a pleasure to introduce Agilean Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a company that takes workflow automation to a whole new level. Founded by Mr. Sharma B K P, who in his twenty years of experience has worked on many project management tools, the company addresses the huge gap in the automation space.

Getting Off the Grounds

Initially, the company launched Agilean in October 2017, which is an automated workflow project management software. The traction the company received was quite good, and based on that traction it focuses on improving the existing features and adding additional features. Next, in March 2018, it released another product called which is purely Artificial Intelligence & NLP application. Enabling AI in every meeting conference and generating meeting minutes automatically from your meeting conference.

Like every company starting out, Agilean Solutions too had its fair share of struggles to overcome. As Mr. Sharma points out, the first and foremost hassle that the company had to go through was to find the right resources. Even after finding the right resources, they had to face many other challenges. Mr. Sharma says, “Finding the right someone is important; someone who is quite passionate to work in a startup. It’s not a 9AM to 5PM job, so you have to put your blood and not just your efforts especially in a startup. Getting people like this is extremely difficult. They also should be loyal to the company.”

Enhancing Enterprise Productivity with Automation Tools

So basically Agilean is an agile project management tool that leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

It is an end to end project management tool which covers both SCRUM and the KANBAN as well. It helps in converting the runtime stand up meeting discussions into action points, decisions and the key points automatically. Agilean is a SaaS enterprise workflow automation and project management software solution that was developed to be used by IT enterprises. The main features of Agilean include project planning, execution & monitor, SCRUM and KANBAN board, impediments and response plan, stand up meeting automation, release management, retrospective analysis, and visualized reports. It is a user-friendly tool with 50 built-in templates and can be customized to enable clients to set their automated Kanban work-flow process in a short time. With Agilean, workflow automation becomes easy and also speeds up and improves the existing assignments according to the organization or client needs.

Coming to the other product, the availability of in every meeting conference is very important. With this, ACTA.AI enables artificial intelligence in meeting conferences in Skype for business, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Cisco Webex etc. Acta ROBO will join your conference as a silent participant, record your meetings, apply all necessary artificial intelligence algorithms along with natural language classification to generate meeting minutes [like Action points, Decisions and Key notes] and do the follow-ups in due time. is one of the most prominent solutions in the market which can make end-end automation of meetings and generate automatic meeting minutes & follow-ups in due time. The company has introduced Minutes-as-a-Service (MaaS) from by leveraging AI and NLP. Since most of the calls are very important, firms need to capture meeting minutes, and can save them a lot of time and money. BKP Sharma, CEO of Agilean Solutions Pvt Ltd, says, “The is totally a disruptive product and no one has done this before. It completely captures the action points from meetings and sending remainders in due time, thus eliminating the need to write down the points separately. By using this, one can easily get the complete summary of their meetings.”

Focus of Agiliean Solutions

Agilean Solutions Private Limited has a strong focus on the following core values that can change the client’s business execution into profitability.

  • Full Transparency –Accurate information of work and visualization is achieved through the board
  • Continuous Improvement – Workflow is optimized by removing bottlenecks from processes
  • Short Feedback Loop – Close collaboration with customer is done to deliver the MVP (minimum viable product) and validate
  • Highest Value – Understanding the value flow and process and identify activities that are unnecessary and eliminate them
  • Flow Efficiency – Analyzing the actual productivity time for cards, excluding the wait time and blocked time
  • Improved Responsiveness – Keeping the customer happy by responding to his or her needs as quickly as possible

The Journey to Success

Speaking of Agilean’s position in the recent market scenario, Mr. Sharma says that the company is right now in growth stage and is steadily moving towards becoming the market leader. Though Agilean Solutions has many competitors in the market, it differentiates itself from the rest by continuously being disruptive in bringing the solutions to the automation needs of the market. People are now interested in developing new ways of working and leaving the traditional working methods behind. This is why Agilean Solutions leverages AI and NLP in all of its products and hopes to introduce automatic tools to replace the tedious tasks done by humans.

Agilean’s products have received good appreciation from its clients and have also earned the title of being one of the top three agile tools existing in the market. Mr. Sharma believes that Agilean Solutions doesn’t only sell a product, but also joins the customers’ journey. The company works towards developing the best product for its clients and also modifying its existing products so that they are a best fit for them. “In that way, we see that we have a sustainable business model, and yes, we are growing”, Mr. Sharma said.

Knowing the Visionary behind Agilean Solutions

BKP Sharma, Founder & CEO

“A startup has many emotional attributes associated with it, and one has to balance those emotions very well. Apart from that, entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. You don’t really know if the startup will succeed or not, but getting up and putting efforts and sacrificing so many things is an absolute necessity.” Despite of all these factors only the reason kept me to move forward is WoW factors. When customers or end users says WoW, That is the real win for Agilean Solutions, rest everything is secondary.