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Fulfilling the Local Market Needs, YemenSoft Ltd Is Providing the Most Innovative Integrated Software Solutions

thesiliconreview-mr-ali-alyousefi-founder-yemensoft-ltd-2018In the early nineties, ERP and accounting systems were not well known or even used in Yemen and the Middle East region. Because of lack of knowledge and limited use of IT systems, businesses were still depending on their manual financial booking. For local small businesses, all the well-known ERP solutions were expensive and they were not properly presented and supported.

The language was also a barrier; most small business owners and employees were not able to communicate with international providers regarding their needs and issues. Compared to the western market, the middle east was quite different; it has its own business model, processes, needs and regulations and this was a major obstacle in all international ERP implementation in the local market.

An ingenious mind, Ali Alyousefi saw the voids in the industry and decided to step in and provide special solutions and founded YemenSoft in 1993. Over the past 25 years, YemenSoft has gained the local, regional, and the international market trust and expanded rapidly providing different solutions, versions and releases with the latest technology.

YemenSoft commits to quality procedures in all work phases, the methodology of staff experience development continuation and update their skills. This forms the innovation culture and positive work environment. In the last 6 year, YemenSoft has expanded its territory and has improved its presence through several offices in India, Turkey, Bahrain, Oman, Algeria, and Tanzania.

The Kickstart

Headquartered in Yemen, the company started its journey with a first large project in 1995. YemenSoft was selected by the Dutch consulting company to develop the ERP and billing solution as a part of the utility project for the Authority of Water and Sanitation, which was later implanted for German Technical Cooperation Agency “GTZ” as well.

These projects were a big success for the company and it was a big step for the development in Yemen. At that time, YemenSoft was the only one who was able to provide the solution which combines both the international IT standard requested by the European companies and all the unique requirements of the local market.

Interview Snippet with the Founder of YemenSoft, Mr. Ali Alyousefi

Q.What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

During the initial years of YemenSoft, the idea of IT systems was not clearly introduced in the local markets due to the limited Knowledge of information technology. And introducing a computerized solution was one of the biggest challenges for us. That isn't all, we had other big challenges too and they were the weak data infrastructure and embracing change; fear of change was among the biggest challenges with our customers.

Q.“Earning trust and respect of costumers all around the world is through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of our actions,” how do you interpret this statement?

Over the years, we have learned that quality is the most important thing in our business, mainly with ERP systems, which control the whole business. We at YemenSoft always build the trust between the customers, our systems and our team before starting any implementation or even an upgrade.

To stay on top of our game and to gain our customer’s absolute trust, we have always invested in quality assurance and quality control processes. Since long time ago, we were the first who built and used the CRM system to serve our customers and track our services performance. And because of this, I believe our customers do have the absolute trust in us.

Q.Technology & Innovation is a perfect fusion. How often do you innovate? Is it only when there is a need in the market?

Our innovation is a mix of market needs and new creative ideas. There are no timelines or any limits to innovation.

We at YemenSoft try our best to fulfill the needs of the market smartly and we always think for the future; how would the market look like, how we can support it and what’s the best approach. Also, we involve our consultants and business analysts, who are experts in the industries in our discussions to build our roadmap and predict what is coming next.

Q.What are the factors that make your brand most ‘innovative,’ and why?

We are definitely one of the most innovative brands in the industry and we are proud to say that YemenSoft is the only brand that succeeded in fulfilling different and unique market requirements within the same solutions.

Instead of forcing customers to change their business and only play within our system boundaries, we build our solution with some dynamic boundaries that can fit everyone needs. One basic and straightforward example is our systems text language that supports typing multiple languages in the same transaction or field which is not available in most systems. Our systems handle inflation perfectly, which is also important in some countries with the high inflation rate. None of the other brands is treating that as we are.  And if that doesn’t make us one of the most innovate, then what does?

Crafting the Future Roadmap

Currently, YemenSoft is working on its latest ONYX ERP solution that will enable its Cloud customer to benefit from all the new features as well as increasing the market footprint and improve our systems accessibility. To provide businesses and users full secured access and control from their own handsets, the company is also planning to bring more features to its mobile applications.

YemenSoft all around the world has successfully established itself and now, looking into the future, the company is planning to expand all around India. On the other hand, China is a huge and tough market but the company believes that it can thrive and compete there as well. Also, it believes that it will defiantly establish itself as a strong presence in South America and Europe.

Meet the Chairman

Ali Alyousefi, Founder: Ali was a very talented graduated entrepreneur who decided to carry on with his ambition and start one of the first software companies in Yemen and the Middle East. He always wanted to do good for the local market. He started seeking opportunities to provide special solutions that can fulfill the local market needs and fit within such, unique market structure and different business environment. Ali dedicated his whole life to bring YemenSoft among the top-ranked system providers and develop a true end-to-end solution.

“Our solutions are built to help customers and ease their daily operations. We always work hard to strengthen the relationship between the technical support team and our R&D which results in much better system updates and releases.”