10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2019

Giving Surgeons the Data They Need to Make Evidence-Based Care Decisions: Empiric health


Empiric Health is leading a revolution in clinical data analytics that will forever change the way healthcare systems approach reducing variation in clinical care. Empiric is comprised of seasoned healthcare professionals including experienced perioperative nurses and former hospital administrators who speak the language of surgeons and care deeply about improving the state of healthcare in our country. It's proprietary, cohort-based clinical data analytics strategy uses evidence not intuition to drive decision making, reducing costs and improving surgical outcomes. Empiric is driven by a passion to improve healthcare and health. Its team members join the company to make a difference through client partnerships, and more importantly their patients. 

At the core of its work is the ability to influence positive outcomes and affordability with evidence and clinician to clinician dialogue, leading to better healthcare delivery. It wants patients to get healthy, have great outcomes, and get the most value for their healthcare.

Creating a Difference

As Empiric’s clients’ clinical teams take care of patients, it takes care of them by providing transparent information and evidence as they make influential decisions every day. It does this with its innovative, clinically focused analytics and its own experienced clinical team. Its consulting teams leverage its analytics to address variation and show its client’s real-world, relevant evidence to help their patients achieve better outcomes with high quality, high-value resources.

Empiric’s secret sauce is its unyielding commitment to its mission combined with its team member community. Whether working on the technology, directly with its clients or supporting its community, Empiric Health team members and the culture it creates make the difference. It focuses on hiring the best talent and it valuesits connected community, quality, adaptability, innovation, and transparency. Its belief is that a great workplace is an engaged community where clients learn the most, are challenged daily to perform the best work, and have the most fun. 

Patented Technology

Cohorts: Its Differentiator: While most healthcare analytics tools only look at broad categories of cost versus outcomes, it breaks clinical data down into unique cohorts that account for variables in patient type, surgical technique, and other mitigating factors to make a true "apples to apples" comparison for reviewing clinical variation. It has developed more than 300 individual cohorts.

Intuitive, AI-Driven Technology: Rooted in existing cohorts, it developed in collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare, its AI-driven platform identifies variance and cohorts by scanning and capturing thousands of data points from a variety of sources, including operative notes. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) with 98% accuracy, its machine learning technology can quickly identify and pull pertinent data that would take significant labor hours if done manually. This advanced technology allows us to identify meaningful variation in cost and clinical outcomes, determine reasons behind the variation and make recommendations to physicians and administrators based on the output.

Clean, Surgeon-Approved Data: Its technology takes the noise out of the data, returning scrubbed and accurate information that surgeons can trust. An internal feedback loop with clinically-experienced consultants further ensures that the information is both accurate and relevant.

Intuitive Reporting Interface: Empiric’s technology platform makes complex reporting simple, using intuitive charts, graphs and pertinent details that nurses, surgeons, and administrators can all easily and quickly digest making conversations productive, and recommendations easily actionable.

Best-in-Class Consulting Team

Collaborative Consulting with Clinical Knowledge: The company’stech-enabled consulting model is an entirely new approach to healthcare optimization. It hires healthcare experts. Empiricists are former operating room nurses with management and analytics expertise. They work closely with the rest of its consulting team who have years of experience working with healthcare providers to improve operations and reduce unwarranted clinical variation.

Face-to-Face Engagement with Clinicians:Empiricists speak the language of surgeons and staff, and understand the clinical process inside and out. Its teams collaborate with clinical care teams and front line staff on a regular basis to review and discuss the data, provide valuable insights, make actionable recommendations and support process change.

Fostering Real Culture Change: By fostering long-term relationships, its nurse-based consulting teams drive culture change within the hospital or, if applicable, health system-wide. It engages all members of the clinical care team, as well as other key stakeholders like supply chain and finance, to create or enhance a culture of continuous improvement. Its goal is to empower the clinical team members to identify best practices within a given cohort and to collaborate with their colleagues to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary variation.

Meet the Leader

Rick Adam, CEO: Prior to joining Empiric health, Rick served as the President of Stanson Health. He is a founder and leader of several companies including Recondo Technology and New Era of Network (NEON). Rick has a successful track record in delivering high-quality healthcare solutions that provide demonstrable outcomes proven to make health care more affordable.

“We are healthcare and technology professionals determined to revolutionize healthcare analytics with purposeful collaboration.”