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Global automotive insights for the future of vehicle ownership – Cazana


Bringing a revolution in the automotive industry

Driverless vehicles, new powertrains, a shift from ownership to access and radical taxation changes - the automotive industry is in a state of flux.

To compete in this fast-changing environment, a better understanding of vehicles and the new automotive consumer is needed.

For cars to be accessed not owned:

  • Vehicle risk transfers from individuals to companies who need a clear idea of their exposure
  • Consumers need an independent resource to explain and compare new access models
  • Traditional dealers need to modernize to compete or face extinction
  • enabling the next phase of the automotive industry

The firm provides automotive insights for the future of vehicle ownership. Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road.

its systems are used by manufacturers, finance companies, dealerships, and insurers globally. Companies use Cazana's data to provide vehicles to the modern automotive consumer who wants to access, not own vehicles.

Cazana for Business

Its Valuations and vehicle data are used by businesses to better understand the value and condition of the vehicles they work with. The tools help motor insurers, lenders and traders better understand the risk on their books, reduce fraud and work more effectively with vehicle assets.

The Company’s Solutions

In the highly competitive automotive market, your business has problems to solve, whether you are an insurer worried about risk, own a fleet and need to know the values of the vehicles you’re leasing, or you’re a dealer trying to increase your margins and reduce your stock’s sitting time, Cazana offers many solutions to help your business save money and become more effective at what you do.

Valuation of Vehicles

The accurate valuation of vehicles is essential for almost every sector of the Automotive Industry. Whether buying for the stock, selling to the trade or the retail customer, getting the value right will ensure the best return on investment, create business opportunities and maximize profits.

Vehicle Sales and Asset Liquidation

For those operating fleets for business purposes and companies financing cars for business use, understanding asset values now and in the future is essential. Current suppliers use historical data from just wholesale sources which is then manually edited often on the subjective comment. Data science based on fact, not fiction ensures swift profitable asset management through the lifecycle of every vehicle.

Risk and Actuary

Having a demonstrable audit trail based on the latest high-quality data ensures sound commercial strategies and measured risk policy. Those with vehicles on-risk such as motor insurers also need to ensure that risk is being appropriately appraised at the time of quotation and cover and that signs of fraud are correctly identified at the point of claim.

UK Vehicle Market Data

The UK Automotive Market is one of the most complexes in the world with multiple factors affecting demand, supply, and general trading conditions. Where the economy has become less secure in recent years and Brexit now less than a year away, being able to understand the complexities and nuances of what has happened, what current conditions are like and then seeking to predict the future has never been so important. Using the largest data set available and the latest science-based modeling is categorically the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

The Products

Harnessing the power of its vehicle data coupled with intelligent predictive analytics, Cazana’s suite of business tools help your business more intelligently value, check and work with vehicles.

Cazana Present Value

Its present tools and values take retail and auction big data from thousands of sources to give accurate retail and remarketing pricing including the effect of vehicle options. It is used in the industry to identify, understand and maximize the value of used vehicles to ensure the most advanced price remarketing and purchasing strategies can be effectively implemented.

Cazana trade tools

Cazana builds tools to help automotive trade work more efficiently and increase profits. Cazana offers its leading car check product, retail and trade valuations and market insights in bulk to the automotive trade via the Cazana Trade Portal.

Cazana Future Value

Cazana's predictive analytics enables the future value prediction of all vehicles of all ages. Its data-science based models provide accurate, real-time future value modeling based on current retail and auction activity, vehicle and lifecycle age and vehicle lifecycle changes.

The Chief of the Firm

Tom Wood - CEO

Tom hails from a business & innovation background having led technology teams within investment banking and pharmaceutical sectors and founded and sold companies in the marketing technology space. Tom has always had a passion for cars and considers himself very lucky to work on his hobby every day.

“We provide automotive insights for the future of vehicle ownership. Using big data and predictive analytics, Cazana analyses millions of automotive transactions daily to assess the value and risk associated with every vehicle on the road.”