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Go Beyond Visibility, Go Beyond Your Network with AppNeta

thesiliconreview-matt-stevens-ceo-appneta-18With so many business-critical apps moving to the cloud, you need a fast, accurate way of monitoring performance from the end-user perspective, even on networks outside of your control. In a cloud-first world, fast, constant connectivity to business-critical apps is a must. When a problem arises, simply seeing it is not enough. “I don’t know” just won’t cut it. To quickly solve the issue, you’ve got to know exactly where it is and understand why it’s happening.

Yesterday’s network performance monitoring solutions aren’t up to the task. With more traffic moving across more networks that are out of IT’s control, you need new solutions. Solutions that look beyond the LAN. Solutions that provide actionable information in real time. Solutions that get to the root of the problem quickly.

AppNeta provides precise, end-to-end visibility into network performance from the end-user point of view, wherever they are. Traffic congestion on the LAN? QoS violation in the WAN? Problem with a cloud application? Whatever—and wherever—the issue, AppNeta can pinpoint it in real time, giving you a unified view of every location you own, from small remote offices to large data centers.

Because it’s delivered as a SaaS application, AppNeta requires minimal impact on your resources. It can be deployed in hours, offers steady, predictable costs and can scale as your organization grows.

Today, network issues aren’t just hiccups. They’re roadblocks to productivity, costing your organization time and money. AppNeta delivers the actionable insight IT needs to ensure the best possible connections to business-critical apps, wherever they're hosted, so everyone can keep up the pace.

End-to-End Application Monitoring for Better User Experience

AppNeta Performance Manager delivers actionable insight into real-time application and network performance. Get hop-by-hop details for internal and external networks from the end-user perspective.

The AppNeta difference

AppNeta is your partner for digital transformation. Its performance monitoring software delivers user insights in seconds and allows you to isolate the root cause of network issues faster by pinpointing where a problem exists in the end-to-end network path. As a SaaS solution, AppNeta offers deployment flexibility with virtual and physical monitoring points that range from the desktop to the data center.

Breakthrough technology

AppNeta’stechnology combines core and patented technologies to create a platform built for monitoring the distributed digital enterprise. Its technologies include TruPath™ technology, Deep Packet Inspection engine, and advanced Selenium-based scripting. All of these combine to provide an unparalleled view into web application performance across your enterprise that includes deep diagnostics and actionable metrics to solve network issues fast.

Integrated big data platform

AppNeta’sperformance monitoring software handles billions of transactions and delivers insights in seconds. By saving more data for more metrics than any other web application monitoring solution, AppNeta provides unique historical and up-to-date insight on every application used by your organization.


Easy deployment

AppNeta deployment is fast and flexible, allowing you to roll out its performance monitoring tool in a fraction of the time of other systems. With monitoring points offered physically and virtually at various sizes from datacenter-class appliances to fanless desktop ones, you can right-size your deployment to cover your entire organization. 

Steadfast Support

AppNeta provides responsive, dedicated support to every customer for no extra charge. The company ensures smooth onboarding and quick issue resolution, and make sure you are running its latest and greatest software version all the time. Its team will get you on your way to the better web application and network performance monitoring in no time at all.

Monitoring Solutions

Network Performance Monitoring:As applications become more complex, they rely more onfast network connections. SaaS dependence, API-driven integrations,and distributed users all require strong corporate IT networks for support. Now that both applications and data are decentralized, the requirements for mapping and monitoring enterprise networks have changed.

Traditional monitoring tools were not designed to provide visibility into applications delivered via the WAN, whether they are internal or third-party SaaS apps. But AppNeta was designed from the ground up to solve this problem. AppNeta offers unparalleled insight into your SaaS apps, remote sites, public cloud infrastructure or private cloud deployments.

Complete SaaS and Web Application Monitoring:Looking over the shoulder of your favorite salesperson isn't a scalable solution to measure app performance. With AppNeta, you can automate synthetic transactions at scale to log in to SaaS apps like a real person, use the application and directly measure the time it takes to perform common actions.

Always-On Remote Location Monitoring:Monitoring performance at remote locations requires always-on monitoring. If you don't have staff on-site or you're implementing SD-WAN across distributed sites, you need a comprehensive tool that will act as your eyes at remote locations. Using continuous performance monitoring also allows IT to immediately figure out whether it's the application or the network causing a problem, speeding up the resolution process.

AppNeta provides monitoring ofoverall modern protocols (UDP, ICMP, and TCP over IPv4 and IPv6) and tunnels (IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, and MPLS). With this kind of monitoring, IT can get performance data from the entire infrastructure, whether at remote sites, in the cloud or on-premises, and take action. Remote offices may be remote, but they don't have to be out of IT's control.

Monitor All the Way Into Your Cloud Deployment:You are moving your infrastructure for a reason, but reducing visibility isn't one of them. Let AppNeta provide the application and network visibility that gives you confidence in your operations. AppNeta is designed to be device and deployment agnostic. The firm can provide performance monitoring for any cloud architecture. Place the firm’s Monitoring Points on-premises, inside virtual hosts or next to the code to enhance network visibility across your organization. AppNeta offers a Data Center Monitoring Point

CEO Corner

Matt Stevens, CEO:

“We provide real-time, actionable insight from remote offices, over internal networks and across the internet, so you can quickly get to the bottom of performance issues regardless of where they occur.”