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Helix Tech: The Mobile First Startup Established as One of the Most Popular Mobile App Development Company

thesiliconreview-kunal-ceo-helix-tech“Innovation is our business & optimism is our core.”

Over the last few years, mobile phone industry has grown leaps and bounds. The mobile app marketplace is growing over 300% per year on an already large installed base. And, one such company growing with this graph is Helix Tech. Since its inception, the company is setting a new standard in the industry every year with a proven record of success.

A mobile-first startup, Helix Tech is a family of young, enthusiastic and positive individuals who work with entrepreneurs helping them validate or scale their idea and understand the right product/market fit to launch. Registered on major app quote sites, Helix is well positioned to take care of the upsurge in demand in mobile apps space. Also, the company very well carries the advantage of being in market for last 3 years, with a great track record.

In their endeavor to do their best, Helix has been developing cross platform and Hybrid apps since its inception. By way of which they have helped a leader in Global IT pharma salesforce solutions to re-engineer their flagship app from a native offering to a cross-platform solution deployed across ios/android/windows & blackberry used by some of the world’s largest pharma companies deployed across millions of Medical Reps (MR’s) on field that has helped them lower development and maintenance cost by 1/4th, helped become device agnostic and faster turnaround times for changes on live apps.

The company truly abides by their very strong design thinking approach and live by the quote “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works!”. Being one of the popular and few ‘Mobile App Development Companies’ in India with an established international track record, Helix has created some very interesting and innovative apps across many industry verticals, which just 5-6 similar Cos in India can claim to have done too.

End-to-end solution provider

Bringing an evolution in the Mobile world, Helix is a ‘Mobile First Company’ providing end-to-end solutions from a suite of mobile services including App strategy, Design, development, QA & Testing , App marketing, Analytics all the way up to app lifecycle and management along with app indexing and most importantly security & compliance.

Helix SWIFT, the company’s flagship solutions helps build mobile products for bootstrapped entrepreneurs, funded startups and enterprises through their programs: swift LAUNCH, swift GROW & swift SCALE respectively.

On the product front the company has Helix Tech LABS under which they have developed 3 niche market products:

Nu Fashion: – A B2C marketplace app solution from the house of Helix Tech for small and medium fashion labels & designers to engage with their customer base in a more efficient manner.

Profit key: – A mobile application platform that helps small and budget hotels to reach and retain repeat customers thereby improving sales.

Ridio: – A B2B fleet management solution for small and medium vendors to help manage their vehicles and bookings more efficiently and a corresponding B2C app for customers!

Tapping into all kind of Tech-Startups

A self-established startup itself; Helix owns a proven record of success by working with some of the most exciting and promising tech start-ups such as CNN & TECH CRUNCH disrupt featured New York based TimeLooper, Turkey’s oldest and biggest fleet management solutions provider Filoturk, Istanbul’s biggest mobile bus booking platform Govego & Startup Turkey 2015 finalist CHALL (a social game app) To name a few. Having understood the nitty-gritty’s that most tech startups face, the company has launched a core solution “HT for STARTUPS” that stretches its helping hand to early stage tech startups build launch & scale mobile products , primarily across Fintech, Healthtech and Edutech Verticals !

The company works closely with most promising incubators, accelerators and startup governing bodies from across the globe including, Etohum from Istanbul, Hannover Impulse from Germany and Reaktor from Warsaw to name a few!

This is how Helix Tech’s founding stone was laid
Born out of the minds of two IT grads fresh out of college, Helix was started in 2013 in Goa where it is currently headquartered with just 2 employees in an Incubator. Now close to over three years into operations, the company has a strong foothold in the area of Mobility and is expanding into Wearables, IoT & Machine Learning. Having their main development office in Bangalore and a smaller sales and development centre in Pune.

Carrying a vision of expansion for future
The company presently holds a strong foothold in the area of Mobility and for a blooming future ahead, they are looking to expand into Wearable, iOT & Machine Learning. Also, intends to diversify into platforms & products from their existing services.

Additionally, the company has successfully jotted down a plan to spin off ‘Helix Tech LABS’ a product division of the company having its focus on the ‘Internet for the Next Billion’ in growing markets of Southeast Asia. Also, the company strongly believes in the paradigm shift from pipes to a platform which is why they are making an investment in that direction by building certain white label apps and solutions across the Travel, Fashion and Transport verticals.

Clients Speak

Product: – BETTER – The Social Betting Game
“I feel very lucky to work with the great team of ‘Helix Tech’. Better wouldn’t be as it is without their passion to build a great app.”– MertBulut, Founder & CEO – Codfabrik

“We submitted the app to the app store with helix team. Thanks for the great work and labour.”– Anil Altun, Founder & CEO, Beasy Ventures

Meet the Tech-Lover

Kunal Kerkar, Founder & CEO: Young & passionate and a true entrepreneur at heart, Kunal explored the business world when he was just 21. A first generation entrepreneur, Kunal always had a core belief in building and scaling companies built on strong value driven principles.

Kunal always had an inclination towards business from a very young age since school. His first stint at entrepreneurship came with his first product Papercrunch early in his 5th semester. Under Kunal’s leadership, the company very well handles the entire business sector of the company along with overall project management delivery and design for most of the clients.

A gadget lover at heart, Kunal enjoys playing lawn tennis and is fascinated by high end-cars.

He loves travelling to places of historical significance and into the wild. If not in business, he would have been an archaeologist for sure or would have indulged himself in something to do with the forest.

Explaining his passion towards his company in two lines, the young and die hard entrepreneur said- “From creating something new and letting our thoughts become things, big things! We are the one stop house to tickle your creativity. Innovation is our business & Optimism is our core.”

“We’ve built a great foundation but we’ve only just begun!”