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Helping Modern Businesses Harness the Power of the Internet of Things: ThingLogix


ThingLogix is a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, solution components, and services.

Foundry, its proprietary cloud platform, simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes the development, deployment, and operation of market-facing IoT solutions architected on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Foundry Packages, its component applications built on Foundry, are sets of composite IoT functionality packaged to enable market-facing IoT solutions for specific industries and use cases. ThingLogix’s technology enables sophisticated functionality, rapid time-to-market, and simplified solution evolution over time, and extreme cost efficiency.

ThingLogix’s customers can use its platform and component applications to manage their in-house solution development themselves, or alternatively, utilize its full-lifecycle development services to bring cutting-edge IoT solutions to market and maintain them over time. It also offers business and technology advisory services to help companies formulate IoT strategies conceptualize solutions, go to market effectively, and harness enabling technologies for maximum impact.

ThingLogix was founded in 2014 and was originally the services group of IoT platform provider 2lemetry. In 2015, AWS acquired 2lemetry, which became the basis for AWS IoT. It has maintained a strong relationship with AWS, architecting Foundry to orchestrate all of the AWS services necessary for a complete IoT solution, and also certified as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

ThingLogix Solutions

Foundry: IoT Made Easy

Foundry is a cloud-based solution development and management platform (PaaS) that offers critical core functionality for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions. It is optimized for rapid time-to-market, ease-of-use, limitless scalability and extensibility, and reliable, secure, sustainable operations over time. With Foundry, engineering and product management teams can collaborate more effectively, specialize in innovation activities that drive real value, and increase the pace and volume of IoT innovation. More time spent on IoT innovation = more solutions, better solutions, and better business results.

  • Create, deploy, manage, and evolve connected solutions, quickly and easily
  • Access and utilize essential functionality for any market-facing IoT solution
  • Incorporate specialized IoT functionality for specific use cases
  • Optimize the serverless IT environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Foundry Packages: Specialization + Differentiation

Foundry Packages are sets of composite IoT functionality packaged to enable specific use cases. They sit on top of Foundry – ThingLogix’s cloud-based IoT solution development and management platform – and are designed to shape specific technology enablers into market-facing IoT solutions.

  • Provide specialized technical capabilities to define and power a market-facing IoT solution
  • Enable industry-specific IoT functionality
  • Include business operations and application management functionality
  • Support integration with key enterprise systems (CRM, ERP) and third-party IoT services

IoT Advisory Services: Perspective, Credibility, And Insight to Optimize Outcomes

Just as no two organizations are ever identical, neither is the IoT opportunity identical – even for businesses competing in the same industry. Beyond the multitude of factors that distinguish one organization from another, businesses seek differentiation as a means to compete more effectively. One size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, there is no single execution plan or technology approach that is right for all organizations.

Strategic Advisory

IoT Business Strategy: Strategy isn’t only about formulating a thoughtful, market-viable, and objective plan. It is also about knowing what to do when circumstances change.

  • Develop greater insight into the IoT market opportunity within a specific business context
  • Validate business models, operating processes, and the market viability of solution concepts
  • Identify synergy opportunities across the business and ways to extend the IoT opportunity vertically and laterally to achieve full-potential value
  • Evolve IoT solutions and business models over time to incorporate technology changes and maintain market leadership
  • Perform comprehensive risk assessments and formulate risk mitigation plans

IoT Go-to-market Strategy: The path to market isn’t linear or static, and GTM success depends on multiple actors. Failure to plan appropriately or execute effectively can undermine even the most unassailable business model or technologically brilliant solution. Conversely, the right GTM plan, properly executed, can be a powerful source of advantage.

  • Define an optimal path to market, spanning marketing, sales, partnerships, and alliances
  • Develop and execute go-to-market programs in collaboration with internal business functions and external parties
  • Create operating models and playbooks to facilitate disciplined management and measurement of IoT solutions
  • Evolve strategies and programs to accommodate anticipated or actual changes in market conditions, business objectives, or technology factors

Technology Advisory

IoT Technology Strategy: The right technology architecture and approach delivers enterprise-grade capabilities (high-performance, reliable, scalable, extensible, and secure), as well as sustainable competitive differentiation.

  • Validate technology architectures and the technical viability of solution concepts
  • Architect feature-rich, enterprise-grade IoT solutions that create sustainable competitive differentiation
  • Accelerate solution development and deployment cycle time, maximizing time-to-value
  • Evaluate a company’s existing IT environment and develop blueprints for integrating and operating smart, connected solutions
  • Assess technical challenges with proposed or existing solutions and architectures, perform troubleshooting and causal analysis, and recommend remediation

Vendor Selection: Businesses fielding IoT solutions must ultimately rely on an ecosystem of technology suppliers to enable those solutions, keep them operating properly, and evolve them over time. Choosing a vendor is like selecting the right ingredients for a recipe… the quality of the outcome depends on the quality of the ingredients.

  • Assess the market landscape to identify and score technology vendors that offer solutions and services aligned with a company’s technical requirements
  • Support the on-boarding of vendors within the context of a company’s IoT business and technical requirements
  • Assess the capabilities and performance of existing vendors, recommend optimization opportunities, and assist with vendor transition

The Man Behind The Picture

Carl Krupitzer, Chief Executive Officer: With over two decades of experience spanning cloud platforms and applications, technology consulting and services, finance, and graphic design, Carl brings deep technology experience and seasoned business perspectives to the role.

Prior to his roles at ThingLogix and 2lemetry, Carl held executive roles at cloud professional services provider Appirio, healthcare solution provider Dart Chart Systems, and relocation services provider Sirva. Earlier in his career, he served as a Vice President of Information Technology at Bank One and as a technology consultant for Covansys and Ernst & Young.

“We provide the insights to help you shape your own vision for The Internet of Things and the tools to transform your vision into reality.”