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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2018

Helping sales leaders make informed decisions with reliable, AI-driven insights at every level of the sales operation: Aviso, Inc.


In a data-driven sales organization, the sales environment stays in a constant state of change making it increasingly important for companies to adapt and keep up with the competition. Everything in the sales organization, from training and forecasting to lead prioritization and sales performance optimization, can be improved with data. Though revenue is the major focus that every department should be working towards, it is also important to comprehend the metrics that contribute to increases in the bottom line. And while most sales leaders recognize the need for analytics, many organizations are still unable to attain meaningful data due to scattered information. This is where Aviso, Inc. comes in to enable sales professionals to harness the power of AI and machine learning to produce additional insights to help them take control of their business and ensure better outcomes.

Aviso offers the industry’s most powerful AI-driven forecasting and sales visibility platform. Armed with Aviso, executives, managers, reps and sales operations leaders in large, multi-level sales organizations at Apttus, MongoDB, RingCentral, Splunk and others take control of sales performance and make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth. Aviso leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide data-driven forecasts, 360-degree visibility into sales performance and pipeline health, an automated rollup, and machine learning insights into deals and pipeline value to provide a clear path to achieve both current and future goals.

Delivering insight and control of sales performance

The company was founded to help sales teams move beyond limited legacy tools into an advanced AI-driven platform designed to power critical deal management processes. With Aviso, pipeline reviews are smarter and more productive. All needed data for forecasting calls is at sales leaders’ fingertips and prep for deal reviews are cut in half or more, so that reps can get back to selling. Armed with Aviso’s advanced technology and AI assistance in the form of unbiased machine learning recommendations, sales, sales operations and IT teams deliver accurate forecasts, ensure important deals keep moving through the pipeline, and make smart selling decisions to close more deals. Aviso focuses primarily on selling to complex sales teams at high tech growth companies in North America. 

A platform for sales forecasting and visibility

The capabilities of the Sales Vision platform have expanded over time to become the platform it is today. It drives delivery of accurate forecasts, prevents deal slippage, and provides smart selling signals that enable sales teams to close deals faster. Aviso entered the market with a product offering that drove accurate sales forecasting. In 2016, the company expanded into driving smarter pipeline and deal reviews. The platform now delivers benefits that cover the entire forecast-to-close process. Aviso, Inc. said, “A great product venture is only as good as your ability to sustain and maintain consistent interest in it as well as your ability to drive ongoing innovation around solving complex problems like accurate sales forecasting solutions.”

Since its inception, Aviso has received lots of accolades from its users especially related to recent product releases and updates. It continues to listen to the needs of its customers and work hard with the engineering and customer service teams to deliver a very competitive roadmap that solves all of their unique forecasting needs. Good product traction and solid sales trajectory are the grounds on which the company has expanded its offerings over the years.

Driving the business forward

AI and machine learning have become critical processes driving the forecasting process. Aviso has a strong position in this space being only one of two vendors who can offer the depth and breadth of functionality along with the most robust data science solution in the market today. Aviso did face the typical growth and product challenges in the initial years. But in June 2017, it released a new UI that solved most of its product-based challenges and increased adoption and sales momentum significantly with some impressive recent enterprise wins. Its constant focus on the high tech vertical in North America and driving better adoption with customers has lead to its consistent organizational growth.

New products

Aviso recently released several significant new capabilities including a Pipeline Review module and a Deal Review Module. The Pipeline Review module disrupts the unscientific “tops-down” traditional review method, giving the data-driven view one needs to prioritize deals and move them through the pipeline. “Our secret sauce is filtering your deals across three categories: deals that went up, deals that went down, and just as important, deals that have had no change at all, and may need a nudge from you to keep them moving through the pipeline”, the company said. With the new Deal Review module, it uniquely and intuitively presents all important deal-level data on one collaborative tool and combines it with deal-closing insights, making deal reviews smarter and more actionable.

In the near future, Aviso plans to take over the leadership position in the AI-driven sales forecasting and sales intelligence space and establish a presence in several other verticals. The company currently has around 70 full time employees. 35 are located in Redwood City CA and they consist of sales, marketing, customer service, finance and some engineering folks. The other 35 people located in Hyderabad, India are all engineers.

Let’s meet the thought leaders behind Aviso, Inc.

K.V. Rao is the co-founder of Aviso and a technology pioneer in Silicon Valley. He was the co-founder of Zuora, and prior to this, he spent five years at WebEx, where he reported directly to the founder and President with strategic marketing and business development responsibilities.

Michael Lock, CEO, came to Aviso in January 2017. He is a passionate advocate for the use of technology in the Business Cloud with a proven track record of building B2B SaaS companies. Prior to joining Aviso, Michael was the President and COO of Hearsay Systems, and prior to this role, he was the Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Google Enterprise where he grew the business to $1B in annual revenues. Michael has broad and deep experience in sales, marketing, business development and operations and has run large operations (500+ people) and small startups with less than 50 people.

“Our forecasts  and pipeline insights give you the predictability and visibility you demand.”