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Improving the Lead Flow Quality with MaaS: RightWave


RightWave was founded to provide B2B companies the ability to have quick and successful adoption of marketing automation without traditional, lengthy, and complex implementations. RightWave allows marketers to do sophisticated campaigns while it manages all data, quality, and technology aspects. Customers get the most out of marketing and CRM applications, build deeper intelligence about their prospects, and deliver high-impact marketing without an army of technical experts. Working with RightWave, customers implement marketing automation easily, launch complex campaigns successfully, and manage data efficiently. This leads to stellar ROI, faster results, and better productivity. The RightWave model is straightforward with an all-inclusive fast and easy implementation that provides a positive return on investment from the very first month of adoption.

Q. Why go for RightWave?

RigtWave’s combined technology and best-practices enable a flexible, sophisticated, and successful marketing automation solution. It supplementsits technology-driven services with cost-effective and highly trained outsourced resources to provide its customers with best ROI. It provides world-class knowledge and expertise. Its global infrastructure and relationships allow it to deliver the highest quality of service at the most competitive prices.

The customer’s success is the only metric that it uses to measure its performance. Its commitment to excellence, highest quality work, superior customer support, along with its unconditional satisfaction guaranty provides a combination that no one can beat.


Marketing Automation as a Service: RightWave allows marketers to do sophisticated campaigns while it manages all the technical marketing operation aspects. They get the most out of their marketing and CRM applications, build deeper intelligence about their prospects, and deliver high-impact marketing. The RightWave team ensures campaign success and visibility into the entire lead-to-sales lifecycle while giving complete control to a marketer with robust reporting and analytics. With MaaS, marketers experience markedly-increased ROI, faster results, better productivity, and a full 360° view. RightWave delivers successful marketing automation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Without successful CRM implementations, companies cannot provide a complete 360° view of their customer behaviour or deliver true ROI. CRM systems like SalesForce and NetSuite are very sophisticated platforms and require long implementation and customization cycles followed by regular review, updates, and maintenance so they can model client’s business workflows and satisfy changing business requirements. Usually, CRM systems like and NetSuite do not have sufficient features and flexibility for “top of the funnel” marketing database management and running the campaign workflows that modern marketing requires. Resultantly, most organizations need both a CRM system and a Marketing Automation system. Keeping these two platforms and their data in sync is another important task that the systems and operations team must perform.

The RightWave team has expert knowledge of both and Netsuite CRM solutions and can provide a range of services on these platforms ranging from administration, configuration, customization, and integration to day to day operations. It offers both retainer-based engagements to supplement the in-house operations experts and time-and-material based projects to help support specific initiatives.

Services Offerings

Campaign Execution: RightWave offers a comprehensive services package to penetrate marketing efforts at every level ranging from regional product/services promotions to global marketing campaigns. The company is committed to executing its clients’ marketing campaigns across platforms, language, and geographical barriers, providing them the bandwidth to focus on their marketing strategies and cutting down on costs on campaign execution logistics with improved efficiency, results,and lower sales costs.

RightWave campaign execution services include the varied range of activities from Mail Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, and Drip Campaigns to Fulfilment.

Marketing Operations Services: RightWave’s marketing operations services comprise of five areas: CRM integration, Project Management, Operations, Configuration Management, and System Administration.

RightWave operates marketing automation systems to facilitate demand generation programs and campaigns and manage lead-to-customer lifecycle to increase marketing ROI.

Data Management Services: RightWave merges data from all sources: SFA system, financial database, a support database, and others. This process builds a powerful central marketing engine. The resulting database maintains prospect and customer information with all their valuable behaviour profiles.

The consolidated database takes care of all marketing database needs. Its experts become an extension of the clients’ team to ensure all their requirements are outlined and implemented. From day one, IT and marketing resource costs are reduced.

Development Services: The development services of RightWave help organizations in the development, integration, and alignment of applications with their business across technologies. These applications can support entire business processes in complex scenarios and for dynamic business needs.

With a range of advanced application development models and frameworks in dedicated development centres around the globe, RightWave helps enable technology transformation across organizations.

Lead Management Services: The Lead Management process begins when a salesperson first identifies someone’s interest in the company’s services or products. This interest could be identified from social media, public relations, search marketing, search engine optimization, or telemarketing.

Greet the leader

Anurag Khemka, President and Chief Executive Officer: Anurag, a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley has been a pioneer in the Marketing Automation space. In 1996, he founded his first company MarketFirst Software, the very first Marketing Automation Company on record. In fact, he coined the word “Marketing Automation”, invented many eMarketing features that are commonplace today, and offered his software for rent over the Internet (known as SaaS today), even before was born. MarketFirst Software was later acquired by Pivotal and is now part of Aptean Corporation.

Anurag was named in B-to-B Magazine’s Who’s Who 100 in CRM. Anurag is a graduate in Electric Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, and holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“RightWave is committed to increasing the return on marketing investment through its new approach to marketing automation.”