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In Mind Cloud: A SaaS Provider of Innovative Manufacturing Sales Platforms Serving Manufacturing and Engineering Industries


“We are making the sales successful and profitable for manufacturing and engineering industries with our innovative sales platforms.”

Industry 4.0 and digitization put enormous pressure on manufacturing businesses. From the trend to move to a smart and completely automated factory to the necessity of responding to strong globalized competition – barely one step towards the future can be made without a digital and industrial transformation in mind.

In the age of thecustomer, the demands are piling high: Customers want individually, and accurately configured solutions presented to them in a perfect quote, at the lowest possible price and delivered by end of business day. These new standards become valid even for the most complex B2B industries, such as engineer-to-order manufacturing which offers lot sizes varying from 1 to 1 million.

With a sales platform deeply integrated into manufacturing processes and front-end sales operations, your sales and engineering teams will be empowered to master these challenges.

Digitalize your manufacturing sales to create a seamless buying experience for your customers, whilst yielding your own projected revenue.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present In Mind Cloud Pte. Ltd.

In Mind, Cloud operates as a software-as-a-service company. The company develops customer relationship management and configure price quote software to assist the sales team. It provides services to manufacturing, high-tech, and engineering industries.

In Mind, Cloud was incorporated in 2012 and is headquartered in Singapore.

Dr. Christian Cuske, In Mind Cloud CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

In Mind Cloud: ‘Committed to Empowering our Customers’

In Mind, Cloud is an independent provider of innovative manufacturing sales platforms with the vision to make the sales successful and profitable for the manufacturing and engineering industries.

In Mind empowersits customers to master their sales challenges regardless of their complexity or elaborate cost structures. The company’s sales platforms help them to deliver accurate quotes of flexible manufacturing whilst protecting their margins, thus yielding their projected revenue. Its cutting-edge sales platforms, embedding CRM and CPQ features, are based on the SAP Cloud Platform to be deeply integrated into manufacturing processes and existing front-end sales operations.

The company is committed to givingits customers the competitive advantage needed to succeed in the age of the digital economy and industry 4.0.

In Mind Cloud: ‘Leading from the Front’

The way to a streamlined and highly efficient sales platform with a seamlessly embedded CRM and CPQ system is an ambitious journey for companies with complex products, cost structures or extensive engineering calculations. In Mind Cloud believes that offering software is not enough: The company guidesits customers along their journey and makes sure they succeed.

In Mind Cloud:Manufacturing Sales Platform (CRM &CPQ)

In Mind Cloud’s sales platforms are digitalizing the margin determining process steps of manufacturers, such as configuration, project or cost calculation, pricing and quotation (CCPQ). Bundling these with CRM functionalities and complementing the sales process with crucial production and backend information in one single source of truth is the core of In Mind Cloud’s sales solutions.

Testimonials: Elevating Customer Relationships

Global BI & Planning Manager –

“Our time to quote used to take 2-3 weeks and involved a number of engineering experts. With In Mind Cloud CPQ Express, our sales can produce an accurate quote within 40 minutes. This is not only a huge game-changer for our customers but also reducing the cost of sales significantly.”

Head of Global Customer Experience –

“For our company to stay competitive, each and every deal gains more and more importance. Digitalizing our sales process did not only increase deal sizes by up to 100percent but helped to maximise the number of deals won. To be successful, it is essential for us to be able to configure, price and quote our machines accurately and profitably.”

Dr. Christian Cuske: A Brief Background

Christian Cuske is CEO of In Mind CloudPte. Ltd. He is responsible for shaping and executing the company’s strategy and passionately drives its vision together with building the global sales and marketing.

Prior to In Mind Cloud, Christian held various roles in the software industry and was responsible for industry-specific solutions in High Tech and Manufacturing during his tenure with SAP.

Christian enjoys weekend soccer with the kids, has become a running addict and holds a PhD in quantitative computer science.

“We are committed to giving our customers the competitive advantage needed to succeed in the age of the digital economy and industry 4.0.”