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Intertec Systems: Providing IT solutions to help organizations become agile, flexible and responsive to their business dynamics.


As technology advances and the business environment continues to evolve, managing and maintaining the IT of an organization can be daunting. Though organizations are making an unprecedented move to IT outsourcing, they find themselves competing in an environment where technological innovation and agility continue to grow in strategic importance. Also the challenges that come with managing own IT resources and systems can overwhelm the business and impact it negatively if it fails to cope with contingencies in the IT infrastructure, lapses in taking backups and updating security patches. In situations like this, an IT solutions and services provider can be invaluable in helping organizations gain the technical capabilities that help them to operate at peak efficiency with optimum costs. And Intertec Systems exactly does that.

Intertec Systems, headquartered in Dubai, is a leading IT solutions and services provider having local offices in 5 countries and customers across 18+ countries. Since 1991, its corporate objective has been to further develop Intertec brand and empower its employees, customers, vendors & community at large to be innovative, responsive, reliable and supportive of its business strategy. We serve leading organizations from Government, Large Enterprise, BFSI and Retail. Some of our certifications include ISO27001, ISO20000, MSP and ISO9001, and we continuously invest in systems and processes to improve quality of customer engagements.

Our capabilities include end to end managed services, Digital Transformation, Business Applications, Consulting, IT Infrastructure & Security. As part of R&D investment, Intertec invests on emerging technologies and our IP product development. Some of the emerging areas include IoT, AI & Process Automation, use case solutions to finance, customer services, IT, HR and operation, and maintenance operations.

The market leader in Managed IT Services

Intertec is one of the very few IT Managed Services provider who has a local NOC in UAE region. Further, we are ISO27001 and ISO20000 certified for Managed Services. Intertec also provides integrated infrastructure management services platform to support high degree of automation in delivery and Proactive monitoring for data centers, networks, applications and end users. We also have established transition, sustenance and transformation delivery model for over a decade.

Intertec’s Managed Services practice transforms and delivers predictable IT services to businesses optimally. With our dedicated managed services practice team of over 100 (and growing) ensures that our customers’ IT resources are monitored and managed 24/7/365. We understand that every business is unique and hence, our solution approach for each customer is different. Our services help optimize overall business performance, availability, reduce the IT Operations costs, improve system performance, and make our customers profitable.

Our flexible approach to delivering managed services and provide support at every level makes us the perfect IT partner for all our clients.

Intertec Systems: A Class Apart

Intertec has completed 27 years in IT business against all the odds and gone through various stages of growth. In the recent years, the company has grown many folds and brought about several changes in structure, process and people. All the changes it did have been supported with employee engagement. According to the employee engagement and customer satisfaction survey, Intertec has low attrition rates and high customer satisfaction.

Also being reputed for the quality of customer experience it provides, Intertec invests in process improvement, automation, and research & development to continuously innovate and improve its offering. Intertec believes that its employees are the key assets and hence has focused a lot in learning and development of its employees. “Other thing I would like to state here is we are very clear that we want to keep the tradition of Intertec Values amidst lot of changes within. I think with investments in people, processes and tools we have continued to grow in targeted manner. Also we have been cautious about our cost efficiencies and looked for more and more efficiencies”, said Naresh Kothari, President and Founder.

The roadmap ahead

Intertec today has more than 500 employees spread over GCC and India, with skill sets in wide variety of technologies backed up with strong project management and support teams. “We are looking for an exciting time forward. There is so much happening in Digital Transformation, Security, Automation to reduce cost and risk for the organization. IOT, Cloud Transformation, Block-chain, Cyber Security, Customer and Community experience will be the new challenging areas for 2018 and we at Intertec are forging right alliances and reaching out to the customers”, the company said.

Though the GCC countries and India remain its key focus regions, it is looking to expand to Africa and Europe. Further, it is focusing on promoting the quality management systems with risk-based-thinking and automation, ensuring implementation is achieved by internal audits, management reviews, corrective and preventive actions.

Meet the thought leader behind Intertec Systems

Naresh Kothari, Managing Director, President and Founder

Naresh began his career with premier organizations like Engineers India Limited. Subsequently, he moved to manufacturing organizations and then to IT companies in India for software development and project management. He was sent in 1981 to setup MMC Digital Systems IT operations in Singapore. He then moved to UAE in 1983 as project manager with Datamation Systems & delivered three large projects successfully. Naresh headed the first IT Solutions Company in Sharjah from the start and grew the company by building immense management, sales & technical knowledge in diverse areas of IT. In 1991, he launched his first successful business venture, Intertec Systems in Dubai.

Naresh did his B.Sc. from Mysore University and went on to do his Diploma in Computer Science from DIMS in 1978. He went on to complete a General Management certificate program from Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) to gain management expertise. In addition to the basic education, Naresh has been through training programs with EIL, ORG, MMC, Platinum and Computer Associates on various domains.

“Our vision is to be a global player in the areas of ICT software and managed services, admired by its employees, customers, partners and competitors.”