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10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2017

iQmetrix, Is the Leading Provider of Innovative Software Solutions for the Wireless Market


Founded by wireless retailers, iQmetrix is the leading provider of innovative software solutions for the wireless market. With platform-built, metrics-driven products from POS and full-suite retail management software, to endless aisle, dropship, and e-commerce, and digital signage, iQmetrix has taken its unique understanding of the pain points in the industry to create better experiences for wireless retailers and their customers.

The Founding Stone

iQmetrix developed out of a gap in the industry realized by Christopher Krywulak, who began as an independent wireless retailer in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Frustrated with current Retail Management and POS software, Christopher used his experience as a retailer and an entrepreneur to oversee the development of iQmetrix’s first product, a new Retail Management System (RMS), known as RQ.

Traversing Through the Historic Paths

Wireless retail is evolving. Constantly! But the root of what makes a successful carrier or wireless dealer has been, and always will be, the customer experience.

iQmetrix’s success is the result of bringing the right group of people together. The company is built on, and continues to grow with, a team of some of the wireless industries most passionate and innovative thought leaders. As a company, iQmetrix values forward thinking while remaining authentic and giving back to the community around us. Since 1999, iQmetrix has grown to become the leading provider of cloud-based retail management solutions for the North American wireless industry. iQmetrix’s passion for retail and creating great experiences for retailers, their employees, and the end consumer has helped the company take that expertise and expand it into new products that enable an omnichannel experience. Powering over 19,000 wireless retail locations with solutions ranging from endless aisle and POS to dropship, payments, and digital signage, iQmetrix is focused on helping wireless retailers deliver a consistent experience across all channels and touchpoints.

The World of Wireless Retails

iQmetrix’s solutions bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail and give wireless retailers the tools necessary to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience expected by today’s consumers. iQmetrix strives to work with carriers, wireless dealers, and partners who share our vision for creating great experiences, delighting customers, and looking ahead to the next evolution of retail. iQmetrix’s suite of interactive retail and retail management solutions are built upon a centralized commerce platform. Using this platform philosophy, iQmetrix invites third-party APIs to create new partnerships and new business opportunities for the company and its clients. All of these pieces come together in a powerhouse of metrics, which the retailer can use to drive future growth and operational efficiencies with a single view of their customer.

RQ Retail Management – Manage Retail Business Better

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ, the full-suite retail management system (RMS), allows your team to serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before. The RQ retail management is built for the wireless industry. The RMS is much more than just a POS. It can equip your sales staff with the tools to turn them into rock stars. With RQ’s intuitive interface, delivering enhanced customer service will delight your customers and free up time for your team to efficiently serve others. RQ fully integrates with third-party offerings, such as tax library and automated payment processing, and can bundle products for sale at a discounted rate, including stocked or non-stocked product.

“We Power Your Payments”

Seamless Product Integration: From a simplistic yet powerful POS, to an interactive shopping experience with Endless Aisle self-checkout, iQmetrix Payments is the payment powerhouse behind our entire product family. Seamless integration between your POS and payment gateway offers a centralized setup process for you and a streamlined payment experience for your customers.

Payment Method Acceptance: With over 20 years of payment experience, it has been around long enough to understand the difference between disruption and distraction. It empowers businesses to accept all industry-standard payment methods so you can provide a best-in-class experience every time a customer reaches checkout. Accept EMV credit, PIN debit, contactless, and even ApplePay with iQmetrix Payments.

Extensive Hardware Selection: iQmetrix Payments offers the largest selection of certified hardware devices including mobile payment options and signature capture devices. Working with leading hardware partners to procure the latest terminal technology, we assist you in making the right hardware decisions for your business.

Strict Security and Compliance: Adhering to industry compliance standards, iQmetrix Payments is serious about security. That’s it has built EMV solutions with end-to-end encryption and maximum PCI security baked into a flexible framework. The payment experts have helped hundreds of merchants overcome liability shift regulations by smoothly transitioning their payment systems to EMV-compatible devices.

Meet Few Partners

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Clients Testimony:

“We had a lot that needed to be accomplished. iQmetrix showed they are the best provider and are at the forefront of developing new innovations”

- Dennis Ferguson, Franchise Manager, ZAGG, 101 locations

The Legend’s Story

Christopher Krywulak, CEO: Christopher began his career as an entrepreneur in 1990, founding a successful wireless retail chain in his home province of Saskatchewan. He founded iQmetrix in 1999 with a vision for using metrics to drive retail sales performance and enhancing the customer experience. Today, he leads iQmetrix’s growth strategy, culture, product design and development, as well as R&D. A lifelong learner, Christopher is passionate about the fields of design and philosophy, which are pervasive in both his professional and personal life. He is a world-class martial artist (having captained the Canadian National Taekwondo Team in 2004 and 2006) and has recently gotten into mountain biking. Christopher has received numerous accolades for entrepreneurship, including the BDC Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2000), the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (finalist in 2001), and the Dealerscope 40 Under 40 (2005).

“Our centralized commerce platform powers a remarkable omnichannel experience by being the connection between your current and future systems.”