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Making biometric authentication smart, simple & accessible: AimBrain


Our single aim is helping organizations to be sure that their users are who they say they are.

From individual application developers to the biggest names in financial services, AimBrainbuilds the technology that helps them to detect and prevent fraud. And its approach is single-minded too; the firm wants to make it simple for everyone to benefit.

Simple for you to integrate, trial, deploy and quickly quantify the benefits to your business, and simple for your customers and employees to do whatever they do and however they do it, securely and easily. AimBrainhas even made it simple for small businesses and developers to safeguard their businesses and apps with biometrics, with its free-for-life integration platform AimBrain On Demand.

Continuous behavioral authentication

AimBehaviourbehavioral authentication provides invisible, continuous one-to-one user verification to detect account takeover and mitigate the fallout of breached credentials.

Designed to stop fraud before it happens, behavioral authentication keeps a watchful eye for changes in a user’s behavior, so that you can step up security when you need it most. From login to logout, AimBehaviour keeps guard throughout the duration of the session, comparing a user’s behavior against their own unique, multi-contextual template, and provides the active authentication step-up when you need greater assurance.

AimBehaviour: Benefits of behavioral authentication

Flags the Signs Of Account Takeover: Counter the growing threat of trojan malware triggering the takeover of legitimate sessions by using continuous, in-session behavioral authentication to flag changes that could signify ATO.

Protects Against Breached Credentials: With 14bn records already exposed through breaches, it's critical to protect against the reuse of stolen usernames and passwords. Authenticate users through their PIN and/or password entry and spot behavioral deviances.

No Forced Behaviours, No Ui Changes: Gather and analyzebehavioral data without having to introduce changes to the user interface. No swipes, no tick boxes, no disappearing cursors; no forced behaviors required.

Feeds Into Any Risk Engine: Use the AimBehaviour scores to feed into your individual risk engine, whether a simple 'if' business logic to a full-suite fraud orchestration platform. Step-up and step-down based on the return scores.

Higher Authentication Accuracy: Its patented approach learns and clusters behavioral data to identify users in virtually unlimited contexts, for faster, more accurate behavioral authentication across any channel.​

Anomaly Detection: AimBehaviour subset, AimAnomaly Detection, uses ensemble learning to recognize more fraud as early as onboarding. Stop fraud by assessing session data to better classify risk and threat level.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes

From new account fraud to account takeover, its fraud prevention tools help you keep your business, customers, and data secure in the digital world.

Fraud is shape-shifting, quick to exploit and devastatingly efficient. The tidal wave of information flowing through the dark web, the rapid propagation of botnets and step-by-step attack guidelines through social media networks and the highly organized packaging up of on-demand fraud services means that the risk of attack is relentless.

The AimBrain Fraud Prevention Toolkit

AimAnomaly: Recognise fraud before it happens. Using deep learning, analyze interactions from login from logout. Quickly detect attacks, including new bots.

AimBehaviour: Monitor known user behavior from the point of login and throughout a session. Continuous authentication protects against remote account takeover or stolen credentials.

Bidaas: Underpinning all of its authentication modules is it'sBiometric Identity-as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform; cloud-based for rapid deployments and financial-grade TLS cryptographic protocols.

AimFace//Lipsync: Step up: combine facial authentication with audio matching and lip movement to benefit from a first-to-market module that is unbeatable by any spoof technology available today.

AimFace:Step up: swap passwords for selfies, get PSD2-ready and strengthen customer onboarding. Deploy across any device or channel with a camera with a single enrolment.

AimVoice: Step up: say a firm farewell to fraud by swapping passwords and PINs for voice authentication. Deploy across any channel with a microphone after a single enrolment.

The founding duo

AndriusSutas, CEO and co-founder: Andrius’ vision to ‘simplify complexity’ has helped guide the evolution of AimBrain utilising machine learning to achieve intelligent, automated step-up and step-down authentication.Andrius graduated from the University of Edinburgh with honors. In the course of his academic career,Andrius served as a research assistant, and completed internships at the European Space Agency and ARM.

Notable professional accomplishments include inclusion on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list for technology entrepreneurs in 2018, serving as a Cohort Member at startup incubator Entrepreneur First, and representing AimBrain at Cyber London.

AlesisNovik, CTO, and co-founder: Alesis’s technical vision has helped to guide AimBrain to its unique position as the world’s only biometric security platform that comprises proprietary face, voice, lip sync, behavioral and anomaly detection authentication modules.

He holds a degree from Vilnius University and an MSc in AI from The University of Edinburgh.During the course of his academic career, he participated in two Google’s Summer of Code programs and was an intern at CERN.

Alesis completed three years of Ph.D. work at IPAB and most recently was recognized for his entrepreneurial vision through inclusion on the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for European technology talent.

“Simple for everyone.Except for fraudsters. No, we make life exceptionally difficult for fraudsters.”