50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2019

Making digital banking personal – Meniga


We all know what transaction data is and keeping that in mind Meniga is transforming the way banks and advertisers use transaction data. It does this by helping people becoming smarter consumers with great products. With its current implementations worldwide the company is already serving +65 million digital banking users.

Meniga is a team of coders, designers, salespeople and data scientists who get excited about shaping the future of financial technology. It works with complicated solutions that operate across channels, are modular and customizable for every client.

Meniga’s Products Make Digital Banking Personal

Meniga is the largest white-label personalized digital banking software provider in Europe. Its white-label innovation platform enables banks to transform engagement & develop new revenue streams. The company combines personal finance insights, functionality and targeted offers with core banking functions to transform the digital customer experience. Its portfolio of product builds on its market-leading financial data & consolidation and enrichment engine.

Digital Banking Products

Meaningful customer engagement through personalized digital banking is now possible. Meniga Digital Banking Products enables retail banks to develop next-generation digital banking solutions for their individual and SME customers by personalizing the digital banking experience with enriched financial data and powerful finance management functionality such as financial activity feed, spend reporting, goal setting, peer-comparison, and cash-flow projections. Meniga helps integrate personalized functionality seamlessly into the bank's digital channels.

Marketing Products: New revenue streams from enriched financial data

Meniga Marketing Products enables banks to build new revenue streams with data platforms that save money for their customers through targeted card-linked offers & provide unprecedented market insights into consumer spending behavior for corporate customers

Data Consolidation & Enrichment: Consolidate & Enrich Account and Transaction Data Into a Single Repository

At the heart of its offering is Meniga’s data consolidation & enrichment engine, a true innovation platform that pulls together and enriches all transaction and financial product data, such as card and account transactions along with other core banking customer data, into a single repository.


Consolidate multiple sources of account, transaction and other customer data into one secure repository and optimize for search & query

Effective data access is the foundation of digital banking innovation. Meniga‘s core engine efficiently consolidates financial data from multiple sources such as account and transaction data along with other customer data that sits within banking systems, removes duplicates and stores in a secure repository. Storing a copy of accounts and transactions enables fast access to aggregated data that is optimized for querying by customers through digital channels in addition to evading expensive changes to and decreasing loads on legacy systems


Transform your customer data into a valuable set of assets & insights that power your online and mobile bank. Once Meniga‘s engine has consolidated the customer financial data from multiple sources into a single repository it‘s time to enrich the data - both through the interpretation of existing transaction codes, text pattern matching & external sources, such as merchant directory data. With Meniga, enrichment becomes a part of daily operations as users interact with the system further contributes to enrichment, for example through re-categorization.

Experts in Banking

The company’s solutions are used by top-tier financial institutions in 30 countries, providing services to over 65 million people worldwide. Its transaction processing and enrichment engine are unmatched in terms of quality and flexibility. It helps financial institutions develop data-driven financial services and new innovative business models.

The Leading Face

Georg Ludviksson | CEO and Co-founder

Georg has been able to gather versatile experience as an IT Entrepreneur with Meniga,, Dimon Software, Men & Mice, and LazyTown. He has a deep understanding of the dynamics of software companies with a global perspective.

After doing hard-core software development in the early years of my career with Dimon Software, he has been focusing on the business side for more than 10 years - product management, marketing, sales, services, and general management.

He is also a global market leader in next-generation digital banking software, and am devoting all of my professional attention to help people lead better financial lives and help retail banks dramatically improve their online and mobile banking solutions.

Specialties: Personal Finance Management, Web 2.0 Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Sales, Software Development, Product Management, Usability, Intellectual Property, Professional Services, Finance.

“We help financial institutions worldwide utilize their data to personalize digital channels and drive customer engagement. We are already serving +65M digital banking users across 30 countries.”