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Mobile Security in Perfect Balance - Wandera


We’ve reached the age of advanced threats for mobile devices and the age of advanced technology for stopping these threats. This is why Wandera exists: to protect your organization, your information and, most of all, your people.

The firm provides the most advanced mobile security in the marketplace, run by a dedicated team of experts. The comprehensive solutions are designed to fit any enterprise-connected device, from smartphones and tablets to mobile-enabled laptops and IoT devices.

 The Company’s Story

Wandera was founded in 2012 by Eldar and Roy Tuvey. As the global workforce started taking up mobile devices in an increasingly connected world, the brothers anticipated that mobile security would become increasingly vital. Drawing upon decades of experience in cybersecurity, they set out to create technologies that would keep organizations safe as they expanded from traditional desktops to mobile.

Fast forward to today, and it protects thousands of organizations around the world. Wandera has been recognized as a leader in mobile security by analyst firms including Gartner and IDC. In its commitment to providing transparency of the latest threats and risks, its findings have been featured in a wide range of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, the BBC, and Forbes. The company has also received multiple industry awards, including three consecutive ‘Mobile Security Solution of the Year’ awards by Computing Security as well as ‘Best Mobile Security Solution’ by SC Magazine.

The firm’s international footprint has expanded from a U.K. office in London to a U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, as well as offices in the Czech Republic and Australia. Additionally, it has more than 20 data centers around the world to support the global customer base.

Security is at the heart of everything it does. Wandera goes a step higher to enable your people to work and communicate with each other as effectively as possible.

Taking Mobile Security Further

Wandera is the only mobile security provider that covers both sides of mobile risks – cyber threats and usage risks. Its multi-level approach operates on the device and in the network, powered by MI: RIAM, the industry’s leading mobile threat intelligence.

The company believes there doesn’t need to be a trade-off between security and user privacy. No matter what types of devices or ownership models your organization operates with, it keeps your people safe and sound.

The approach to Mobile Security

The firm’s mobile security is designed from the ground up to be balanced, agile and flexible in a world where mobile threats are evolving quickly. That means tackling known and unknown threats, for any OS, with or without any UEM.

Wandera protects you from mobile cyber threats and employee usage risks. It stops them at endpoint but also in the network. There are no annoying trade-offs for you to grapple with between security, privacy, and productivity, and the in-built versatility means every ownership model from BYOD to corporate-owned, is catered for equally.

Mobile Data Policy

Flexible management of employee mobile usage risks manages mobile risks from shadow IT, to acceptable use and excessive data usage with flexible real-time control.

Today’s corporate boundary is no longer at the firewall, it’s at the user, and your users expect frictionless access to resources from anywhere, on any device, whenever they need it. Conditional Access is the cornerstone of any modern zero trust security and ensures your valuable data can only be accessed by users, devices, and apps that you trust. The firm’s solution is the only truly continuous conditional access solution for mobile today.

The Wandera Mobile Risk Graph

The foundation for effective Conditional Access is an accurate understanding of mobile risk. The threat intelligence engine MI: RIAM continuously monitors devices, users and apps across known and zero-day threat and usage risk factors. This informs the Wandera Mobile Risk Graph, the most comprehensive and real-time model for mobile risk available today.

Continuous Conditional Access (CCA)

CCA transforms this risk assessment into action by allowing risk posture to be incorporated into dynamic access policies. At its simplest, this means if a device’s risk posture is too high, access to corporate resources will be restricted.

CCA with UEM

Wandera’s platform allows for both native and 3rd party UEM Conditional Access. Its integration with Intune and the Microsoft Graph API is a great example of a joint UEM approach, making it simple to incorporate device risk posture into Azure AD access policies. The net result? Office 365 resources are protected from access by compromised mobile devices.

The Two Founders

EldarTuvey | Co-founder and CEO

Eldar is responsible for driving the company’s strategic direction and growth. Before co-founding Wandera, Eldar co-founded and served as CEO of ScanSafe. Eldar started his career at Goldman Sachs and completed his MBA at INSEAD.

Roy Tuvey | Co-founder and President

Roy is responsible for Wandera’s strategy, corporate finance, and global go-to-market. Previously Roy co-founded and served as President of ScanSafe. Roy started his career at Merrill Lynch and has a BSc in Economics from Bristol University.

“We believe that prevention is better than the cure, and this is why we stay ahead of the latest threats so you don’t have to worry about them.”