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Nicole Farber, CEO, ENX2 Marketing is redefining law firm marketing


For over six years, ENX2 Marketing has become a dominant force in the legal marketing field. Specializing in customized web design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, and PPC advertising, ENX2 has successfully improved the online presence of some of the most elite law firms in the United States. And, the prominent share of credit goes to a woman who has built the company of ENX2 Marketing from the ground up. Since its initial years, Farber has been a pillar of strength to the company and her community.

Meet Nicole Farber, CEO, ENX2 Marketing

Q. What according to you are the top skills needed to be a successful business/IT leader?

It is really a blended mix of all kinds of skills that are needed: Passion, patience, wisdom, understanding, the ability to listen and much more.

Passion is something that is innate. It can’t be taught or learned. Without passion, there is no commitment, dedication, perseverance, or love of what you do. That is why passion is the most important of all because having it means you will never get tired of doing a job that brings you pride and joy. And when the really difficult decisions come along, as a leader, passion and the desire to succeed helps keep you on the right track doing what is best for the entire team and the company.

Patience is not something that comes easily. It must be learned, worked for, and earned under great pressure in order to appreciate the greatness of it. Patience allows us to maneuver through the never-ending daily grind of many different aspects without losing our cool. And that’s incredibly important.

Listening is another very important skill. Great leaders need to listen to their employees, their clients, and their critics. Through listening, they gain the knowledge of a better solution that may not have come to them on their own and will do whatever it takes to have the best outcome for everyone.

Q. Can you brief us about the history of your company?

When I started ENX2 Marketing back in 2013, I had left a job I absolutely loved. I was the director at the Northeast Cancer Wellness Center for many years. But I was preparing for a new season of my life and that meant I had to take the biggest risk I have ever taken to start my own company. I put everything I had into a business venture that I thought was going to be the best investment ever. But it didn’t go as I planned, and it failed. I was so heartbroken but it was ultimately the biggest blessing in disguise for me. That same failure forced me into what I am doing now. I kept my passion and perserverance on the forefront of everything I did.

As I was planning my next moves, a friend of mine asked me to co-chair his Atlas Lawyers Legal Seminar. He convinced me to speak on social media and digital marketing. I struggled but it was exactly what I needed. Within two weeks, I signed my first contract and the rest has been an exhilarating and exciting journey in my business venture of legal marketing.

Six years ago, I started with one employee and today we are a team of more than twelve extraordinary individuals making our way through the industry by storm.

Q. There is nothing more important for a successful small business than a well-defined mission and vision statement. Can you explain your M&V statements in brief?

ENX2’s mission is to provide exemplary legal marketing services to all our clients through hard work, yet making sure to keep a personal touch with each relationship that you would otherwise not find anywhere else. This personal relationship with our clients helps us achieve their vision of their business. We firmly believe that if you work hard, and you are kind to others, amazing things will happen.

Q. What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage it?

My greatest fear is letting everyone down. The way I manage it is to accept the things I may falter on and delegate. I surround myself with brilliant, powerful, and talented people who are more knowledgeable in the areas I may not be as good in. I listen to their advice and ultimately choose the best outcome that way. I do not hire people to tell them what to do. I hire amazing people to tell me what they will do to make us successful.

Q. ‘It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it’ - How would you and your team interpret this saying?

The beginnings are always the hardest. But maintaining a project can be more difficult because momentum can easily stall. In the digital marketing industry, you constantly have to be up to date with the latest trends or else the competition can easily take over. You need to always be thinking of new ideas to make your client stand out above the rest. It’s not easy but that’s why we love it. Because it does make you think and be as creative as you possibly can. It is challenging us all the time and I love challenges. They make us grow into better versions of ourselves.

Q. What are your future focus areas?

We are going to continue helping law firms across the world with their legal marketing needs in a much bigger way. We are going to deliver the latest and most cutting edge experiences including new avenues for mobile and AI. We plan to open more offices throughout the country and continue to be the business on the rise in the legal marketing industry.

About the Dynamic Leader

Nicole Farber, CEO: Nicole is a legal marketing expert with a focus on social media, SEM, SEO, web development and design, data interpretation and analytics, along with business relations. She is also a skilled public speaker that has presented in front of college students, community leaders, business executives, and Fortune 500 CEOs. An established Google Partner, Nicole is a member of both the Legal Marketing Association and the American Bar Association, as well as a member of the bar association’s Client Development and Marketing Forum Committee of the Law Practice Division.

She was awarded Most Influential Female CEO of the Year for 2018 by Corporate Vision Magazine.

“You need to get out of your comfort zone because nothing grows there.”