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Not Magic, It Is Genius: Skytap Is the Only Cloud Designed To Modernize Traditional Applications


It is critical to succeed in today’s economy to rapidly deliver goods and services through software. Organizations must modernize their approach to software delivery by leveraging the cloud, implementing agile and DevOps processes, and adopting new architectures. This transition enables faster, safer and more efficient application development, which is the cornerstone of the on-demand digital services that customers expect.

Skytap is your partner in this transformation. Skytap is a global cloud provider that accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing traditional applications with cloud-native development and services. Skytap Cloud makes it easy to build, run, and evolve these hybrid applications by rapidly migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, enabling modern development practices, and integrating new cloud architectures. It powers multi- and hybrid-cloud strategies through secure connections to other clouds and on-premises data centers. Its technology accelerates application development, simplifies management, and reduces IT costs, enabling hundreds of customers worldwide to modernize at the pace of their business.

Why Skytap

Intentionally Simple, Extremely Capable

It has worked hard to extract the complexity found in other cloud providers. No need to configure dozens of services before you can get started; Skytap take care of that for you all the way down to Layer 2 networking, a technical capability no other cloud provider delivers. Once in Skytap Cloud, you’re in control – clone environments, build templates, and share all, or parts, of your application across teams in minutes, anywhere in the world.

Vintage Is the New Modern

Competition is moving faster than ever, you can’t afford to stand still. Infuse life back into your traditional applications by accelerating their modernization in Skytap Cloud. Old blends with new – Linux, Windows on x86, Solaris on x86, AIX on Power, Java, .Net, Puppet, Chef, UrbanCode, Docker, Kubernetes and many more – it has you covered.

Traditional to Hybrid, Skytap is Ready When You Are

Modernization doesn’t require every new cloud capability on day one. Start by migrating your traditional application to Skytap Cloud then modernize – incorporating containers, apply a microservices architectural pattern, AI, IoT and more – over time. Hybrid applications running in Skytap Cloud can connect to on-premises resources, other applications in Skytap Cloud, or external cloud providers. Leverage a multicloud approach, as needed, to meet your business requirements.

Predictable Costs, Guardrails Built In

Calculating the cost of individual cloud services and usage can be a nightmare. Not with Skytap Cloud. Skytap works with you to right-size your needs so you have predictability in your costs. Schedule when environments should be in use or suspended. Define usage limits for storage, compute, and concurrency – all available at your fingertips. No more asking for forgiveness due to unexpected overages.

Skytap Cloud

Skytap Cloud delivers enterprise agility and scale for your traditional applications. With a 99.95% availability SLA and 10 datacenter regions, Skytap is a global public cloud.

Flexible Infrastructure Choices

Skytap recognizes that needs may differ across businesses, so it has created infrastructure options that are flexible. Migrate traditional applications to Skytap Cloud unchanged and deliver instant, on-demand access to production-ready environments.

  • Multi-Tenant: Public datacenter regions and shared hosts used by the majority of Skytap Cloud customers.
  • Single-Tenant, Dedicated Regions: For customers who require dedicated hosts and regions, typically due to more stringent compliance requirements.
  • Single-tenant, Dedicated Hosts: For Skytap Cloud customers who require a dedicated host in an existing region.
  • AIX on IBM Power Systems: Native support for AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems alongside VMware virtualizations on x86.


“This year, it’s a major initiative to modernize our traditional application portfolio. With the help of Skytap Cloud, we are moving to a microservices strategy in order to achieve continuous software delivery.”

— Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Computer Software Company

“Skytap Cloud makes it easy to manage infrastructure, control costs and quickly spin up complete environments. Not to mention, Skytap Cloud has a technically sound support team if you ever need them.”

Enterprise Architect, Large Financial Services Company

“Thanks to Skytap Cloud’s speed and ease of use, our admins can now provision complete environments in only one day — it used to take us six months. This was a major process improvement for our team.”

— Sam Larab, Large Hospitality Company

Meet the Bigwig

Thor Culverhouse, CEO:  Thor has 20+ years of executive experience in leading and driving rapid growth for enterprise technology companies. Prior to Skytap, he was working with HP, Stratavia, and IBM.

“We deliver global enterprise infrastructure built to handle complex workloads, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures—all with the stability that lets IT sleep at night.”