30 Best Small Companies To Watch 2018

Offering artificial intelligence that connects the dots by fusing video and data analysis: GTop Group Inc.


GTop Group is a team of seasoned experts and professionals with their background in leading edge broadcast media technology coupled with deep knowledge and experience in Cognitive Intelligence technology that differentiates them from anything in public or private security technology. The founders have designed and led development teams to create and implement state of the art solutions in video and metadata processing for military, intelligence community, broadcast television, corporate and commercial, financial and sports industries. They have built businesses and their management and financial experience is award winning.       

The team comes from very diverse backgrounds that include military intelligence, US intelligence, broadcast technology, software product development, business management and finance. They have joined together to create a disruptive, game changing innovative technology to address the challenge in analyzing the vast amount of video and data being collected across many industry sectors to produce actionable information that could predict and prevent hostile events from happening. 

They bring a wealth of knowledge in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, natural language processing, video workflow orchestration, video asset management, video and data fusion, metadata and data governance.

The Problem

There is a tremendous ability to collect extraordinary amounts of video and data from a broad and vast number of sources: Open Source, Publicly Available, Commercially available (Subscription) and private or permission based protected sources. There are numerous tools to store and extract information from each source into separate databases that are not connected.  The people responsible to analyze all this information are overwhelmed and are no longer efficient and significantly less effective in producing actionable results. This applies whether for Public Safety, National Security, Private Security, Investment strategies or research. The expression used to describe some of the challenges is “Tab Fatigue” which means having a large number of windows and browsers tabs open and the requirement to “carousel” through them, using conventional “cut and paste” into common office products i.e. documents and spreadsheets to display them together.

The challenge in Public Safety and National Security is they are currently more reactive than pro-active. There is a need for a more predictive set of tools that augments the analyst’s abilities to provide actionable information that could potentially prevent something bad from happening.

The Solution

The solution is a new technology that aggregates, orchestrates, curates and analyzes video, media and data from multiple sources, multiple formats and multiple types together in a visualized intuitive single user interface showing potential threats and situational conditions to the analyst. This enhances the analyst’s capabilities to produce actionable information to initiate preventative measures and alert responders to situational conditions. This is accomplished by combining multiple streams of video and data with open source accessible data from the internet and social media data along with commercially available data plus other permission-based content.

The solution includes motion and activity detection and applies behavioral pattern analysis to identify changes in movement anomalies that are consistent with potential hostile activity. This enables preventative action to be taken. The solution is a predictive threat detection and situational awareness analytic technology designed to prevent hostile activities like so many of the recent horrific hostile events and other pressing issues facing Public Safety, Private Security, Law Enforcement, the US Intelligence Community (IC) and National Security.

The Technology

MediaMaestro is patent pending next generation technology for predictive threat prevention analysis and mitigation with a set of unique and innovative system of features and functionality. It uses automated intelligent technology that analyzes the enormous amounts of video and data that’s collected and monitored.

  • Cognitive Intelligent analysis of threat situations
  • Digital Physics Quantum Artificial Intelligence
  • Aggregation of Multiple Video, Media and Data sources, types and formats
  • Curation of Multiple Video, Media and Data sources, types and formats
  • Motion, Activity and Change Detection
  • Behavioral Pattern Analysis
  • Behavioral and emotional detection analysis
  • Analysis across all data types and formats
  • Visualization of all data types in a single user interface

Knowing the leadership team

John Fillyaw, Co-Founder

John is an experienced, dynamic, multi-dimensional change agent with global operational experience, P&L accountability and a track record of strategic leadership guiding both established firms and new ventures to increasing levels of success. He has a results oriented career built upon expertise across multiple functional areas including change leadership, collaboration & influence, strategic orientation, people & organizational development, and continuous improvement.

Gary Olson, Co-Founder

A Media and Cognitive Computing Industry thought leader and expert in IP and file based system design, Gary is also a technology strategist and architect for emerging industries and has developed innovative digital media, content management and data driven products. Gary has been handling operational planning, designing the product, and leading the effort to attract financing. Gary was named one of 2016 Top 10 CIO’s and recognized as one of 2017’s 30 Innovative CEO’s to Watch. He has an extensive portfolio of designing cutting edge solutions fusing media and data for global organizations such as the UN, AARP, NBA, and AT&T. Gary is a published author of Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility, A New Puzzle and US Patent Holder in Streaming Media automation and distribution.

Scott Moris, Co-Founder

Scott is a seasoned, cross-functional executive with a passion for growing businesses and solving complex challenges by bringing together people, technology, innovation, strategy, and process to drive growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Successful track record as a digital transformation agent contributing to the launch and expansion of 4 successful startups, 2 corporate divisions launches, and multiple global practice areas across several businesses that resulted in combined funding of $100M+, net new revenue of $150M+, and valuations in excess of $300M.

“We have substantial experience in leading edge broadcast media processing. This coupled with deep knowledge in military grade cognitive intelligence technology differentiates us from anything in public or private threat detection solutions.”