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Ospyn Technologies Transforming enterprises digitally through streamlined business processes and automated workflows


Solve operational roadblocks and streamline business operations using our enterprise software solutions.

Founded in January 2009 and headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an independent software vendor offering Digital Enablement and Experience Platform (DEEP), a digital transformation platform, to digitize the entire operations and processes of enterprises.

For enterprises, Ospyn is the digital transformation partner, digitizing entire processes to accelerate operations. This is achieved by reaching digitized documents to authorized resources on any device, anytime, anywhere to enhance organizational efficiency and overcome effort duplication.

In Conversion with the Thought Leaders of Ospyn Technologies

Q. What led to the inception of the company?

The company was started by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar in early 2009 to help organizations support their various operational challenges. This led us to build a platform called DEEP - Digital Enablement and Experience Platform.

On top of this platform, we have created an application specifically for our clients to automate their business processes. With the introduction of our solution, all our clients’ operations are transforming from a traditional method to a digital method. We aid companies take their first step towards the digital era.

Our platform has been implemented across industries like banking, transportation, government, legal, manufacturing, etc; enabling new customer experiences, improving citizen services, and delivering better and efficient customer experience in addition to reducing costs and increasing productivity of our clients’ businesses.

Q. Can you elaborate on your core product?

Our crown jewel DEEP is envisioned as a digital transformation platform for organizations. DEEP helps in digitizing every customer touch-point, thereby improving the overall customer experience. The platform helps improve operational efficiency by digitally transforming the enterprise by converting entire business processes and transactions.

The functional of DEEP include:

Information Enablement Layer: Unstructured and semi-structured data types like paper documents, web-forms, emails, social data, etc. are digitized, processed and mapped effectively with the structured data available within enterprise applications and systems. The resultant data is analyzed to deliver insights for informed decision making.

Customer Experience Layer: Customer experience layer will help all the users to do business transactions at their convenience from anywhere in a device independent manner.

Q. What are the success factors of Ospyn?

There are many aspects or rather factors that have helped move us forward. Few of them are:

  • The vertical platform that we were able to build and the user experience that we provide to our customers and end users
  • Our employees; the commitment and customer focus of our team
  • Our partners play a big role in taking us to the next level
  • The market conditions are a big plus, with the digital transformation emphasis of enterprises to provide an integrated and enhanced customer experience is acting in our favour throughout this journey

Brief us about your CSR activities.

Ospyn had special focus on community development and extending a helping hand to the less fortunate segments in the society. Opsyn has been constantly supporting educational needs of students on a continuous basis.

Recently, Kerala faced a national disaster and it was the time when the unity and the true strength of the people of God’s own country came out. Ospyn not only contributed in financial terms to the relief and rescue efforts, but many of our team members came forward as volunteers to actively support government and NGOs in relief and rescue efforts.

We have been reaching out to the government and other organizations to provide a solution to achieve better coordination and optimize all the activities in the future across different sectors throughout Kerala.

Q. What are the future prospects of the company?

Our platform has matured and is equipped to fulfil the needs of our customers and prospects. We started our operations from Technopark, Kerala and most of our customers have been from this part of the country. We started focusing on clients from all parts of India in the last couple of years. Now we have a good client base across India. Ospyn started our Middle East operations last year in UAE and we are making steady progress in this part of the world.

Having a very good product capable to address digital transformation needs of corporates, and a reference customer base, we are looking to establish Ospyn as a brand in the Middle East and Africa in the next couple of years. We are also expanding to Europe, United States, Australia and Latin American markets and aspire to become a globally renowned brand in the next 5 years’ timeframe.

Testimonies: Clients Rave about Ospyn

“Usually, adopting to a software application takes a certain amount of time to get at ease with it. But what I found with Ospyn’s solution was really exciting, as it is robust and comfortable for the users right from the initial usage. Accessibility of documents from anywhere at any time, effortless file-processing, availability of insights across all operations are the best advantages that I have seen with the solution.. I think Ospyn’s digital platform is the best choice when we go for office automation.”

- Education decision maker

“For government organization like ours, that too in a project implementation mode, decision-making is one of the prime factors to consider. After serious evaluations, we found Ospyn’s digital platform to be very simple, easy to handle and robust. And to our expectation, Ospyn’s solution transformed our processes digitally where executing our decisions, as well as deriving the end results became quicker and easier. The ultimate benefit is that we got a working place which is very neat, elegant, and free from paper-stacks.”

- Transportation industry veteran

The Founding Duo

Prasadu Varghese, Managing Director, and CEO: Prasadu Varghese brings in over 25 years of IT experience in both government and private sectors. He embarked the journey of entrepreneurship with an aspiration to create products that would address the digital transformation needs of enterprises. With exceptional administration qualities and problem resolution skills, he has succeeded in establishing Ospyn as one of the major digital transformation partners in the industry.


Kishore Kumar, Director, and CTO: A Technical Evangelist with 20+ years of experience in enabling technologies and enterprise systems, Kishore is a pioneering technologist in identifying and building business processes and objectives. He is an ardent believer of open source systems with a powerful blend of technology vision and business traits which always results in innovative strategies and insights.

“Just pick the modules or industry solutions you need, and go digital in no time.”