Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

Pactera: Serving a Changing Global Economy


Most founders of companies will agree upon the fact that it is easier to start a business than to take it to the top, and more so, remain at the top. Expanding a business requires a rare combination of shrewd decision making, market awareness, and calculated risk, all backed by an intrepid entrepreneurial spirit. Corporations often hire professional consulting services to try and gain the elusive edge over their competition. With digitization and globalization growing constantly and seeping into every industry, it has become commonplace for large and medium-sized companies to hire consultancies and outsource some of their operations overseas, in a bid to get to the top. IT consulting and outsourcing has become so dominant and so important that they have become a massive global industry itself. There are various corporations that provide consulting and outsourcing services. One such company is Pactera.

Established in 1995, Pactera has grown to become the world's leading digital consulting and technology services firm—and more importantly, shared in many customer successes. It provides a wide plethora of services for clients in numerous industries that range from technology, telecom, finance, insurance, energy, travel, manufacturing, retail, and logistics.

Digital Engagement Services

Pactera designs beautiful, interactive sites that generate conversions and sales. It approaches web design with a blend of strategy and creativity. The company builds websites that produce measurable results while being visually appealing to users. From innovative startups to Fortune 500 clients, its award-winning designs help clients boost conversions and grow their brand online. The design process starts with in-depth research to identify key audience groups, competitors and elements of layout and design that will ultimately drive users toward specific conversion points. The process includes identifying and listing key features and functionalities and creating sitemaps and wireframes for critical pages.

After a thorough testing period, the new website is launched. After launch, testing and tweaking continue, and Pactera can recommend an ongoing analysis of the site’s performance to determine whether adjustments are necessary to enhance user experience.

E-commerce Solutions

From the big picture to the tiny details, Pactera is relentless in its focus on ROI. Today, consumers want a simple, intuitive experience from the moment they arrive on an eCommerce site. Every message, call-to-action, and checkout stage can affect conversions – and revenue. The company is attentive to every detail of the user experience, while never losing sight of your broader strategy.

Pactera works with clients to identify the features, visual direction, and functionality that will appeal to the target audience. Stakeholder interviews, analytics, and competitor and audience research may all be part of the strategy phase. The website’s back end is critical to its business success. It needs to be easy to add pages, control metadata, and see how the site is performing. Pactera’s experienced development team can make recommendations that give eCommerce businesses the flexibility and control they need.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data is the digital organization’s lifeblood, streamlining operations and sharpening long-term strategy. Data helps organizations make and justify strategic decisions. But effective use of data is more than a decision tool: it's a key competitive advantage. The challenge is to derive actionable insights from multiple sources of data, many of them unstructured. That's where Pactera's Business Intelligence experts come in.

Deep relationships within and between datasets may not be visible on the surface. Data mining helps to understand these relationships, frame hypotheses and increasingly accurate predictions about the future of markets.

Legacy, Excel-based data management is highly manual, so data is often overwhelming, even after it is imported into a spreadsheet. This method of representing data is not interactive, as it takes longer to establish a correlation between numbers in columns. Pactera’s Analytics and business intelligence team helps implement powerful data visualizations on executives’ dashboards, helping clients understand data and make informed decisions.

Meet the Charismatic CEO of Pactera, Tiak Koon Loh

Mr. Loh has played an instrumental role in developing Pactera’s Banking, Financial Services and Insurance business in China, expanding the company’s global reach, and assisting UBS in shaping its application development strategy to diversify offshore delivery into China.

From 2004 to 2006, prior to joining HiSoft, Mr. Loh was Corporate Vice President of Hewlett-Packard, with responsibility for expanding its consulting and technology services businesses in China and Hong Kong, while also serving in the dual role of HP Financial Services Industry Lead.

Mr. Loh has also served as Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong-based information technology solutions company Vanda Systems & Communications Holdings, currently known as Hutchison Global Communications Holdings.

He was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini Asia-Pacific from 1998 to 2000.

Prior to that, he spent the first 14 years of his career with IBM where he held various sales and service management positions, including Managing Director of Services for Lotus Development Asia Pacific.

Mr. Loh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

“We help our customers evolve and transform.”