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Powering the Project Economy - Expert360


Easily find the skills and expertise you need to quickly drive your business forward

During its time at Bain & Company, Expert360 saw the power of contingent workers and consultants as a means to get support and expertise to supercharge organizations and create real change.

At that time, corporations could not easily augment staff, build handpicked consultant teams, hire top individual short-term talent and engage with subject matter experts and boutique firms. They were also unable to have these elite business professionals available for deployment within days, not weeks.

Simultaneously, the company noticed that more freelancers and firms in management, finance, marketing, HR, sales, operations, and technology wanted to have more flexibility and choice in the way they work and with whom they work.

Services Offered By the Company

Expert360 is a new way to find and engage talented people on-demand. The firm’s platform matches your project needs with industry-leading expertise from Australia’s top freelance community. The services offered by the company are immense and have been giving what the customers expect. It also has managed to stay at the top of its industry. The rate at which it is traveling it is evident that it will see huge success in the future. 

The company is known to be a Strategy Consultants, Marketing & Sales Experts, Hire top Project Management & Implementation Experts¸ Investment & Deal Advisory Experts, HR Consultants, Accounting & Finance Experts, Operations Experts, Customer Strategy Experts, and Technology Experts.

How it works

For Business:

Quickly connect with vetted Experts

Use the Expert360 platform to connect with over 25,000 qualified Experts, ranging from management consultants, project managers to web design freelancers.

  • Create a project brief. Start by specifying the skills and capabilities you require.
  • Customize your search & hire directly. Discover top talent by searching for skills, location, and availability in one-go.
  • Real-time Matching. its algorithm will match your project with the relevant, leading Experts and send you a shortlist of the top results. You can also speak to one of our experienced Account Managers

For Experts:

It has created a dedicated channel where you can make working for yourself, work. One can also join the Expert Community. Also, Join over 25,000 vetted professionals embracing the future of work.

  • Get vetted. Expert360’s team assess every application to ensure only the best talent is accepted to the platform. The vetting process usually takes 3-5 working days and evaluates the applicant's location, previous and current roles, education and business.
  • Enjoy the freedom that can only come from making working for you, work.
  • Get noticed. With its platform, marketing your skills and expertise has never been easier.

Workforce Agility for the Modern Enterprise

Get work done smarter and faster by using our intelligent platform to access skills and expertise on-demand. You can also be more agile than your competitors. Procure direct access to talent increases workforce agility. Quickly fill skill gaps in your project teams with the best talent on-demand. Further, organize and manage your project-based workers

Streamline the management of your talent pools is also possible. Intelligently match your project requirements with the right skills from inside and outside your organization. Keep your best talent engaged.

Also, engage and retain highly skilled talent with business-critical project-work and increase workforce productivity. Move faster than you ever thought possible by deploying the right talent in the right project at the right time

Live talent profiles: Enable hiring managers to search and engage available talent with the right skills and experience to complete project-based work.

Quickly connect people with project work: Intelligently match your project requirements with the skills, expertise, and experience of your internal or external workforce.

Scale with unlimited talent clouds: Breakdown organizational silo's by providing every manager with access to vetted talent pools of alumni, retirees, approved freelancers and internal experts, on-demand. 

Enterprise-grade platform: The Expert360 platform is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of the world’s largest companies. Select the right combination of solutions to meet your needs.

The Two Founders

Bridget Loudon | CEO and Co-founder

Bridge's time at Bain & Co let her see that the world was changing: more people wanted to work flexibly than ever and businesses wanted to leverage technology to access the best talent. The rest was history.

Emily Yue | Co-founder of Expert360

Emily is passionate, highly analytical and an expert in her field. She founded the company with Bridge in 2013 and has since moved on from her operational role at Expert360 and is a key advisor for the board of directors.

“Our Mission is to power seamless on-demand work.”