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Product Development, Market Validation, Crowdfunding and E-commerce under One Roof: Enventys Partners


We’re most inspired when we’re helping others launch their ideas. To that end, we’ve created more than 450 brands, helped co-found more than 65 companies, made over $1 billion for entrepreneurs and won countless awards along the way.

Enventys Partners was formed by the merger of two leading product development and Crowdfunding companies.

Enventys: The Company That Launched a Dozen More Companies

The story of Enventys begins in January 2001. Prolific inventor Louis Foreman recognized a hole in the industry, a lack of an integrated approach to product design and development. Enventys was formed to offer clients all the necessary services to develop products under one roof so that inventors wouldn’t have to choose from and coordinate with multiple vendors.

Enventys was created to offer for-hire services and work with businesses and independent inventors to design source and market new inventions and products. Product development can be expensive and complicated, but Enventys streamlined this effort for those with the financial means to develop an idea into a physical product that they can license or manufacture and sell.

Everyday Edisons, the winner of both Telly and Emmy Awards, is available on PBS stations across the U.S., licensed in 60 countries around the world.

In February 2007, Enventys acquired Inventors Digest. Inventors Digest is the only trade magazine dedicated to the invention industry. Each month features news and insights that study the intersection of business and innovation. For more than three decades, readers have been able to dive into the insights and informative stories of those inventors who have gone before them.

Command Partners: The Digital Marketing Agency That Became a Crowdfunding Giant

In 2010, Roy Morejon founded Command Partners. The company began as a full-service digital marketing agency serving Charlotte, NC and beyond with a core focus on public relations, search engine optimization and social media.

In 2013, Command Partners became a Google Partner and a Bing Partner. Agencies who are Google and Bing Partners receive additional resources, training, and support to help advertisers find greater success online. Benefits for Google Partners include access to free product exams and certifications, training events, promotional offers and rewards, professional networking and other tools. Benefits for Bing Partners include insights, collateral, and other sales support, as well as collaborative ideation and strategy with Bing Ads and industry leaders.

In 2014, Command Partners worked with Bunch O Balloons, the 7th most-backed campaign of the year. This campaign was notable because, in addition to raising nearly $1 million, it was the first active crowdfunding campaign to ever be featured on national television, as Command Partners was able to line up appearances on Today and Good Morning America.

In 2015, Laura Wagner, founder of Digitzs, hired Command Partners for an equity crowdfunding campaign. Wagner understood the unique challenges that any crowdfunding project entails, regardless of whether it’s rewards-based or equity, so she sought the expertise of the team at Enventys Partners. Command Partners and Wagner teamed up far in advance of the launch of Digitzs’ initial equity raise.

In 2015, Command Partners acquired the Art of the Kickstart podcast. Founded by Matt Ward in 2014, Art of the Kickstart has interviewed more than 150 crowdfunders. Many successful leaders in business, marketing and entrepreneurship have also been guests on the podcast, such as Seth Godin and Neil Patel. Command Partners redesigned the website and expanded the blog with even more content for crowdfunders, including re-launching the crowdfunding 101 courses to include everything someone planning a crowdfunding campaign needs to know.

In 2016, Command Partners & Enventys Merged

Both companies cater to helping entrepreneurs and startups locally and globally; Command Partners focuses on digital marketing for burgeoning companies using crowdfunding and e-commerce marketing strategies, and Enventys’ expertise is in product design, engineering, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

This partnership meant both companies could offer turnkey solutions for new products, providing the following services, among others: market research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, sourcing and manufacturing, video production, crowdfunding marketing, e-commerce marketing, public relations, search engine marketing, web development, lead generation and more.

The merging of Command Partners and Enventys, and formation of Enventys Partners allowed both companies to better serve their clients, but even more so, it added a level of trust and transparency in the crowdfunding space. At a time when headlines are regularly made about funded projects, like the Coolest Cooler, failing to fulfill rewards to backers in a timely manner, Enventys and Command Partners present a proven track record of product design, fulfillment, manufacturing, marketing and sales that is a much-needed change of pace in the industry. The expertise of both teams acts as a guarantee that products will ship on time and meet and exceed the expectations of early adopters.

Magnificent Customer Testimonies

“I was impressed by [Enventys Partners’] portfolio of past campaigns and intrigued by the merger to strengthen core capabilities of their services. I evaluated them based on promptness to respond, enthusiasm for our project and overall recommendations to get more impressions and backers. They exceeded my expectations even though we didn’t obtain higher returns on campaign funding than we planned. The campaign was effective in helping us to gauge what people thought about our product, pricing, and overall marketing communications.”

- Yared Akalou, Founder, Alcove

CEO Corner

Louis Foreman, CEO: Louis Foreman leads the strategic vision for all divisions at Enventys Partners, bringing exceptional expertise around intellectual property, open innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the past 20 years, Louis has created 9 successful start-ups and has been directly responsible for the creation of over 20 others. A prolific inventor, he is the inventor on 10 registered US patents, and his team is responsible for the development and monetization of well over 700 more. Louis served the Bush and Obama Administrations on the Patent Public Advisory Committee and is currently Chairman on the Small Business Administration’s SBDC National Advisory Board. He is the President of the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation (IPOEF) and Chairman of the James Dyson Foundation.

“Whether you have an idea, a prototype or a product you’re ready to sell, we’ll help you take your consumer product-based business to the next level.”