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There are many companies and business entities in the world that seek an opportunity to work with China. To establish a good connection and to communicate with the existing businesses in China VoIP certainly plays a major role. CTS is one such company that is currently delivering amazing services for all types of businesses since 2007. With its high-quality business phone systems, it aids various firms that belong to different verticals through its small business phone systems to large call centers. CTS’s PBX and SIP Trunking has saved 70% on phone systems and services cost of many businesses.

In Conversation with Walter Wong, CEO of Shanghai Xiyou Computer Technology

Q. What does your company focus on?

My Company is a pure China Local Company. The major focus of the firm is to help those foreigners who come to China in order to do business. My target and interest in the business are VoIP, which is very popular in the United States. I have been helping these foreign customers for over 10 years. I want to do this using the VoIP services. Further, I’m also concentrating on consulting service. Foreigners can buy the hardware or software in China but in order to do that, they will have to communicate. We just provide a solution that will help them with their business. That is how we are successful and focused because we have both Chinese and English speakers. That means I can understand what a foreigner seeks and eventually translate everything into Chinese so the local vendors know what the foreigner’s needs are. This is the service we provide to our customers. So the most important affair is communication and the services.

Q. What makes your company stand out and how do you make your customers trust you?

The VoIP Market is something which is involved with telecommunication. The telecommunication industry is a long-term service industry. It is not a one-time service because telecommunication is something a company will need from the initial stages and till the time it ends. My prospects will have other such companies who also provide the same telecommunication services, but the service we provide can’t be compared as we are the top players in the market. So, therefore, my company gives the best telecommunication solution using the most effective technique invented for communication. In case customers need to contact vendors and business here in China, the first thing they do is contact me and later I initiate the process. Many end users trust me because we have been providing our services for over 10 years and the quality in which we give is the major reason why our customers keep coming back to me. It is because of the company that my customers trust me.

Q. Do you have any new services for your customers and prospects?

So as I said before I’m focusing on foreigners coming to China, but recently I’m also focusing on IT consulting. It is because I already have so many foreign customers and I have helped them successfully obtain the right deal using my VoIP services. It is because of this that the already existing customers go for my IT consulting service as well. With that, I am also attracting other prospects and generating more leads. Also, my customers have asked me if I can provide any other service like help them build up a website, get the right computer hardware or set up email. Basically, it is an IT help desk or what I call the IP - IT service. So, IT consulting is my target for this and the coming year.

Q. Where do you see your company after five years?

China is a good land to run a business and to generate more money. So in the next 5 years, I feel that China will have more foreigners visiting it for business. So, for now, I’m focusing on the VoIP and next IT service. As time goes on, I will be providing solutions based on the customer request. I will also serve in various locations. Since the Chinese have a very long and wide range of land along with highly developed cities. So Foreigners will be coming to the different part of the country and visiting different cities. But for now, my company is only focusing within Shanghai and Beijing. So in the next five years, I think I will focus on scaling and expanding to more cities maybe four other cities. This will allow me to serve more foreigners and further make my company focus on Chinese local cities.

Q. Who are your successful customers?

WeWork is a good example of our successful customer. They had come to China to run an office. But when they came in contact with a vendor in China, they couldn’t find any person who is fluent in English. It is important to realize that these companies who come to China seek translators and VoIP services, my company is the only firm that does both and that is why my company is unique and stands out from the rest. That’s how WeWork found me because I can help them in talking with the locals and provide them with what they require. I later provided consulting and right proposals and in the process making both WeWork and the Chinese locals satisfied.

Another successful customer is Madam Tussaud, who wanted to run their museum in China. They initially had their own phone system. But they couldn’t procure the local city numbers because they must first connect to Chinese Telecom, which is basically the Government of China. So in the Chinese government, there are many customer services but not everyone can speak English. So that is where my company came into the picture and provided the best solution for Madame Tussaud. They sent me their requirements and by using these requirements I was able to explain to the Chinese. Further, we helped Madame Tussaud in talking with the Government of China. Which resulted in a happy partnership.

The Man behind this Amazing Plan

Walter Wang, CEO:

Walter is a VoIP Specialist who is from Minhang District, Shanghai, China. He completed his education at Shanghai Science and Technology (上海理工). Soon after seven years, he started his company and now the rest is history.

We are the only firm in China that provides VoIP, Translation and IT consulting all under the same roof, making our company the unique.