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Profitect: Cloud-based prescriptive analytics to help you understand and act on your data

thesiliconreview-guy-yehiav-ceo-chairman-of-the-board-profitect-2017Profitect is a different type of Software Company. We improve or replace your current business intelligence and exception based reporting tools, working with all organizations within retail. Instead of sending someone a report to analyze, just tell them the opportunity and prescribe the actions they should take. It’s that simple. Profitect is an award-winning prescriptive analytics solution suite designed by retailers for retailers that turns your data into actions. It augments and/or replaces your existing business intelligence (BI) and exception-based (EBR) reporting tools with solution modules that identify, resolve, and measure opportunities for improvement.

Solutions to eliminate confusion around reports

Profitect takes your data, identifies opportunities, prescribes easy-to-understand actions, and leverages workflows and tasks to ensure the right actions are taken when needed.

  • Sales & EBR - This module integrates your extensive sales data from the register and e-commerce transactions to allow for greater visibility and control of sales behavior, delivering quick, directed actions by using mathematical relative benchmarks and statistical metrics at the receipt and line level. Profitect enables you to identify fraud, compliance, pricing, basket analysis, associate efficiency, traffic conversions, and more.
  • Inventory - The Profitect Inventory Module uses inventory movements into and out of the store combined with inventory adjustments and other causal effects and indicators to identify opportunities resulting from operational execution lapses, procedural noncompliance, fraud, vendor quality, transportation, DC/DSD performance, quality, allocation and more.
  • Mobile Field Application - It enables retailers and CPG companies at all levels to understand the behavior of each store’s data in real-time. The application helps you drive task management compliance, allowing for profit opportunities to be monitored in real-time.
  • Delivery & Receiving - It enables you to understand the behavior of your delivery and receiving data. The module delivers quick, directed actions equipped with the necessary details to understand and impact the behavior of your stores’ back door interface.
  • Logistics & Warehouse - This module identifies untapped growth and profit opportunities by delivering quick, directed actions that can improve the behavior of your warehouse operations. Prescriptive actions enable you to detect and correct non-compliance before it impacts your growth potential or your bottom line.
  • Planning & Buying - The P&B module provides a greater understanding of the behavior of your planning, buying, and vendor service related to real-time sales data by analyzing the patterns of demand for each SKU at a store/point of consumption level.
  • Marketing - The Profitect Marketing module analyzes the behavior of your customers, sales, and promotional activity data to deliver quick, directed actions. The actions are equipped with the necessary details to have an impact on the marketing efforts to increase basket size, traffic, and value.
  • Unified Commerce - The Profitect Unified Commerce module enables you to analyze the behavior of your customer, product, inventory, shipping, and vendor data, and understand and impact the behavior of your customer, shipments, and returns across all channels and utilize prescriptive actions for guided next steps.

Eradicates report failures with minimal IT involvement

Profitect’s prescriptive analytics solutions tackle the standard points of failure with reports. Once the data has been provided, Profitect’s award-winning prescriptive analytics solution is immediately available for displaying insights and analyzing information. The implementation process can be completed in days and our software-as-a-service model means you can access the solution from any internet connected device.

Profitect’s shrink prediction capabilities leverage machine learning to cluster stores based on historical data and behaviors to provide an accurate view of current and future shrink. The solution identifies high-risk trending stores before they reach the point of critical mass – recommending appropriate, easy-to-understand actions for store managers and associates to take to prevent problems before they arise. With Profitect, retailers can report expected shrink and do more with less in terms of guiding teams because they will be focused on the right issues.


  • Transfer - Retailers use multiple business technologies and sources to hold and view data. Profitect is flexible and enables retailers to quickly pull together both structured and unstructured data into a cloud, closing the loop by creating visibility of the big picture as well as important details.
  • Prepare - Profitect’s proprietary transformation engine intelligently transforms data. The patented Product Suite serves it to employees at every skill level so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere; transforming it into real value with no IT involvement. No more waiting months for IT to add new data sets, Profitect makes it available in days.
  • Identify - After data is added to the warehouse/BI Solution most retailers rely on analysts and programmers to create all reports needed to interpret it. Every person looking at those reports sees something different. Profitect’s proprietary Product Suite automatically analyzes your data and finds behavior patterns hidden in the low level information details, so organizations can quickly identify ways to increase sales and margins.
  • Resolve - Data is like oil, productive in the hands of the right individuals. Often, many struggle with getting the information they need to act. Rather than having employees sift through reports for information, Profitect resolves issues by using an integrated task management system, automatically sending out opportunities equipped with best practice solutions based on a company’s standard operating procedure to prompt immediate action. Additionally, Profitect integrates with a retailer’s existing task management to ensure there are no lapses in communication.

Knowing the leader

Guy Yehiav, CEO & Chairman of the board

Prior to Profitect, Guy Yehiav served as Vice President Sales & Strategy for Oracle’s Value Chain Planning Solutions where he was responsible for sales, strategy and customer success. Guy was also founder of Demantra US, a leading global provider of demand-driven planning solutions, which was acquired by Oracle in 2006. Previously, he directed the Global Professional Service Group where he was in charge of creating methodologies and infrastructure through value chain transformations that enabled demand driven and seamless operations for Fortune 1000 companies.

“We offer you deep insights into your data combined with descriptive insights and actionable takeaways, a way to track those actions, and the value in each opportunity identified.”