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Protect your data and meet compliance requirements with Security First’s fast, cost-effective and easy to deploy software


We believe that business success starts with the individuals and is just as important as what we achieve as a team. Bringing together multiple minds means we're able to develop well-rounded products that address our customer's needs in ways our siloed competitors can't.

New legislation centered around privacy as a fundamental human right, highly publicized data breaches, ransomware attacks and the rapid growth of the cloud, have escalated the need for advanced, yet easily deployable data security. Security First’s tested solutions provide global organizations the who, what, when, where and how electronic data is accessed securely, all while ensuring the availability and integrity of critical data in the event of a cyberattack.

SecurityFirst develops advanced data-centric cybersecurity solutions. Its software-based technology meets the growing mandate for data security, privacy, and resiliency -- by using the most powerful industry standards and adding a unique cryptographic splitting capability. The firm’s SPxCore™ technology drives the underlying data protection for SecurityFirst DataKeep and multiple partner products, such as IBM® Multi-Cloud Data Encryption, powered by SPx™.

The company works across its business to be a responsible partner to those who place their trust in us. It consults industry innovators to parents concerned about the online safety of their children to ensure it is developing solutions that address today's concerns.

DataKeep: Manage who, what, when, where and how data is accessed

DataKeep is the next generation of truly secure data-centric protection for organizations looking to protect their digital assets. By implementing DataKeep, organizations can easily manage who, what, when, where and how data is accessed and mitigate risk associated with unauthorized access to data. DataKeep securely protects data at the source no matter where data resides, encrypting data at the volume or file level for attached storage or before sending to object storage.


Security teams can define and log access policies by job role and manage privileged and superuser access to block insider and external threats. Native backup and restore commands can be leveraged to enable prompt recovery of archived data in the event of a ransomware attack. DataKeep’s ability to support M of N distributed shares allows companies to encrypt, split and distribute data across multiple object-store locations or vendors for business continuity and operational efficiency. Organizations can utilize the backup and restore capabilities with object storage for secure cloud backup and archiving to improve resiliency.

Prepare and Protect with DataKeep

Maintaining control of critical data is the best way to minimize exposure in the event of a breach, and a data-centric management strategy must be employed as part of your layered security model for an additional level of protection against increasing threat profiles. DataKeep secures critical data at its core to deliver unrivaled protection, control, and resiliency. Customer-defined access policies, strong encryption, and event logging combine with native secure backup/restore capabilities to address your data privacy, compliance and recovery needs.

Take Their Word for It

"Security First has been a very supportive and diligent partner in applying their technology at an early stage of our software development... that strengthened our offering. We highly recommend them as both a vendor and business partner."  

  • Steve Morris, C.E.O. & Managing Partner, Intervention Point, LLC

"This is truly a disruptive technology that I endorse. Its technology architecture is solid and both more agile and far better than current products on the market.”

  • LaniSpund, CIO Healthcare

"CISOs, CIOs and security architects looking for innovative solutions to significantly raise the bar for attackers and protect data within enterprise data centers should consider Security First, especially when extremely sensitive data is being handled."  

  • Neil MacDonald, Vice President, Gartner

The headman

Jim Varner, President and CEO: Jim was appointed President and CEO of Security First Corp. in January 2017. He joined SFC in 2014 as Vice President of the Software Server Group where he was responsible for the management of end-to-end development, support, and deployment of the SPxSHARC product line – later to become DataKeep.

Jim has nearly 40 years of experience in the computer industry in a variety of senior roles at IBM and BLADE Networks Technology (later acquired by IBM). In these roles, he led both large and small focused teams in product development (server hardware and software), business development, OEM sales, and manufacturing operations. In recent years, he was the Product Line Executive for IBM’s high-end x86 server development (growing to a $2B business) and Business Line Exec for IBM’s Telco server and software solutions (a $1B business). He initiated OEM sales of x86 platforms, and as GM of the DataCenter Technologies division of BLADE – providing IBM BladeCenter systems management solutions – with P&L and worldwide operational responsibility.

Jim earned an E.E. degree in Engineering from Youngstown State University. He splits his time between Raleigh, NC and Southern California.

The past and future of SecurityFirst are only possible due to the outpouring of passion from our team. It is their work ethic that has allowed us to produce the most powerful data security technology in a world constantly challenged by cyber threats.