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Protecting You from Online Frauds:CashShield


Technology for Good - A Safe Digital World for All

Many money related frauds happen over the Internet. It is observed that more than 70% of these frauds happen due to lack of protection and precautions. CashShield is one such company that created a solution for these problems. It was founded in 2008 as an online fraud management solution that helps enterprises manage their risk from fraudulent payments and accounts. Uniquely powered by high-frequency trading algorithms, real-time pattern recognition and passive biometric analytics, CashShield functions without the need for any data scientists and is the world’s first and only full-machine automated solution.

CashShield is also proud to be the first in the world to provide an unprecedented 100% Chargeback Protection since inception and will continue to be committed to providing comprehensive protection for businesses. At CashShield, it believes in growing with its merchants as the employees are good at what they do best.

Products the Company Offers

Passive Biometric Analytics

CashShield uses data with a purpose – to understand your user. Passive biometric analytics helps CashShield map the user’s behaviour and identify if the person behind the transaction or login was a genuine user or a fraudster. Using each user’s unique fingerprint, CashShield can effectively filter the fraudsters away from the genuine users.

Real-Time Pattern Recognition

CashShield’s unprecedented use of pattern recognition in detecting fraud allows unparalleled accuracy in identifying fraudulent patterns, even for new transactions without historical data. Without pattern recognition, machines trained only with historical data will let fraudulent transactions with unfamiliar characteristics through undetected.

High-Frequency Trading Algorithms

Unique to CashShield, its complex algorithm applies the same principles of high-frequency trading to make instant decisions on whether to accept or reject a decision, by looking at all transactions as part of a portfolio. Since 0% risk gives you 0% returns, its algorithm helps you maximize your potential returns by optimizing your fraud risk. The results: high speeds, high acceptance rates and high profits for its merchants.

Unlock All of Your Limits

Scale with ease with full machine automation and 100% protection. Relying on rules and manual reviews reduce your ability to scale on demand, increases your rejection rates without any ensured protection against fraud. With CashShield, you can rethink your fraud management by tapping on our intelligent real-time machine learning. It prevents hostile account takeovers without layers of unnecessary verification. Manual reviews, 2FA or multi-step verification adds unnecessary friction that turns away your users without real protection; on average, only 70% of one-time passwords delivered are used.  Rethink your accounts protection with CashShield’s intelligent machine automated fraud screening technology.

The Industries the Company Has Stepped In

CashShield is a widely recognized company and is currently operating in various industries. These industries include digital goods & games, e-commerce & marketplaces, mobile top-ups, luxuries related and travel.

Users demand instant delivery for digital goods delivery. By creating constant time pressures for merchants the firm has certainly made its mark in the industry and is currently expanding at a really fast pace.

The Two Entities That Created the Company’s Success Path

Justin Lie
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

As a student, Justin already saw the opportunities brought about by the advent of e-commerce and online payments, setting up a cross-border e-commerce business. It was when his sites were attacked by fraudsters that Justin devised his own system of rules on whether to accept or reject a transaction, which would later develop into the more sophisticated CashShield system today. Over the years of R&D, Justin successfully integrated various disciplines from the latest machine learning technologies and financial principles, creating the world’s first full machine automated fraud management system that functions without any human involvement.

Navigating the industry with his bootstrapped solution, Justin has led the CashShield team to meet and rise above countless challenges.

In his free time, Justin is a slave to his newborn babies, who, despite their troublesome antics, are really bundles full of joy.

Irene Brime
Managing Director CashShield Europe, Co-Founder

Regarded as a perpetual motion machine at CashShield, Irene is a true global citizen. She can be found in one of two modes: jet-setting to her next destination, or planning her getaway. Over the years, work and play have come together, and today Irene brings to the table a lifetime of experience in bridging Asia and Europe through marketing and product development.

“Protect your users, protect yourself; is the motto the company follows and with it, we provide you with a shield that will guard you against any online frauds.”