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10 Best Healthcare Companies 2017

QI Spine Clinic – The future of back pain cure in India

imageBack pain is a generic symptom that may arise due to hundreds of different underlying medical conditions. Traditionally, treatment for back pain starts with the use of imaging tests like MRIs and X-Ray in an attempt to locate the cause of pain. However, published medical research clearly indicates that these tests fail to identify a clear cause for back pain in 85% of cases, and a clear medical solution to the crippling condition of back pain fails to emerge.

Thus, QI Spine Clinic has taken a step forward to work closely with a panel of leading spine surgeons and orthopedic doctors globally who believe that surgery should only be considered if conservative medical treatment has been unsuccessful. This integrated approach ensures that each patient is given a balanced diagnosis and treatment path best suited to their unique condition.

We have with us the founders and promoters of the company, Nithiij and Anuj Arenja, first generation healthcare entrepreneurs who have complemented each other’s strengths to create a pioneering healthcare solutions to back and neck pain. Let’s hear it from them. 

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

QILifecare Pvt. Ltd. works under the brand name, QI Spine Clinic. QI Spine Clinic was founded in 2011to address a large lacuna in the existing treatment options available to people suffering from back & neck pain. Having suffered from severe back pain for many years, Nithiij was finally advised surgery. What followed was extensive study of published medical research and interactions with leading doctors and institutes in India and Europe. He underwent treatment for his condition using the latest conservative medical methodologies and technologies that had proven success rates. He was able to make a complete recovery through the use of these methods, and with this tremendous sense of relief was born the passion to help the countless others he knew suffered the way he had.

Nithiij decided the best way to help make a difference was to set-up a clinic bringing in the most advanced technologies and treatment protocols. And so the first QI Spine Clinic was launched in South Mumbai. From that one clinic, QI Spine Clinic has now grown to 28 clinics across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Pune and has treated 47000+ patients using the most advanced technologies and techniques for diagnosis & treatment of back and neck pain.

Can you tell us about your company’s position in the recent market scenario?

QI Spine Clinic is India’s leading healthcare service provider focused on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic back and neck pain. With over 300 Specialized Spine Physiotherapists and an expert orthopaedic panel comprising of India’s leading spine surgeons, we are India’s largest team of doctors experienced in handling the toughest of back & neck cases.With its clinical expertise in spine disorders and its team of specialists, QI Spine Clinic formulated protocols that are based on a functional diagnosis of the spine and have led to a success rate of over 90% across over 47,000+ patients over the past 6 years.

How do your service or product offerings benefit your clients?

We have prevented 5161 surgeries and have a success rate of over 90% in treating patients with back & neck pain.

Most back & neck pain patients typically resort to either painkillers, surgery or traditional methods of physiotherapy. These are often ineffective & patients continue to live with pain & disability.

Painkillers do not provide long term relief and are proven to be unsafe Research indicates that only 1-2% of all back-pain patients actually require surgery. Traditional physiotherapy is ineffective due to the common use of outdated methods such as Tens, Traction, Ultrasound, Kinesio Taping, low level heatwrap therapy. Global medical guidelines do not recommend the use of these methods for treatment of back & neck pain.

The team at QI Spine Clinic realized that there was a need for a solution to back pain that offered long-term results with minimal surgery-referral rates.

Spine Rehabilitation is validated by research as the most effective approach for treating back & neck pain.

QI Spine’s multi-disciplinary clinical methodology is grounded in evidence-based studies. QI Spine Rehabilitation allows for faster & more effective recovery than traditional physiotherapy.

Their comprehensive spine rehabilitation programme comprises of

  • Diagnosis – Comprehensive Structural & functional diagnosis using the Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) an advanced spine function test
  • Pain Management - pain reduction with a safe and targeted pain healing technology that works at the cellular level
  • Precision treatment - customized treatment plans using advanced isolation technology with measured outcomes
  • Prevention - Structured programmes to reduce the chance of recurrence

How do you position yourself in the current domain? How do you amalgamate latest technology with your business objectives?

QI Spine’s custom built clinic management system uses the intelligence generated in the treatment of over 47,000 patients to bring an algorithm led precision medicine approach to each and every case. QI has pioneered the Digital Spine Analysis (DSA), a spine function test to objectively diagnose and measure loss of flexibility and strength in specific muscle groups that are the cause of the pain. Another advancement is our use of Frequency Specific Micro-currents, the safest and most effective method of Pain Management.

Global clinical guidelines repeatedly emphasize that surgery and painkillers are neither warranted nor effective for over 90% of back pain cases. And such drastic treatment should be used only after conservative treatment methods, such as QI Spine’s, have been attempted without success. Yet the world over, private medical practice ignores these guidelines and millions of patients undergo expensive, traumatic and ultimately ineffective surgeries and treatments. This leads to increasing levels of patient frustration and dismay. QI Spine partners with leading spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, rheumatologists and physicians to advocate a conservative approach to treating and curing back pain.

Knowing the key executives

Nithiij Arenja, Chairman: An innovator and healthcare entrepreneur, Nithiij went through a transformational personal journey to overcome his own health issues including debilitating back pain. QI Spine Clinic was founded as a result of his experiences as a patient and his relentless search and research on the most effective and clinically evidenced approaches to addressing lifestyle diseases.

Nithiij is passionate and committed to helping people live longer and healthier lives. He graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in Industrial Economics.

Anuj Arenja, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer: Anuj has over 18 years’ experience in promoting and leading early stage companies, building scalable, high performance organizations through people and process excellence. His abiding interest is in transformation of healthcare delivery through patient centricity, evidence based practice and the use of technology to deliver algorithm - led precision medicine.

Earlier in his career, he worked with Goldman Sachs, in the London office, in the Investment Banking team, advising financial institutions across Europe, Asia and Africa. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Engineering Economics & Management from Oxford University.

“We treat patients with all back and neck pain conditions ranging from relatively mild and episodic cases to chronic, severe and crippled cases. The QI Spine team has helped even the toughest of cases recover without surgery.”