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Redefining what’s possible: Syniverse


Corporations often struggle to maintain the quality of services as their customers increase in number. This holds good for industries that directly deal with a large number of customers, such as telecommunications or internet-based services. Syniverse is a company that has pioneered the ideas that fuel transformation. Its solutions foster human connections, giving businesses the keys to an ever-expanding ecosystem of engaged consumers. And it's why Syniverse has put the power of groundbreaking technologies in customers’ hands, arming them with the cutting-edge tools needed to build the bridges between organizations, people and devices.

As the world’s most connected company, Syniverse has developed the largest private network ever built for linking to the mobile ecosystem. Syniverse’s Secure Global Access underpins a platform that combines ironclad security with omnipresent, globe-spanning coverage to reach every device and every customer on the planet.

Here are some of the most exciting features of Syniverse’s solutions

Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

With Syniverse Intelligent Engagement, you can connect with your customer like never before. The company’s solution helps you deliver well-timed, compelling messages that bring your brand closer to people’s lives.

The key to smarter messaging solutions is coordinated knowledge. Syniverse's Intelligent Engagement makes use of behavior patterns, preferences, and other data sources to continually improve customer relationships. Ensure that whatever you need to say, your customers hear it.

Syniverse’s platform also allows you to track and curate every message you send across departments, ensuring that customers aren’t getting duplicative or conflicting content. With clarity on users’ experiences, you can send messages that are impactful and build trust. Its solution also uses automated compliance and consent tools to ensure that you’re reaching customers who want to be contacted.

Intelligent Engagement delivers hyper-relevant messages that matter. It’s your tool to spark meaningful customer conversations — conversations that lead to action.

Syniverse Marketplace for Wi-Fi

It’s time to bring the speed and transparency of e-commerce into the world of wholesale Wi-Fi services. With the Syniverse Marketplace for Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi deals become entirely digital—and incredibly simple.

Wi-Fi is an essential ingredient for the growing number of digital devices, but it can be difficult to distribute and monetize Wi-Fi services. Syniverse’s solution makes it easier. With Syniverse Marketplace for Wi-Fi, you can display offers on a global storefront, getting market exposure. And you can do it within minutes.

This solution overcomes obstacles for Wi-Fi buyers, too: It’s a single portal that presents a broad range of options with one login. Enterprises can bring a program that requires Wi-Fi to life in hours with more efficient deal-making and previously unimaginable agility.

Syniverse Secure Global Access

Syniverse Secure Global Access is a protected global network with cloud service connectivity designed for businesses looking to provide secure IoT deployments, gain insights from intelligent data analysis, or integrate communications between remote locations.

Syniverse Secure Global Access provides the network and resources to securely and reliably transport business data while connecting to the world’s mobile operators and cloud service providers. That means you’re gaining an unparalleled tool for implementing a limitless array of transformative business ideas.

Companies transitioning to the cloud and virtualized environments need the ability to move data and services privately and securely. Secure Global Access arms you with the power to do just that.

Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Center

As an engine of roaming monetization, Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Center transforms the way you can profit from roaming. Running on a user-friendly interface with customizable tools, it helps today’s hyper-connected subscribers embrace roaming as part of their everyday experience.

Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Center supercharges your roaming capabilities. It features customizable self-care tools, controls the consumption of wholesale data, deploys data plan variations to grab subscribers’ attention, and more.

In a typical scenario, the system directs a roaming subscriber to a portal interface with your branding. That portal allows users to opt into a retail plan based on their personal data usage history. Once they enable roaming, Syniverse’s system updates the subscriber on their usage in real-time: a transparent process that enhances their experience—and your bottom line.

Getting customers on board with roaming is all about making it intuitive and friendly. Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Center makes that possible—all while cutting down on inefficiency and maximizing profit.

Meet the leader behind Syniverse’s continued success, Dean Douglas

Dean Douglas leads Syniverse as Chief Executive Officer and President, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. With a career spanning more than 30 years across the telecommunication and information technology industries, Mr. Douglas brings extensive executive leadership experience, having previously served as CEO for three companies, Unify, Westcon Group, and LCC International. He most recently served as President of the Enterprise Segment of CenturyLink, a division that accounted for $10 billion of the company’s $16 billion in revenues. Previously, as CEO of Unify, Mr. Douglas drove the company in a transformation to a provider of software-based enterprise-unified communications. He began his career in executive roles at IBM and Motorola. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of Mississippi.

“We link you to billions of devices and forge more human connections than anyone on Earth.”