Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

Saliva-Based Solutions for Self-Health Management and Fast Disease Screening: eNano Health Limited

thesiliconreview-enano-health-2018In order to stay healthy, it is crucial to monitor our health regularly. 1 or 2 blood tests a year is insufficient to proactively manage our health. By monitoring our health regularly, it enables us to keep track of our biomarkers and discover early symptoms that can be treated at an early stage. This lowers the chances of complications and the development of severe illnesses that could be irreversible.

It is not rational to do a blood test every single day as it is invasive and requires health specialists to perform. Also, it is not cost effective to go to a clinic every day, then having to wait a week later for the lab results.

This inspired eNano Health Limited to develop a series of non-invasive solutions that are home-used and affordable so that individuals can perform easily on their own on a daily basis. Out of all our body fluids, saliva is the easiest to obtain at anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the firm’s research and studies focus on saliva-based solutions.

Besides, it is also fundamental to keep a comprehensive record of all the health data. Hence, eNano Health Limited has developed software that supports its product, recording all the health data received from your tests.

Self-Health Management Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Headquartered in Hong Kong, and founded in 2010, eNano Health Limited is building a series of disruptive saliva-based solutions for self-health management and fast screening of multiple diseases based on the company’s patented platform technology. Examples of applications are diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and etc. The solutions will change healthcare from a reactive mode to a proactive mode. Individuals manage their health before they are sick. Since the solutions are non-invasive, affordable, and easy-to-use, individuals can regularly monitor their health or detect changes in their health status at home, without having to wait for a doctor’s appointment or take a trip to a laboratory to test. The regular testing will provide valuable personalized and baseline information about the individual. It will allow one to be predictive of disease risk and prevention of early onset of the problems. It will have a significant impact on the reduction of the mortality rate, save billions of dollars in healthcare costs, and improve the quality of life of individuals.

Let’s Take a Sneak Peek at the Products provided by eNano

Kiss & Tell Glucose Meter:First Saliva-based Glucose Test


  • Simple: Just put a little of your saliva into the collection well (the blue receptacle) and the white test paper will indicate whether your glucose level is normal in minutes!
  • Safe: No blood or pain is involved, so it poses no risk of infection.  It is a safe and easy screening method of diabetes.  
  • Hygienic:Each test is individually packaged and disposable after used.  This rules out the possibility of contamination.  
  • Digital Results:You can use a smartphone to take a photo of the device after used and upload it to the firm’s server via our APP.  The software “Kiss & Tell 3” will have all the results. 

P4 Test: Easy Health Management for Everyone

Its a comprehensive test that works just like a blood test.  It is non-invasive that enables frequent testing.  The company’s target is to provide early detection for diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.

P4 Test can be used to test for Stroke, Heart Disease, Pre-diabetes & Diabetes, Stress, Pregnancy Health, Smoking, Drug Adherence

What does P4 stand for?

  • Participate:Easy to use, non-invasive saliva testing allowing anyone to do a routine health check.  eNano’s saliva test results will be uploaded to a smartphone app allowing the user to check their results anytime, anywhere.
  • Personalize:Each individual will have their own medical record containing personalized information about their unique health experience.
  • Predict:eNano’s smart platform will analyze the individual’s personalized medical record and health trend to provide tailored actionable information.
  • Prevent:By understanding the trends of each individual’s unique health situation, one can delay or prevent the onset of deadly or debilitating diseases by changing their lifestyles.

Founding Duo

Patrick Leung, Founder: Patrick is the chief Scientist of eNano. He is a Ph.D. graduate of Columbia University and a Post- Doctorate of Stanford University in High Energy Physics. With over 15 years of software development and over 10 years of experience developing a comprehensive health information technology solution platform with physicians. Patrick is a specialist and has thorough insights into technology that helps improving health management.

Winnie Lun, Co-Founder:Winnie is a graduate of Columbia University in Mathematics. She worked as a Senior Vice President at Paramount Pictures, developing a strong business background, later supporting her entrepreneurship with Patrick.

“We are a team of enthusiastic scientists and engineers. With experience and training from diverse disciplines; including physics, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, information technology, engineering, mathematics, and business management. Committed to delivering possible solutions that encourage individuals to proactively manage their health.”