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San-Mateo-based BuildingIQ, an Energy Management Software Platform, Forecasts Energy Demand and Adjusts Buildings’ HVAC Settings to Optimize Energy Use


“BuildingIQ's technology platform is built on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed-loop predictive control, and expert human analysis.”

With property managers increasingly being asked to do more with less, new technologies are lightening the workload by helping to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and boost tenant satisfaction. Over the past few years, the industry has benefitted greatly from the rapid advancements in smartphone technology, monitoring systems, and data analytics, in particular. New products are making basic property management tasks, from procurement to tenant relations, faster, easier and more efficient.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present BuildingIQ.

BuildingIQ engages in the design, development, engineering, sale, and installation of integrated software projects in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Its software solutions are used for the reduction of energy, operations, and maintenance costs of various building systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

The company was incorporated in 2012 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

BuildingIQ: Synopsis

5i Intelligent Energy Platform

The platform offers greater operational efficiency and improved occupant comfort.

The BuildingIQ 5i Platform of technology-enabled services learns and evolves with the needs of your building or portfolio of buildings. Deployment occurs once, when you engage with BuildingIQ, giving you —building owners and operators— the ability to select the services that best solve today's problems, and then easily add new ones to tackle tomorrow's demands.

The company’s services can be deployed selectively to meet the needs of any building across any size portfolio or geography. Services that power BuildingIQsolutions range from ticket management to retro-commissioning, to closed-loop control to tune your building to optimal performance 24/7.


Energy metering is the first step in understanding how you use energy. BuildingIQ provides cloud-based deep metering to enable energy management solutions.

Energy Worksite: Baselining, Measuring, and Managing Facilities-Led Energy Initiatives

Energy Worksite is a SaaS analytics tool powered by an advanced algorithm that monitors the energy consumption of a building on an hourly basis. The service uses whole building energy interval data and/or sub-meter data to detect and provide alerts for anomalies in energy consumption, as well as supporting savings impacts. Energy Worksite models energy use to predict and alert building operations staff of variances between actual measured consumption and the expected energy calculation. Energy Worksite delivers clear and straightforward reporting, on demand or on a customized schedule, and user-customized dashboards. With Energy Worksite, a building manager/operator get a quick overview of the energy consumption of their buildings, instant outlier identification, and rapid knowledge about over-consuming, under-consuming, or on target buildings and metered systems.

Building Operations

BuildingIQ’s take on the Building Internet of Things brings an array of products and services to help you manage, tune, and operate buildings through big data, re-commissioning, and monitored commissioning.

Facility Worksite: Fast Work Order Ticketing and Intuitive Task Scheduling

Busy facilities management personnel are constantly juggling lots of tasks and priorities to keep their sites running well and occupants happy. At times, it’s chaotic, a constant balancing act between the predictable —preventive maintenance, scheduled events— and the unpredictable —occupant service requests, ad hoc events. BuildingIQ’s answer to these needs is Facility Worksite: a service request and work order management system (aka, ticketing system) that is quick and easy to use and is very cost effective.

Facility Worksite makes it easier to manage the predictable and unpredictable demands that facilities teams face daily and helps them get things done quickly and efficiently. It’s quick to deploy and securely accessible from any web browser. It can be deployed standalone or as an integral part of the broader BuildingIQ 5i platform, which helps manage and optimize HVAC operations and occupant comfort.

Smart Tune: Data Analytics-Driven HVAC Re-Commissioning for Smarter, Better System Tune Ups

BuildingIQ’sdata-driven retro-commissioning services ensure the optimal configuration of the HVAC control system. Smart Tune projects range from system overhauls to specific, tactical improvements to the existing BMS. Smart Tune service projects are founded on data and data analysis that augment the human expertise driven elements of site assessment, diagnosis, adjustment and on-site validation of HVAC and BMS controls in a building.

HVAC control retro-commissioning is a natural step on the journey toward building efficiency. Smart Tune project make that step more meaningful by ensuring that the commissioning work is done correctly, and with an eye toward a potential future that includes fully autonomous, predictive control.

Outcome-based Fault Detection: Industry Standard Rules. Cloud-based Intelligence. Human Expertise

Outcome-based Fault Detection (OFD) addresses the shortcomings common to all fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) services. With OFD, BuildingIQ not only remedies these shortcomings, but it also extends the category by building prioritization of faults and issues, ticketing work for prioritized faults with full client override capabilities, and data-based validation of the effectiveness of work performed into one comprehensive service.

As is an integral part of the BuildingIQ 5i journey, OFD can be even further enhanced by adding closed-loop control to autonomously take corrective actions defined by predictive energy optimization algorithms. Clients may also transition into OFD from earlier steps in the journey such as energy visualization or work ticketing.

Predictive Control

24/7 optimized control, in-built measurement and verification, and demand response uniquely tailored to your building. With the addition of forward-looking models, buildings can be continually, intelligently optimized to stay onestep ahead of high costs while keeping tenants comfortable.

Demand Response: For Automated Managed Energy Curtailment Programs

BuildingIQ's automated demand response service enables owner/operators to participate, and take full benefit from, utility-driven demand response programs simply, easily, repeatedly, and measurably. Demand Response is akin to a specialized form of Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO), but instead of an energy cost driven optimization paradigm, Demand Response achieves event goals through a more aggressive time-based curtailment strategy that still seeks to optimize comfort. Unlike other DR solutions, BuildingIQ's Demand Response automatically controls the BMS down to the zone- leveraging learning models for the building's thermal behavior, BMS capabilities, and tenant comfort.

Automated Measurement & Verification: For repeatable, utility-grade M&V of Initiatives at a Lower Cost and Higher Accuracy

BuildingIQ has shifted the paradigm of Measurement & Verification (M&V) to the cloud. Its solution automates much of the M&V process while providing the necessary transparency for verification and compliance with the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP). By leveraging its real-time data collection, data science expertise, and powerful cloud computing, BuildingIQ's Automated M&V (AM&V) is the first true software-only solution that provides utility-grade reliability, repeatability, and scalability.

The company’s AM&V supports both Retrofit Isolation (Option B) and Whole Facility (Option C). AM&V deploys once–for any number of energy management programs - avoiding cost and complexity in addition to accelerating program velocity. BuildingIQ AM&V greatly enhances savings resolution while dramatically lowering the margin of error with automatic hourly calculation capabilities.

Predictive Energy Optimization™: For Continual, Learning, Closed-Loop Optimized Control of any HVAC System

Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO) is BuildingIQ's premier service. PEO leverages a responsive and well-maintained HVAC system - so is often the service provided after Smart Tune re-commissioning has been completed. PEO improves the energy efficiency of commercial, public, or academic buildings regardless of BMS. Running as a software-as-service (SaaS), PEO optimizes around system efficiency, occupancy comfort, and lowest cost. The service utilizes the full capabilities of the 5i platform, learning from and adapting to the building and BMS over time as it automatically fine-tunes temperature and pressure set points at the air handler or zone. PEO automatically and continuously obtains data on the local weather forecast, the occupancy for the building, energy prices, and tariffs. Based on those inputs, it runs thousands of simulations to arrive at the most efficient HVAC operating strategy for the next 12 hours. BuildingIQ's network operations center maintains oversight of the data for 24/7 anomaly detection, data analysis, and diagnosis to assist on-site facility teams.

About | Michael J. Nark

Michael J. Nark has been Chief Executive Officer of BuildingIQ, Inc.

“BuildingIQ’s take on the Building Internet of Things brings an array of products and services to help you manage, tune, and operate buildings through big data, re-commissioning, and monitored commissioning.”