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Security and Performance: Mobile Care Everywhere by CommuniTake


The new connected world creates an ever-increasing set of mobility challenges for both enterprises and device users.

The challenges include:

I.High mobile endpoint vulnerability to malicious attacks;
II.Extreme risk of eavesdropping and data theft from mobile devices;
III. Increased support liabilities;
IV.Inconsistent nomadic employee productivity.

CommuniTake is taking a unique approach to solving these pressing mobility challenges. The strategy was established from the first day of its operation and is manifested in its slogan: Mobile Care Everywhere.

The CommuniTake mission is to craft security, management and care solutions to provide businesses and users better mobile device use. It was originated for Smartphones and now expands to IoT, the new ecology of connectivity.

The provider of Total Mobility platform

CommuniTake has initiated its portfolio on remote control technology for engagement centers. Next, the company has enhanced its remote access capabilities with core device diagnostics, self-service and Proactive Care, powered by Big Data analytics. These solutions have shifted inbound calls to self service channels, reducing the operational load on communications service providers. Now, as Smartphones are highly instrumental in businesses, the company provides its clients an innovative and integrated mobility platform that unifies highly secure mobile device with central device management and governance, robust multi-channel support and core Android IoT services.

The CommuniTake Mobility Management platform delivers a three way value proposition:

(1) Enabling powerful, in-depth protection against eavesdropping and malicious attacks;

(2) Managing mobile resources, processes and care to streamline productivity;

(3) Assuring performance of Android IoT devices.

Fulfilling these imperatives, the CommuniTake Mobility Management platform contains the following solutions:

1. INTACT Mobile Security Suite

As companies make the most out of the benefits of technology boom, they are becoming increasingly dependent on it for performing and operating on the go. This advantage comes with a risk factor also. Companies are exposed to new security threats like tampering of the communication channel and unauthorized penetration of the device. So they require a secure shield on all their communications and CommuniTake provides them complete mobile communication and management capabilities with full security. Its Intact Mobile Security Suite stands out from the current players in its solution completeness:

  • Encrypted communications both voice and messaging for BYOD and COPE devices
  • Dedicated highly secured devices with distinct firmware modifications eliminating security breaches
  • Central use administration and governance system for all devices
  • Embedded antimalware application
  • Remote control technology for hands-on security maintenance from afar
  • Self-troubleshooting application for seamless connectivity and productivity
  • Support of both cloud or on premise deployment

The B2B offering is aimed at the unattended businesses with wiretapping and data theft sensitivity including government, finance, military, legal, IP-sensitive organizations and more.

2.Total Care Suite

While mobile technology has several advantages, it comes with its own set of disadvantages as well, such as causing the service provider increasing support outlays, low usage rewards, costly and demanding device returns, and a revenue shift to over-the-top applications. For the end users, the dependency on their mobile device means a need to be always connected with optimized performance. Given these realities, CommuniTake provides a complete package to increase the user productivity and lower the support operating cost for both communications service providers and enterprises.

CommuniTake Total Care solution provides effective and efficient support practices while maintaining the user’s privacy. It gives device holders a multi-channel support and management platform that provides an edge to self-reliance:

  • On-device self-healing application for always connected and operational device
  • Collaborative support leveraging remote control capabilities
  • Proactive Care eliminating problems in a non-intrusive manner
  • Automated issue resolution for better support processes
  • Complete remote takeover for personalized support

The Total Care offering is aimed at communications service providers and at businesses with the need for always connected and productive professionals.

3.Android Internet of Things

The journey towards the interconnected network of devices is the latest rage. The Internet of Things is converging with smart communication devices. These devices are incorporated within products that consumers know and already use to solve a pressing problem. The CommuniTake solution supports Android Internet of Screens – increasing devices’ performance and reducing maintenance outlays for any Android device with a display screen. It is applicable to connected car devices, tablet based cashiers, interactive TVs, smart homes controllers and more.

The CommuniTake Internet of Screens suite empowers smartphones as a universal remote control over IoT devices and serves as a large scale monitoring and provisioning system:

  • Central connected devices visibility
  • Comprehensive device diagnostics and tracking
  • Proactive maintenance based failures data and recommended care actions
  • Mass policy based Over-the-Air configuration for updating device configuration and content
  • Security and compliance allowing only properly configured devices to access the network
  • Remote device repair for an effective hands-on maintenance
  • Remote control over an IoT device from a smartphone

A step ahead with


In its triangle Mobility portfolio, CommuniTake clearly depicts how it is different from its competitors. Other players need to assemble numerous detached solutions from several vendors to set a solution that unifies security, mobility management and care.

CommuniTake delivers it in its all-in-one integrated platform. The CommuniTake advantage is evident in multiple ways:

  • The most result proven support suite among the competitors
  • The only mobile security solution that is truly integrating secure communication with central governance and multiple support tools
  • Android IoT ready solution maintaining Android devices operation

The Journey ahead

“The majority of IT managers consider mobile devices as the risky endpoint for organizations. The risk is apparent in the multiple and sophisticated methods by which hackers can wiretap and steal data. BYOD programs are not really secured and complicated Enterprise Mobility Management solutions are too intrusive. Nevertheless, mobility is a must. The unique value of our Total Mobility Management platform is derived from its holistic approach”, said Ronen Sasson, CEO, CommuniTake Technologies.

“One cannot enforce security without keeping productivity. We deliver both. Being the leader in our domain, we aim to go a long way ahead. We constantly change our technology to compete with time and make our clients forget the pain points they face in their business. We wish to become the leading secure mobile endpoint provider for enterprises and IoT users, and expand Enterprise Mobility Management to Internet of Screens – managing all-purpose Android with screens devices. We have just travelled halfway. Now we want to become the best of all”, said Ronen Sasson.

In conversation with team CommuniTake

What was the motivation to start the company and how did it all come together?

Operating support outlays have derived the need for a hands-on support for mobile devices, as done for PCs. This technology was the beginning. We have expanded our foremost remote access technology to a unified, central platform, containing industry-leading, highly instrumental components: (1) on-device client that receives commands and publishes status; (2) device monitoring and test mechanism; (3) central device management system; (4) scalable relay servers’ infrastructure; (5) remote access and control technology over mobile devices; (6) analytics and administrative system. These integrated foundations allow us to get an exceptional value in the lucrative mobile security and Android IoT markets.

Who are some of your biggest clients? In which vertical do you see the most traction in?

Telefonica (Spain); Tata (India); Bell (Canada); Reliance (India); Personal (Argentina); PTAC (China), and more.We see great traction in the telecommunication vertical for Total Care and in the governmental and corporations verticals for the Intact Mobile Security environment.

Tell us something about your Market USP?

Becoming a well-known company in the market comes with a lot of competition. Being one of the market leaders in the mobile Total Care, we at CommuniTake have our own formula to stand out from the crowd, combining innovation, superior technology and rich functionality.

All-in-one mobility

management platform: To make our presence prominent, we have expanded our initial remote access technology to a unified, central platform comprising industry-leading, mobile security, management and care components.

Results proven care platform: Our extensive hands-on experience in Total Care deployments achieves the best support metrics, as by the following examples:

  • 13% less inbound support calls
  • 53% increase in first call resolution
  • 80% of connectivity issues are resolved via self service
  • 38% reduction in repeat calls

Highly secure enterprise driven mobile environment: Our Mobile Security solution uniquely protects the organization’s communication environment – both the wireless network around employees and the mobile device in their hands. It introduces enhanced security features:

  • Contained device, sealed from external non-controlled use and content
  • In-depth protection against every known eavesdropping method
  • Central infused governance across BYOD and COPE devices

Key Executives

Ronen Sasson – CEO

An accomplished software industry executive and visionary entrepreneur. 29 years of engineering and management experience. Ex-Amdocs VP, founder and General Manager of its $100M in annual revenue self-service line-of-business.

Eran Karpen – VP Professional Services

Large scale systems and mobile expert. R&D manager at MobileSolid; research analyst at the Technion; project leader in the IDF.

Ami Perlmutter – CTO

Network and Communication expert. Software engineer at Mellanox filling key development roles. Software architect at MobileSolid.

Founding Year:



Israeli Private Equity and global strategic investors such as Cellebrite, Aurec and YCAP capital and the office of the Israel Chief Scientist.


Telefonica (Spain), Tata (India), Bell (Canada), Reliance (India), Personal (Argentina), PTAC (China) and more.