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Shaped To the Needs of Customers, Dixtior Consulting LDA Develop and Implement Global Concepts and Sophisticated Software Solutions


Founded in 2013 by three brilliant minds, Rui Vicente, Sónia Silva, and Mário Oliveira, Dixtior is a Portugal-based consulting company. The company was set out of a feeling that the trio had; a feeling of being able to develop and deliver better solutions that they were already implementing for the clients of their former employer.

Dixtior started its journey by developing DCS, its AML/CTF solution, from the scratch and after 6 months it went to the market. And after closing its first deal, the company invested the revenue from that business in more people to join the company’s development team.

 Over the years, the company has been developing and innovating DCS, and today it goes on version 3 and developed in two different platforms. It has grown from an AML/CTF solution to a Financial Crime Suit, implemented in 13 banks across three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In-Conversation with the Leader of Dixtior Consulting, Rui Vicente:

Q. What’s the difference between having a business and having a brand?

When you are still trying to prove to the market that you have a very good product that can compete with all the already known products, you are in “business” stage. And when your major concern is to assure that you will not be overcome by another competitor or to prevent your reputation from falling, you are in the “Brand” stage.

In our market, it’s not a difference — it’s only a different stage of maturity of the organization. Today, Dixtior is a Business trying to become a Brand and we know we have one of best solutions for Financial Crime Prevention in the Market.

Q. There is nothing more important for a successful small business than a well-defined mission and vision statements. Can you explain your M&V statements in brief?

At Dixtior, our mission is to support our clients to define and achieve clear and long-term strategic objectives, contributing to a modern and integrated business management with innovative organizational structures.

Talking about our vision, it represents the way that we think and believes that it’s possible to make a change in traditional markets — “By combining the expertise of our team and the most innovative technologies, we want to be a breath of fresh air in the business and financial markets. We know that by being different we can go further and be a global reference.”

Q. A small business/company may or may not function as expected. It takes everything to stand out and compete in the business world, was it the same for your company?

Yes, it is the same at Dixtior! We must compete with all the big players in AML/CTF and Financial Crime Technology, and they already have the “brand”, while we have to convince our potential clients to receive and let us show them our DCS. And when we overcome this obstacle, we get closer to winning a new client, and when we don’t win, it’s always because we don’t have the “brand” that our competitors have, not the solution or the price.

Q. What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company?

We believe, over the years, we have been able to establish strong relationships with every single client. We at Dixtior are always trying to understand what the specific needs of our clients are, and we transform that needs in functionalities of DCS. This approach together with our permanent monitoring of the new legislation, obligations, and recommendations of the supervisors, is what makes us able of having DCS permanently up to date.

Q. About adaptability, how do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

We have to anticipate the market needs, and this is made through a thorough analysis of all the legislation and projects of legislation that is being launched every single day. And, once again, we complement this analysis with the results of several brainstorming that we promote not only with our clients but also with several professionals in compliance and financial crime prevention.

The Future Roadmap

Witnessing the tremendous popularity through the years, Dixtior Consulting is planning to launch a new AML/CTF solution for small clients at the beginning of 2019. And the company believes that it will be a disruptive one because it will be a solution for every kind of company whether it’s a financial company or not. Also, it will be launching an Operational Risk Solution for 2019.

Looking into the future, Dixtior believes that it will be a global provider of Financial Crime Prevention software and will also be one of the most recognized ones.

Meet the Magnificent Trio

Rui Vicente, CEO and Founding Partner: Prior to Dixtior, Rui Vicente was director of risk management consultancy in several companies in Portugal and Spain, and Information Officer in the Portuguese government. He holds a Degree in Economics.

Sónia Silva, COO and Founding Partner: Before working with Dixtior, Sónia Silva performed as Head of the department in several companies for the management of implementation teams of software projects related to credit area. She has a degree in Computer Management.

Mário Oliveira, CTO and Founding Partner: Mário is a Computer Engineer and Expert in Outsystems Development. Prior to Dixtior, he was the director of software development at various companies.

“At Dixtior, we support our clients to define and achieve clear and long-term strategic objectives, contributing to a modern and integrated business management with innovative organizational structures.”