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Soliton: A tech-Company offering services to solve problems in area of Measurement & Automation and Machine Vision


“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

Soliton is a technology company that offers research, development and consulting services to solve challenging problems in the areas of (1) Measurement and Automation and (2) Machine Vision. Soliton has a highly talented and skilled multidisciplinary team of engineers with expertise in software and hardware, and a track record of providing solutions for challenging technical problems. Soliton has won 23 international awards for its innovative solutions to date. A Soliton is a very special wave that travels without dispersion. A rare natural phenomenon, a Soliton once formed flows essentially forever. Our name reflects our goal of creating a ‘built-to-last’ company.

Soliton provides services to a wide range of industries including Semiconductor, Electronics, Manufacturing, Bio-medical, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense and Research.

At this time, the majority of Soliton’s work is in the following areas:

Test & Measurement Automation

  • Semiconductor Test Automation
  • Design Validation Test Automation
  • Manufacturing Test Automation
  • Standards Compliance Testing Automation
  • LabVIEW based Application Software

Machine Vision

  • Machine Vision R&D (Imaging Systems and Image Processing Algorithms)
  • Design of Custom Cameras / Application Specific Cameras

Embedded Systems

  • Complete product development – hardware, software, enclosures, certification, and transfer to manufacturing

Services Offered

  • Test & Measurement Automation
  • Semiconductor Test Automation
  • Automation Platform Development
  • LabVIEW & TestStand Consulting
  • Cross-Platform Device GUIs
  • Machine Vision R&D Services
  • Embedded Systems/ Product Design
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Camera Design

A little more about them
Soliton was founded in 1998 by Dr. Ganesh Devaraj with the goal of building it into a globally recognized visionary technology company from India. The inspiration to start Soliton came when he read the book ‘Built to Last’, while working as a Project Scientist at VI Engineering, Michigan, after obtaining a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dr. Devaraj wanted to see visionary companies like HP, Sony, IBM etc. created in India and was inspired to return to India to build a company that would associate world-renowned Indian talent with an Indian brand that is known around the world for innovation, excellence and integrity.Soliton started as an Alliance Member of National Instruments, USA, and quickly garnered international recognition for its innovative work in Virtual Instrumentation, winning 23 prestigious international awards in seven years. In 2004, Soliton started a product division for manufacturing machine vision cameras that could address the fast growing need in the manufacturing industry for sophisticated quality control tools. Soliton has since extended its services from offering solutions for stated automation needs, to offering consulting and R&D services for the purpose of addressing the core needs of the customer to build a great product, speed up process, improve efficiency and reduce cost. Today Soliton is the preferred consulting and R&D partner for a number of companies that have experienced the difference of working with us.

“Over 95% of our clients come back to us, for their subsequent project work”

Knowing the Master Mind

Dr. Ganesh Devaraj, Managing Director and CEO – Ganesh founded Soliton in 1998, and has since established the company as the leader in India in the business areas in which it operates. Soliton started business as the first Alliance Member of National Instruments (www.ni.com) in India, and Ganesh introduced Virtual Instrumentation, a concept pioneered by Texas based National Instruments, to manufacturing industries in the region. In parallel he also developed customers in the US for its offshore Virtual Instrumentation Software (LabVIEW) development services. The revenue grew at an average annual compounded rate of 60% during the first seven years. During this period, Soliton also established itself as one of the worlds most innovative Virtual Instrumentation System developers by winning the most prestigious global award in this field a record three times (2000, 2001, and 2004). Soliton started a products division in 2005, and became the first company in India to manufacture Machine Vision Cameras and Smart Cameras. Soliton has established itself as the leading machine vision company in India. In all, Soliton has received over 25 technology awards for its innovative work and has built up an outstanding reputation for Quality, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction. Ganesh was selected as one of the ‘101 Successful Entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu’ by CII in 2008. He also was profiled by the India Today magazine as a new economy player to watch in 2001. Ganesh also serves on the Board of Directors of ELGI Equipments Ltd (www.elgi.com).

Mekhala Devaraj, Director – Mekhala holds a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. She is primarily responsible for campus recruitment, the main form of recruitment in Soliton, and also serves as a mentor and counsellor to the many Solitons who come up and ask for her time. In her earlier role in Soliton, Mekhala oversaw the setup of all the many offices as Soliton out grew its older ones.

“We are passionate about building great stuff. Look into our tool box”