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Solving Hard Problems for Global Companies in Industrial IoT: BSQUARE


For over 25 years, Bsquare has helped more than 1,000 companies develop intelligent products and devices, connect them, and use the resulting data to drive better business outcomes. The company’s expertise spans from device-level engineering to cloud integration to advanced data science and machine learning. It has deeply partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure—the largest cloud providers on the planet.

Bsquare does all of this with a combination of professional services and pre-built software building blocks. This combination uniquely allows us to solve complex problems with speed and efficiency.

Datav Industrial Applications Drive Better Business Outcomes

Repairing complex, mission-critical equipment quickly and accurately is a top priority when uptime is at stake. Every hour of downtime increases service costs and reduces revenue opportunities. Fortunately, Bsquare has engineered a suite of applications specifically suited to help industrial companies address the key use cases crucial to their operational health to improve uptime and keep assets functioning at peak performance.

Professional Services

Advanced systems integration and professional services required to make edge devices IoT capable, attach them to the cloud and derive business value from the data they generate. The firm is headquartered in Seattle with global development centers in the UK and Taiwan.

Data Driving the Next Generation of Industrial Business Outcomes

BsquareDataV IoT software is driving the next generation of industrial business outcomes. Whether in the cloud, on premise or both, the DataV IoT applications and hybrid platform are uniquely positioned to translate insights generated by industrial assets into critical operational improvements.

DataV is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) software solution allowing business and industrial concerns to use data generated by myriad connected devices in order to drive better business outcomes. In virtually all cases these business outcomes are expressed as IoT use cases. In fact, every successful IoT initiative begins with clearly articulated use cases designed to drive tangible business benefits.

Q. What are IoT Use Cases?

IoT use cases are the application of IoT technology in service of larger business objectives. Examples include predictive failure, adaptive diagnostics, IoT device management, condition-based management, asset optimization, and asset utilization. To varying degrees, these use cases can help organizations reduce costs and/or increase revenue.

Driving Better Business Outcomes

The purpose of IoT is not simply to connect devices to business networks and extract data from those devices. It's to drive better business outcomes, improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenue, and optimize the user experience—in short, move businesses forward. DataV addresses key business use cases to ensure industrial operations reach their peak potential.

UPTIME: Improve asset uptime by predicting failures in advance. And keep them from happening

COSTS: Reduce costs by improving efficiency and productivity

BRAND: Drive better brand perception by understanding how your customers use your products

Showing the Company the Right Way

Ralph Derrickson | CEO & President

Ralph C. Derrickson joined Bsquare in March 2019 as president, CEO, and board member. Ralph is a highly accomplished business leader with a wide range of experience using technology to create innovative products, services, and business models. Prior to joining Bsquare, Ralph was president and CEO of Carena, a pioneer in the development of virtual health care delivery until its acquisition by Avizia in 2017. Ralph served as SVP of Corporate Development until Avizia’s acquisition by American Well in July 2018. Prior to Carena, Ralph was managing director of venture investments at Vulcan Capital where he was actively involved in the investment, growth, and operations of the firm’s technology portfolio companies. Ralph has served for 15 years on the board of Perficient (PRFT), an IT services firm with expertise in e-commerce digital transformation. Ralph has senior leadership experience at Metricom, Starwave Corporation (acquired by Walt Disney), and NeXT Computer (acquired by Apple Computer). He began his career as a software engineer at Digital Research and Sun Microsystems.

Ralph serves on the dean’s advisory board of the Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned a BT in Systems Software. He also serves on the advisory board for the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, in the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

“We provide advanced systems integration and professional services required to make edge devices IoT capable, attach them to the cloud, and derive business value from the data they generate.”