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Striving To Be the Dynamic Partner to Companies Who Are Seeking To Remain Compliant, Culturally Astute and Profitably Mobile: Humareso

thesiliconreview-john-baldino-founder-president-humareso-2018Corporate leaders are under a massive pressure to make the best use of resources, people, and processes. They are facing a challenge of not having a clear understanding of all elements of their organization – costs, efficiency, effectiveness, and processes. Maintaining an enterprise with hundreds of employees is not a cake walk.

In many companies, Human Resource is one of the last departments to measure and benchmark its performance, let alone to support other departments in those same areas. And as a result, HR leaders face a lot of difficulties in developing plans to manage and recruit talent.

Founded in 2012 with a vision to design and deliver workforce planning initiatives across organizations or within specific business units, Humareso provides HR solutions and administration for small to mid-market sized businesses trying to manage budget and growth. The company helps to strategize and develop plans to manage talent, recruit for skill gaps based on employee inventories, assess markets for growth, develop long-range succession plans and influence a culture of enthusiastic buy-in. It also handles all facets of employee engagement and business development. Humareso was designed to be a nimble and mobile human resources outsourced partner to organizations of various sizes and in various industries.

Less than 20,000 businesses in the US employ more than 500 employees leaving many organizations under 500 at a disadvantage when it comes to people strategy and business development. And Humareso is the perfect support these organizations need for strategic planning and implementation to grow in today’s marketplace.

The Rough Road to Success

There is always a specific mix of discipline competency and business development that every entrepreneur has to have. In other words, one has to be able to do a work well and sell the work as well, which is a tough combination to have and cultivate. And this was the challenge that founder, John Baldino faced in the early years of Humareso. Many knew that John could do the work of a seasoned HR professional, but they weren’t ready for him to sell what he could do.

“Time management was an unknown for me early on and I didn’t know how ramp up would happen. I would say ‘Yes’ to more things than I should have, perhaps. I didn’t know where the next gig would come from so I didn’t want to say no,” says John. “I learned that ‘No’ isn’t a dirty word. It’s truly respectful to the organization asking as well as to me.  I have learned how to be smarter with time, how to delegate to staff and how to balance the multiple roles I have at Humareso.”

When the company started out with its first product, many thought it would not work out. But, it turned out to be a very successful project. The first company that Humareso worked with saw an increase in top-line business revenue of 28% due to better talent management of competencies as well as some critical recruitment restructuring. The president was completely astonished by what Humareso was doing and how it was bringing health and consistency to the company. And today, after years of hardship, Humareso has gained tremendous popularity in the industry. With a leader like John, the company stands with its head held high.

In Conversation with President, John Baldino:

Q. What are the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

Most of it was organic, out of business necessity. I was able to take advantage of our gig economy and employ some talented contractual workers until the work became much more consistent. At that point, I began to hire full-time employees and the first two full-time employees hired were brought on at our one-year anniversary.

Q. If you have to list five factors that have been/are the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?

Expertise: We have a team of certified professional human resource practitioners that is vital to providing our services.

Flexibility: The mobility of services that we can offer and the ability to be on-site and off-site is a set-apart for us. We can be flexible to the needs of an organization and apply the right type of engagement for them.

Width: We are a one-stop resource for all organizations, regardless of size, industry, and geography. And because of this, we can establish long-term involvement to the company with consistency in approach.

Relational: We take the time to get to know our clients. As cliché as that may sound, when done well, this has served to solidify approaches to our processes and our strategic planning for the companies.

Humor: We try to laugh with our corporate partners. Humor helps us to bring all back to center as we approach situations and employee issues. It’s done to bring a sense of “it’s going to be okay” to our clients and their teams.

Q. Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

Looking into the future, I believe that the fantastic team that we have, Humareso will continue to provide top-tier HR solutions to its clients. And in terms of expansion, I see us having satellite offices in a few locations in the US and likely one in Europe.

Meet the Man with a Strong Stick-To-Itiveness

John Baldino, Founder & President of Humareso:  With 27 years of human resources experience in leadership development, business strategy, organizational design, compliance, and management training, John is the prime pillar of Humareso. He is an international speaker and an avid blogger and social media figure in the leadership, human resources and business strategy space.

“We believe in the greatness of people – their ability to rise from failure, to accept a challenge and to innovate business. We serve to encourage staff of all levels while maintaining the highest regard for business plans and corporate strategy.”