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The Complete On-Premise and Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery Solution: MessageSolution


“A trusted, secured, and scalable digital content archiving and eDiscovery solution.”

MessageSolution is an industry technology leader in information archiving and eDiscovery solutions for on-premise, Cloud, and MSP/ISP-hosted multi-tenant environments. With award-winning enterprise on-premise and Cloud-based products, MessageSolution resolves business issues for organizations around the world in electronic discovery litigation support, compliance archiving, storage management, and data migrations. With products deployed in over 50 countries, MessageSolution empowers today’s organizations to effectively manage electronically stored information and corporate intelligence. MessageSolution’s software platforms help organizations mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Founded in 2004, MessageSolution is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with operations in North America, Europe, and mainland China, along with distribution channels in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

MessageSolution offers both in-house and Software as a Service content archiving and eDiscovery solutions. MessageSolution’s email, SharePoint, & file system archiving and eDiscovery solutions help enterprises, non-profit organizations, and government agencies comply with industry regulations, meet legal discovery demands, protect corporate intelligence, and reduce email storage requirements. Installed online worldwide, no 3rd party database software configuration or maintenance, no SQL or Database workload needed. MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery Platform is designed to deliver a trusted, secured, and scalable digital archiving and eDiscovery solution to enterprise customers around the world.

Hands-Off Content Archiving & eDiscovery for Email, SharePoint and File Systems with MessageSolution’s Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery

MessageSolution Information Archiving Platform for Enterprise and SME organizations is a one-stop solution for compliance archiving, eDiscovery and storage management. It provides a secure, easy to use, cost effective and high-performance archiving solution for corporate email, SharePoint and file systems. The archiving platform drastically reduces cost and eliminates complications associated with compliance and regulatory requirements, litigation support, data storage, recovery and information archiving while giving users controlled, self-serve access to archived data.

MessageSolution Cloud Archive and eDiscovery Services provide SME and enterprise organizations the functionality and security of an on-premise solution with significantly less overhead and hands-off management.

Data Migration with MessageSolution
Having architected the award-winning enterprise archiving & eDiscovery solutions supporting all email server and Microsoft Office 365 or Goggle Apps hosted email platforms, MessageSolution enterprise email platform architects and engineering teams have delivered a high performance and high-speed enterprise class data migration system, reducing on an average 50% of migration project time comparing market migration solutions. MessageSolution Enterprise Data Migration System migrates entire email box, all calendar items and contacts, address book, digital files and documents from all data sources to various server, enterprise storage, hosted cloud network and storage destinations. With MessageSolution Enterprise Cross-Platform Migration System, organizations have the option to perform a direct speedy data migration from legacy email environment to Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, or to combine the migration process with email server storage reduction, regulatory compliance, litigation support and eDiscovery requirements performing an all-in-one migration and enterprise archiving process, to cost-effectively cut down significant amount of project time and software licensing/service fees.

In conversation with Jeffery Liang, CTO

Why was the company set up?
We maintain operations in North America, and mainland China, along with distribution channels in Europe, and Asia Pacific Africa and New Zealand/Australia. The technology behind MessageSolution was first developed in Castro Valley, California, in 2002, while the business world was still reeling from major Wall Street scandals in the financial sector which lead to the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations by U.S. Congress, which required publicly traded companies to implement email archiving for compliance and audit.

Tell us about your first product that was launched?
We assembled an engineering team composed of veterans from Silicon Valley giants like IBM and Sun Microsystems. Alongside this team were graduates of Stanford University and the result of our efforts was MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery Platform, a on-premise enterprise archiving and eDiscovery software system.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years?
Over the years, a standalone advanced eDiscovery system is added in the product portfolio, along with file system and SharePoint archiving, could storage integration, a complete Office 365 support, Medical Image Archiving, and video surveillance archiving have been added, to increase MessageSolution’s unified archiving and eDiscovery solution value.

How successful was your first project roll on? Share the experience?
As the first Lunix+Windows based cross-platform support email archiving system, it had generated tremendous success for its high performance and cross-platform support. From 2005-2008, sales tripled in the course of 3 years.

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?
The balance between fast growth and proper allocation of resources was one of the areas that peers should watch, and the product innovation is imperative in the initial years.

Meet the Master

Jeffery Liang, CTO: Liang previous professional experiences include working at IBM and Sun Microsystems, where he helped build enterprise-level software applications that managed the companies’ entire worldwide operations and system architectural development. Liang received a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University in California.

“We are focused on developing world class enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery solutions in Cloud and enterprise on-premise.”