Super 30 Companies of the Year 2019

The critical network infrastructure specialists: Kordia


We believe that every employee has a role to play in the overall success of the business, and our vision is not just to be an employer of choice but also to become the leading Australasian provider of mission-critical technology.

Kordia Solutions is an end to end telecommunications, communications, broadcast, and infrastructure service provider. Kordia’s engineers, technicians, riggers, and project specialists have the experience and skills required to design, deploy and maintain critical networks and infrastructure. Kordia Solutions is an Australasian company with more than 600 staff.

Innovative design, advanced performance tools, and the latest technologies; these are what Kordia uses to evaluate and analyze your telecommunications network needs to find the right solution for your business.Reducing the total cost of ownership, Kordia builds the whole telecommunications network around a cutting-edge fault and task management platform. This means the whole network gets Kordia’s full attention.

No job is too large or too small, too remote or too obscure. Kordia has coverage right across Australasia and is on call 24/7 to respond to network faults.

Kordia has been in the business of providing mission-critical solutions for over 60 years. It has proven that it has the ability to adapt and evolve to ensure that the firm stays ahead in what is an ever-evolving industry. It has achieved this through the dedication, passion, expertise and natural curiosity of its people.

What makes Kordia different from its competitors?

Kordia delivers solutions and services across a diverse range of customer markets and technologies, its employees have a unique opportunity to widen their knowledge base and experience in what is an exciting and fast-moving industry.

The majority of what the firm delivers to its customers performed by its in-house team of experts. In order to deliver these end-to-end solutions, its ‘people profile’ is quite varied and its employees often have the opportunity to move to different roles – or change career paths – without having to leave Kordia.

Kordia also actively encourages and promotes internal career growth. It has countless examples of employees who joined us as graduates and trainees who, with some nurturing, training and development, have since transitioned across into commercial, business, engineering or project roles. It’s not unusual to find a Project Manager who started with Kordia as a Rigger or a Bid Manager that started out in-office support.

Kordia openly acknowledge and express appreciation for the contribution its people make to its organization through recognition, reward, promotion, and development.

Kordia 'know-how' spans many areas

Kordia has the ‘know-how’, capability, systems, technologies and people to handle a wide range of project requirements – across many sectors.

Kordia specializes in the long-term operation, maintenance and management of critical public and private assets and infrastructure – from water, power, transport, schools, and hospitals, to major telecommunications carriers and ISPs.

With a customer-oriented culture, the company is small enough to care and large enough to deliver. It develops strong yet flexible working relationships based on openness, honesty, and integrity. And, Kordia delivers on its promises with quality results.

Services and solutions offered

Kordia has solid relationships with a wide range of equipment suppliers, yet remains completely independent. This gives us greater flexibility and agility to meet project requirements and deadlines.

The firm has a genuine ‘turnkey’ capability, delivered by an in-house team of specialists with the tools and technical ability to deliver large-scale complex infrastructure projects. In addition, its unique network engineering capability includes Australia-wide radio frequency (RF) planning, design, optimization and operational skills necessary to design, build and operate a telecommunications network.

The leading man                  

Hamish guild, CEO: Hamish has extensive experience running large scale national project, service, and engineering organizations. A passionate leader, he loves driving people development, great customer service and shareholder value.

“Our experts work on both sides of the Tasman (and beyond) and are highly skilled in the design, deployment, maintenance, and operation of telecommunications networks and solutions.”