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The IoT pioneer: Sierra Wireless Empowering Businesses to Re-imagine their Future in the Connected World


 “Building innovative wireless solutions is in our DNA. We have the wireless technology and the global team to deliver.”

With a rich 24-year history of innovation in the wireless space, Sierra Wireless has been first to market with many technology solutions for global customers. Its innovative products and solutions already connect thousands of businesses to critical data and millions of people to information. Its customers trust us to develop products and services that get them to market faster and can in turn, help save lives, reduce carbon emissions, and make neighborhoods safer. Sierra delivers new technology solutions streamlining deployments and takes advantage of all the promise the IoT offers.

Since launching the world’s first cellular embedded module in 1997, Sierra Wireless has shipped over 130 million devices to connect the Internet of Things. It has been first-to-market with the world’s smallest module, embedded software, embedded SIM, open source Linux based embedded platform, most rugged industrial gateway and 4G LTE and LTE-PRO embedded solutions to name a few.

Fully Integrated Device to Cloud solutions for IoT Applications

Start with Sierra to bring your innovations to market faster and at a lower cost. It provide a fully integrated solution comprised of embedded solutions, gateway solutions and cloud and connectivity services that empower businesses and industries to transform and thrive in the connected economy.

Embedded Solutions

Sierra makes it easy to embed cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GNSS technologies so you can build your future in the IoT with connected products or services.  As the number one cellular module vendor in the world, it believes in standards-based wireless technologies and support open source initiatives to get you to market faster.

Networking Solutions: Routers and Gateways

Sierra offers a range of intelligent routers, gateways and management solutions that allow organizations to keep mission critical workers and assets connected to the enterprise.  Sierra’s networking solutions provide persistent connectivity, location-based services and remote monitoring, to improve productivity and customer service.

Smart IoT Connectivity, Platform and Managed Solutions

Sierra’s Smart SIM is a truly global carrier-agnostic SIM and one of the first to support the GSMA eSIM/eUICC specification. Its AirVantage IoT Platform powers some of the world’s largest wireless IoT deployments.

For enterprises that require speed to market, Sierra’s Managed IoT Solutions contain all of the required device, network, and application components bundled into one convenient managed service contract.

Fully Integrated IoT Solutions for Any Industry

Energy & Industrial

Sierra Wireless offers IoT solutions built for the most demanding environments in the construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and mining industries. Sierra’s team can show you how to connect your equipment and infrastructure to reduce power consumption and lower costs.

Automotive & Transport

Automotive manufacturers, emergency responders, transit systems and other transportation organizations use wireless IoT solutions to move people, vehicles and products more effectively.


Businesses Start with Sierra to use intelligent wireless solutions that keep workers connected and productive in any fixed or mobile location.

Residential & Healthcare

Healthcare organizations and service providers can capitalize on the Internet of Things with the latest intelligent wireless solutions that unleash a new generation of consumer-facing services and business models.

Smart Cities

Connect devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in cities to reduce energy and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life.

Case Study

Pason Assures Real-Time Drilling Data for Customers While Improving Operations

Business Challenge

Given that drilling sites are nomadic in nature, frequent moves to remote areas present a significant challenge for connectivity. With a patchwork quilt of cellular carrier coverage and the unpredictable nature of the next location to effectively transport data, companies typically need to deal with several communications carriers to ensure connectivity at every site. For Pason, this brings operational challenges when scaling thousands of drilling rigs across broad geographic areas with unknown coverage and service company options at each site.

Given the harsh environment of a typical drill site, Pason also needed a rugged solution – one that could be exposed to all the elements and survive. With operations in areas in Northern Canada where temperatures routinely drop to -40°C to the southern US where summertime temperatures are well above 50°C, a broad operational and reliable solution was required.

With a large installation base, the ability to remotely monitor and manage each location is key to avoiding having to dispatch technicians to remote locations when problems arise.

Sierra Wireless Industrial Networking Solution

The company evaluated several solutions and in 2017, Pason chose to incorporate the AirLink RV50X Industrial LTE-A Gateway into their North American communications services. Because the RV50X is a dual-SIM device, Pason can install the same hardware at each site, and utilize the carrier service that provides the best connectivity option. The RV50X provides Cat-6 LTE connectivity which ensures product longevity among a broad installation base and allows clients to experience higher speeds. The small form factor simplifies deployment, and the wide temperature range makes the device rugged in remote operations. Pason also selected AirLink® Management Service, a cloud-based device management service, to be able to remotely manage each of the AirLink devices at their client drilling sites. Through the AirLink interface, Pason can monitor each location’s performance, deploy software and security patches as required, and troubleshoot any issues from their office.

Greet the Leader

Kent Thexton, Interim President & Chief Executive Officer: Kent Thexton was named Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Wireless in May 2018. He joined the Sierra Wireless Board of Directors in March 2005 and has served as Chair of the Board since February 2016.

Kent gained extensive experience in the international wireless sphere through executive roles at major wireless carriers. Some career highlights include serving as Chief Data and Marketing Officer and board member at European telecom firm O2 (now part of Telefonica), where he led its spin out from British Telecom. Previously, he also served as Chief Operating Officer at Rogers Cantel (now Rogers Wireless). Kent has also built and led several other companies, including venture-backed i-wireless, a leading US MVNO.

“We remain focused on technology leadership and developing innovative solutions that make wireless communications easier to integrate, deploy, and maintain.”