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The Leader in Delivering Targeted Digital Media to Drive Guaranteed Actions: Yieldbot


Yieldbot is the leader in delivering targeting digital media to drive guaranteed actions. Leveraging real-time consumer intent data, Yieldbot enables brands to connect in the moment of greatest potential influence to a buying decision and move beyond reliance on desktop-centric cookie-based ad decisions. All built on a transparent, mobile-first marketplace and a suite of proprietary tools to ensure no wasted media and guaranteed performance toward your desired outcome.

Yieldbot Solutions

Yieldbot connects brands with active consumers in the moment of greatest potential to influence a buying decision. The Yieldbot IntentRank technology understands what motivates a consumer and what brand message is most likely to create an engagement. Brands seeking consumer consideration, to drive in-store purchasing and online engagement can achieve measurable results with real consumers.

Brand Consideration

Yieldbot connects motivated consumers to relevant brands. It generates awareness and brand consideration by targeting real customers based on their present receptiveness to a category, product or service.

Yieldbot’s marketplace spans the world’s leading consumer media companies. With over 1,000 domains in its network, your brand gains access to 21 billion monthly page views from 199 million unique visitors – making up 90%+ of US Adults aged 18+.

With an average 90% unique visitor rate and 2x average monthly frequency, Yieldbot enables your brand to expand your audience. Further, you can feel confident that your message is seen as Yieldbot consistently outperform industry standards on viewability, brand safety, and invalid traffic. Yieldbot is a cookie-less technology, relying on first party premium publisher data to match consumer intent to brand advertising in real time. This enables you to connect with your audience in the exact moment it will be most helpful, useful and persuasive. All without the fear of blocked ads no matter the device or browser.

Never guess how your program is performing, know with certainty what is working. Track how your digital campaigns impact engagement, favorability, and purchase intent. Yieldbot partners with leading measurement companies to provide brands with third-party objective results and insights.

Digital to Physical Lift

Engage consumers across the right touch points. Yieldbot delivers real results for marketers looking to create real-world actions by capturing the active intent of consumers as they navigate premium content and matching their experiences with specific and actionable messages.

Relevancy is the number one factor in influencing a customer before buying a brand in-store. Yieldbot built its entire marketing platform to identify active consumer intent online and deliver relevant brand ads that lead to measurable physical action such as in-store sales.

Yieldbot technology matches and optimizes interest with relevant and actionable messages designed to deliver deeper engagement, generate foot traffic and drive in-store sales.

Never guess how your program is performing, know with certainty what is working. Track how your digital campaigns impact engagement, favorability, purchase intent, foot traffic, and in-store sales. Yieldbot partners with leading measurement companies to provide brands with third-party objective results and insights.


Yieldbot connects brands with their patient/hcp audience. The Yieldbot Health+ solution finds your patient/HCP audience and creates interactions with them at the exact moment it will be most useful. Its technology brings machine learning directly into media buying to ensure your brand is only bidding on ads that will be of value to you and your patients/HCPs.

Intent PMP

Yieldbot maintains the only private marketplace (pmp) driven by real-time purchase intent signals. Intent PMP is GDPR compliance ready through its exclusive use of first-party publisher information. Intent PMP is brand safe while not being reliant on cookies or personally identifiable information.

Yieldbot partners directly with Publishers whose content is most relevant for purchase-related research and validation. Its IntentRank™ algorithm then uses real-time signals to discover pages best suited for displaying your brand message. With nearly every category covered, target your campaigns with a Deal ID designed exactly for the purchase intent signals your product requires. Bid on any impression Yieldbot send to you and overlay any other features from your trading platform as necessary.

 Clientele Testimonies

“Yieldbot has opened up a new marketplace for our clients to connect directly with the real-time mindset of consumers in the publisher domain.”

- Philippe Sloan, Assembly

“Yieldbot delivers maximum impact for our clients allowing us to expand beyond search into premium publisher environments where we can use the same intent-based targeting.”

- Mendy Basch, Resolution Media

“Yieldbot has proven to be a best-in-class digital shopper marketing solution in delivering measurable retail sales lift.”

- Jason Kelly, VP of Shopper Marketing, MediaVest

Knowing the Key Executive

Chris Copeland, President: Chris brings more than twenty years of advertising experience to Yieldbot. From the early days of search to present, Chris has been recognized as an innovator in each venture he has led. Chris led the establishment of the first agency-side search marketing agency, Outrider and later helped brands understand the rise of consumer technology adoption as Chief Digital Officer at GroupM Next.

“We create the link between real-time intent and brand ad experiences to increase the probability of a consumer’s connection with the brand.”