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The Leader in Email Validation, Spam Trap, and Abuse Detection: ZeroBounce, a Santa Barbara-based Start-up, Plans to Expand Product Offerings


We ensure email marketers maintain good email hygiene and increase deliverability, and open rates, which leads to more sales: Liviu Tanase

To run any business, it’s critical to build a reputation. People fight tooth and nail for the sake of reputation and the good things that come from it.

Similarly, in email marketing, it’s vital to be prominent that in turn impacts results. Long story short, successful email delivery adds to one’s reputation, which can be harmed when too many emails bounce or are branded as spam.

In light of the above-mentioned concern, we are thrilled to present ZeroBounce – the premier email validation service dedicated to email bounce detection, email abuse and spam trap detection, email data append and advanced security. The platform increases deliverability rates for Fortune 500 brands that utilize email as a primary channel of communication and for all types of customer outreach and marketing campaigns.

ZeroBounce was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. It has additional offices in Boca Raton; Florida, Bucharest; Romania, and Hyderabad; India.

Liviu Tanase, ZeroBounce CEO/Founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Why was the company set up? And what do you propose to bring into the market?

ZeroBounce was created to revolutionize email validation technology in an easy-to-use platform. The novel technology reinforces email as the most efficient digital channel of communication by streamlining deliverability. Through the validation of an email address as an actual human that chooses to receive emails, ZeroBounce helps individuals and companies focus on real customers and partners, not fraudulent, dubious, or time-consuming bots and imposters.

What is the current market scenario? And what is your company’s position in the market?

Email communication and marketing has seen an impressive boom over the last five years. It is currently the highest revenue-generating platform, outperforming all digital marketing channels combined. Business owners understand the value of direct communication through the use of email marketing to establish more personal relationships with customers.

There is no successful email communication or marketing without great email deliverability. This is where ZeroBounce makes a difference, as an essential extension service for companies that send any type of email communication.

ZeroBounce ensures email marketers maintain good email hygiene and increase deliverability, and open rates, which leads to more sales. Email validation is becoming a necessary step for businesses of all sizes that want to reach their subscribers and make the most of their marketing campaigns.

The growing popularity of email as a marketing communication medium has brought along a need for marketers to maintain thorough email hygiene. The ZeroBounce Email Validation Platform has been sought-after from the very beginning.

What are the factors/elements that make your company ‘One Of The Best Leading Companies’?

Our accuracy rate is 98 percent – a very high standard in the email validation industry. As for data protection, ZeroBounce utilizes one of the best content delivery network systems in the world. This provides clients with a strong layer of defense against cyber attacks and data breaches. Furthermore, all files uploaded and downloaded on zerobounce.net are protected by military-grade encryption ciphers.

Once the customers’ email lists are validated, they are permanently removed from the platform, along with all aspects of the data.

Unlike most competitors, ZeroBounce offers 24/7 support, with several teams serving customers globally.

Tell me about your team.

Our company culture values individuality and encourages employees to constantly share ideas and observations. A core element is empathy and the understanding of other developers, customers, and employees’ ideas and contributions. There is a mutual push for inspiration among the team with an aligned goal: the finest email validation service on the market.

The team spirit that binds us together is one of the strongest contributors to our growth, along with the genuine desire to help customers achieve email delivery success.

What are the challenges you face?

The biggest challenge has been to keep up with hiring to meet the needs of the ever-growing customer base. In order to remain the leader, ZeroBounce continues to raise the bar, and this happens through hiring the best and brightest and through continuous innovation.

Do you have any new products ready to be rolled out into the market?

We have just launched ZeroBounce A.I., our new artificial intelligence email scoring system. Our customers are already enjoying this innovative feature that will confirm ZeroBounce’s position as the frontrunner in email validation.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

We will continue to be the best email validation system in the world and expand into other services, as well.

Tanase: A Brief Background

A serial entrepreneur and telecommunications executive with over 14 years of experience, Mr. Tanase excels in the creation, growth, and sale of novel technologies. In addition to founding five companies, he has participated in three exits creating quadruple digit-returns. As a holder of a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, Mr. Tanase prides himself in developing unique and results-oriented cultures with strong emphasis on breakthrough technologies that drive enterprise value.

“The growing popularity of email as a marketing communication medium has brought along a need for marketers to maintain thorough email hygiene. The ZeroBounce Email Validation Platform has been sought-after from the very beginning.”

Keep in touch: www.zerobounce.net