50 Leading Companies of the Year 2018

The Leading Company in IT Solutions and Consulting Services: Royal Cyber, Inc.


Various companies around the world face problems in streamlining their business operations. Royal Cyber as part of their mission wanted to ease the struggle in such a competitive market by providing exceptional results. They design, develop, and deliver high quality, cost-effective, and custom-built IT consulting services and solutions. The company’s primary goal is to be responsible for Business Optimization and Industry Solutions and helping customers and partners by Simplifying IT.

Royal Cyber is one of the Leading Company in IT Solutions and Consulting Services. They have expanded over the years by making partnerships and diversifying into various domains. Starting with just one office in Naperville, Illinois, they now have offices in 9 countries and are expanding globally with offices in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

With the goal of becoming a prestigious technology leader on the world map, Royal Cyber was always appreciated for values of professionalism, fortifying the services provided, becoming a long-term strategic partner and simultaneously establishing a strong IT community globally. Additionally, the company also endeavors to build a global network that not only grows the horizon of business opportunities but also make a resourceful learning circle amongst front-runners across various fields of business.

Surviving the IT Race

One of the posing challenges is surviving in the initial years. To sustain in this competitive business environment that practices both traditional and online businesses, the startups need to play aggressively and perform to gain the much-needed credit amongst the group of ever challenging and expanding markets. Royal Cyber could achieve it through with their five most significant assets.

  • A strong team of Employees: Building a great team that can build relationships with customers is essential for growth and new opportunities

  • Technology Partners: The company holds a partnership with prestigious organizations all around the world and works closely with its technology partners who strengthen their expertise

  • Customers: Royal Cyber makes sure that their customers get the best service because happy customers are more likely to return to them in the future which means lots of repeat business in the future

  • Products/Solutions: The company has its indigenous products that have earned substantial revenue for the company

Some of their key Products include:

  • CyberShop: Mobile Commerce App
  • MonitorPro: Business Transaction Monitoring Tool
  • Chatbot: For Automated Conversations
  • Digital Assets: They also have a comprehensive repository of digital assets with a proven solution, services, and other substantiating materials showcasing their expertise

Go-getter in the Industry

Royal Cyber has a very experienced team with exceptional knowledge of emerging technologies. They further have an extensive Global Delivery system. The team is available in different time zones and works immaculately. This gives their clients the flexibility to choose the options according to their specific needs regarding cost and resource availability.

World’s Leading Progressive IT Solution Provider Transforming the Business Landscape

The company is also known for adopting the newest trends such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain. This in result empowers all their clients to leverage their business with Royal Cyber being their technology partner. Also, the firm has a dedicated unit to make sure the clients get exceptional services and solutions.

They believe in innovation and continues to strive for innovative solutions to stand out in the IT community. Royal Cyber has contributed in various means, for example, they have their Test Automation Framework (TEAF), value-add-ons for commerce such as catalyst (Prediction Engine), GoDataFeed (Manage Marketplace Orders in one place), and Google Address (Provide Google Address Suggestion).

Customer Feedback Is Always Appreciated and Taken In A Positive Way

Each customer has unique requirements and often it is thought-provoking to serve them. For example, Royal Cyber has got responses from one of their customers who said: “Your products are great, but I am

looking for something which can be customized to our business needs.”

So it is crucial for them to fulfill what customers want, and create distinctive value and experiences to satisfy them. The company has always taken customer’s feedback positively and comes upon giving 100% to meet their specific needs. The company growth is exponential in the last few years and is expected to grow further.

Royal Cyber is now affiliated with many top firms like IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Dell Boomi and many other top players in the market. At this rate, they will see some vast prospects in the future. Royal Cyber clearly shows obvious potential as the best company to go for IT solutions.

Many of their customers have received the best solutions and can survive in the market because of Royal Cyber. More than 90% of their customers have given them a five-star review, and by this, it is obvious why this company is one of the leading firms in the industry today.

“I see Royal Cyber expanding exponentially regarding business and team members. With locations all over the world we are always looking for new talent and trending technologies to dive into,” says the Founder, and CEO, Mustafa Qutbuddin.

The Innovative Leader

Mustafa Qutbuddin, CEO and Founder: Qutbuddin a student of Illinois Institute of Technology started his career at Motorola in the 90s, from there he moved on to IBM where working with technologies became his passion. In 2002 Royal Cyber, Inc. was established. Wanting to help companies grow and expand with new leading technologies was his goal. He provides strategic direction for the company, leading Royal Cyber into a leading software organization.

 He helps in overseeing its operations to serve more than 1000 organizations worldwide to resolve their extreme technology challenges by combining the proficiency of a large company, the agility of a small company, and collaborative culture.

“World’s Leading Progressive IT Solution Provider Transforming the Business Landscape”

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