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The Most Creative and Innovative Digital Marketing Partner Available for Dealerships Today: Dealer Spike


“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” – Bob Iger

Dealer Spike is a world-wide digital advertising company focused on helping dealers increase sales and service profitability through online digital advertising and training. It provides powerful, results-driven web solutions and tools to thousands of dealers worldwide. The company helps dealers collect more leads through online marketing, contributing to increased sales for dealerships. Dealer Spike is positioned as the market leader for dealership website production in the industries it serves.

“We are the only web provider among our competitors that offers fully responsive websites, including inventory list views and product specifications, for our dealership customers. Our designs are custom-created based on our clients’ wants and needs. With real-life dealership experience we have a passion and a talent for fulfilling our customers’ needs in the marketplace,” says Jay Mason, CEO. Harley-Davidson named the company the industry-leading web provider for their dealership network. “We are always continuing to stay on the forefront of the latest technology as it fits our customers’ needs. We have been first to market in a multitude of leading technologies and digital marketing strategies,” added Jay.

Building Innovative & Responsive Websites
The company instills innovative digital marketing strategies to help dealerships grow their business. Dealer Spike offers services internationally in the powersports, RV, marine, truck, agriculture, heavy equipment, and pre-owned auto industries. Dealer Spike’s expertise comes from real-world dealership experience and superior knowledge in the online advertising space. Customers see a 30% minimum increase in online leads after implementing its digital marketing services.

Customer Base
Dealer Spike’s largest clients include RideNowPowersports with over 40 dealership locations and Freedom Powersports with over 20 dealership locations. Other big clients include Ffun Motors, Harley-Davidson of Florida, Scott Fischer Enterprises, Holman RV, Ron Hoover RV & Marine, Palmer Trucks, Selking International, Best Line Equipment, Synergy Equipment, Everglades Farm Equipment, Martin Deerline, and more.

Currently, the company’s home base is Lake Oswego, Oregon, right outside of Portland. Although the majority of its current dealer customers are in the United States and Canada, Dealer Spike provides services to dealerships internationally.

Future Road Map
“We focus on being a data-driven company, using data to enhance both consumer experience and also leveraging that data to increase results and give dealers an unfair advantage in the marketplace. The type of data that we are able to provide allows dealers to learn the best ways to position their inventory and to market units in order to receive the best return on investment,” said Jay. Dealer Spike is now serving dealerships in seven verticals. However, the company is always looking to expand its services to new dealership industries.

“ Our expertise comes from real-world dealership experience and a passion for listening and responding to our dealers’ needs in the marketplace.”

Customer Testimonials
“Dealer Spike is the best web provider in our industry. The team goes above and beyond to make sure the dealer is satisfied, with measurable results and great communication. We use all of the products offered by Dealer Spike simply because of the great service we receive. I recommend Dealer Spike over competitors, hands down. There is absolutely no comparison or substitute.”
– Kevin Lackey, CEO of Freedom Powersports.

“There aren’t a lot of no-brainers in the powersports business. But when we saw the results of inventory and SEO/SEM management from the professionals at Dealer Spike we jumped. Now we have more time to focus on what we do best – servicing our customers and delivering more units.”
– Mark Tkach, CEO of RideNow Powersports.

“If you find Dealer Spike in the dictionary, they would be synonymous with ‘awesome.’ We began working with them in 2013 for our powersports site and decided to also switch our larger and more complex core equipment business to Dealer Spike in 2014. We are extremely pleased with our partnership and highly recommend them to meet your business needs.”
– Robert Henry, Marketing Director at Best Line Equipment

“Skier’s Marine made the decision to switch from Dominion Marine Media to Dealer Spike earlier this year in order to get better results out of our web presence. This decision was made easier for us due to Dealer Spike’s superior mobile platform and Winboats integration. It also helped that we were able to get someone on the phone for assistance when we needed it. Their customer support has been amazing, every time I have called with questions or to change something it has been handled in a timely manner. Skier’s Marine would encourage all dealerships looking to take their dealership’s image to the next level to do business with Dealer Spike.”
– Chad Tyler, General Manager at Skier’s Marine

“Being a small family dealership, we were hesitant to spend the money on improving our website because we really strive to keep our overhead low. But, we decided to take the chance after we were guaranteed an increase in leads. To say we were blown away by the increase in leads would be an understatement. The website paid for itself the first month. Dealer Spike’s design team was fantastic, listened to what we wanted and made it happen. Small changes or tweaks that we need have been done promptly. Customer support is awesome. Switching to Dealer Spike was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.”
– Veronica Capiak, Owner at Bama RV

“We made the switch to Dealer Spike because we wanted a new website that would fit our brand image and allow us to be a strong digital presence in our industry. Our site has provided just that. From the beginning they were easy to work with and open to learning more about the agricultural industry and the thousands of products it has. Since we made the switch to Dealer Spike our leads have more than doubled compared to years past. Overall we are happy with the continual improvements Dealer Spike makes and look forward to the new ways they can help keep us a strong digital presence in our industry.”
– David Stockwood, Marketing Manager at Heritage Tractor

Meet the CEO & President – Jay Mason
Jay is a self-made entrepreneur and financier who had the opportunity early in his career to learn from several great mentors in the digital marketing space. Dealer Spike was started when Jay recognized an opportunity in the underserved powersports market to help dealerships with their digital marketing efforts. His goal was to enhance the way that dealerships bought and sold units online. Eight years later, Dealer Spike now serves seven dealership industries and has brought in a large suite of additional online advertising tools.