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The New Era of Advanced Detection is Here: Cyber adAPT

“More connections mean more vulnerability.” – Marc Goodman

Cyber adAPT began in March 2015. CEO Kirsten Bay, after successfully leading one company through a financial and corporate restructure, launched Cyber adAPT – to advance the development of an advanced real-time threat detection solution.

The company’s technology provides CIOs the ability to enable their mobile workforce through its multi-layered, security platform. Mobile protection is necessary to enterprise organizations today, and it will be a linchpin in all security plans as BYOD and mobile device usage continues to grow. While Gartner shows BYOD usage at 40% with projected growth to 80% or higher by 2020, the marketplace is learning that most of the solutions for enterprise mobility management do not provide true protection to their users. The company’s goal is to empower security professionals with efficient goals to stay ahead of the adversary, while giving all employees access to critical knowledge and services from any device, at anytime, anywhere.

Secure Device Management
With massive amounts of data now traveling between mobile, BYO devices, the cloud and enterprise networks, mobile users and devices are becoming an increasing target for attackers. Cyber adAPT Secure Device Management™(SDM) secures the communication to and from devices, opening up an unlimited spectrum of cloud and network services without impeding the user experience. It offers dual layer protection for the mobile-enabled enterprise. It monitors all the traffic between networks and devices while deploying a second layer detection capability, to quickly surface attackers who may have made it through perimeter defenses. The entire solution processes in real-time to identify threats immediately with very few false positives.

Attack Detection
Cyber adAPT’s detection platform was created on the premise that attackers will inevitably penetrate even the most hardened perimeter. A key challenge for security teams is knowing an attack is happening and having the right information to ensure it does not succeed. Cyber adAPT detects toxic patterns of activity happening inside the network and brings real attacks into immediate focus, powering their remediation.

Cyber adAPT’s unique, threat-based algorithms are built to recognize malicious behavioral patterns, not just rely on historic log files. Additionally, its technology can distinguish credible threats amidst system noise. With nearly zero false alarms, the company’s skilled engineers have ensured that enterprise security analysts are no longer wasting precious time chasing notifications, nor are they belatedly finding a threat that may have been dormant in their network awaiting the opportune moment to strike.

Unfolding the Future
The company believes that the opportunities for mobile and BYOD protection are enormous and Cyber adAPT is at the forefront of securing this rapidly expanding perimeter. Their goal is to empower the mobile user, providing secure access to network and cloud resources, while taking full advantage of the capability and user experience of the smart device. The company has recently announced a key acquisition to accelerate this journey.

Security professionals need faster and more reliable insight into attacks and it is very challenging to provide. That’s why the company is expanding the research team and is assembling crucial intelligence to provide customers with a platform that continues to evolve and improve as a central component of security architecture.

Case study of a happy client
In the context of heightened concern following the OPM data breach, a government agency of a popular United States tourist location took urgent steps to protect the personally identifiable (PII) and financial information of tourists and residents. They chose to deploy Cyber adAPT, for comprehensive threat detection inside their network and Cyber adAPT SDM, to provide access to critical, mobile field services.

In addition to real-time threat detection, the resultant highly secure network extends out to law enforcement and first responders in the field, providing capabilities that were previously unobtainable for these mobile users.

The client soon realized that real-time threat detection provides them a shorter malware presence lifecycle and quicker response time to actual threats. As soon as the system was powered on, Cyber adAPT immediately began to detect anomalous and suspicious activity, providing actionable information for network defenders to take appropriate remediation steps in the event of a breach. With virtually no training, the client was able to understand and confidently respond to real-time triggered alarms, giving complete confidence over the threat level impacting key government services and Tourist PII.

Meet The Fearless Leader

Kirsten Bay: President & CEO: Kirsten Bay is redefining what it means to be a fearless leader in the technology industry, let alone an accomplished, bilingual, female executive, transforming the cyber security space. As President & CEO of Cyber adAPT, she leverages more than 20 years of experience, leading her team with risk intelligence, information management, and policy expertise across a variety of sectors.

Throughout her career, Bay has been appointed to a congressional committee developing cyber policies, initiatives and recommendations for the intelligence community, developed recommendations in partnership with the Center for North American Studies (CNAS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for The White House energy policy. Bay is a self-proclaimed ‘serial student’. Her current membership in the Alliance of Chief Executives feeds that perpetual drive to learn and share insight with peers, an inspirational trait she models for her Cyber adAPT team.

In previous Executive roles for ISC8, Attensity Group, and iSIGHT Partners, Bay led the companies through corporate restructuring, risk & corporate intelligence product launches, and company turnarounds, respectively. With a BA in English and German from the University of Oregon, let’s just say she will correct your grammar in multiple languages.

“By integrating detection with forensics and analytics, you gain the ability to create a predictive framework that can outpace the adversary.”